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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Gamer's characters

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PostSubject: Gamer's characters   Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:44 am

Okay so let me introduce myself, my name is
Aya Rouchefort

I was born in
March 3rd, 2000. So that makes me fourteen!

I was born at
Paris, also known as France

So my godly parent is
Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty
but of course, she had a name when she met Romain Rouchefort, and
Her name was Rin Stinson

So this is my mortal family:
My mortal father is Romain Rouchefort.
He's an owner of a wealthy bank company. We don't talk to each other ever since he married my step-mother

My mortal STEP-mother is Weiss Fray.
She's a wealthy scientist. A little note about Weiss; she wanted attention to me so we could just have bonding time together

And yes, I'm already claimed thank you very much

Before you ask,
I'm gonna be a year-rounder.
I just can't handle Weiss

Years? YEARS?
I've only been here for like a week.

So for now, I know you've been waiting and been asking question like "How's your life before camp?" here it is, my history. So before I was born,
Aphrodite met my father, Romain, in a cafe
where my father always rest whenever he had a day off. So Aphrodite and my father were so happy together and
Aphrodite had a baby, which is me of course.
But after a few days, She's gone. So ever since She's gone, my dad became more serious and focused. But what happened to me? I was locked up in my mansion and stayed there unless there's school days.
I got kicked out of school two times when I was about 3-4 years old because I have ADHD.
But when I was 5, my dad and I moved to New Jersey, where my dad met Weiss Fray.
They met in my father's bank.
But meanwhile were in New Jersey, my dad enrolled my in a school called "Rosehill". It's private girls school for "troubled kids". At first, I was shy in there but I made a lot of "friends". But the only problem is, I don't have any real friends. My "friends" betrayed me... mostly. My only real friend is Rachel. Rachel is my only friend in school who can understand me and my past. So she always go to my mansion every weekend. So years went by, same routine; go to school, study there, go home, study, and etc.
All my ten years were normal until I turned 14.
My school was hosting a student council campaign and I wanted to join but suddenly,
a Hellhound attacked in our school.
Luckily, I manage to escape the school. After a few days,
a Satyr found me.
He told me about Camp Half-Blood but I didn't believe at first, but then I decided to go there, so I lied to my dad about enrolling a boarding school. He accepted it, and I'm free to go. So yeah, the Satyr and I managed to go to Camp Half-Blood for a few weeks.

Silent, mysterious, cold, intelligent, and mature
are the best words to describe me. Okay so maybe I lied about the mature part. Sometimes
I'm really immature and sensitive about small things.
. But let's not forget that most people who know me a long time described me as
Nice, calm, and friendly... sometimes sassy
But what my dad said is that
I'm a bit... anti-social

So, you're now asking "What your likes and dislikes?" let's start off of what I like. So
I like books, video games, movie/films/TV shows. school.
I do most of these things in my normal routine.
Now off to what I don't like. I don't like
High buildings (Note that I have acrophobia), outdoors, and crowded people.

Most people describe me as beautiful.
Okay so as I describe myself, I have a long, brown, wavy hair that reaches to my half of my back. For my eyes, my eyes are usually liquid, black eyes. Sadly, I have to get glasses soon for my eyes. I'm 4'9 tall and I weight 94.79lbs / 43kg. So usually, I wear anything that's in my closet. But mostly, I just wear a leather jacket and a blouse underneath. And a denim short or skirt but mostly pants and brown or black boots.

For my
Demigod Talents,
even though I'm a bit anti-social, mostly people just fall in love with me. I also have a power to speak French as said that I am French. I also have a power of natural beauty, it's one of the reason I have "friends". But just in case, I have a talent of gymnastics, acting, and singing

So for my weapon... I only have
A Celestial Bronze 6 inch dagger
. But I'm planning to make
A Katana made of Celestial Bronze

I have
A white-furred rabbit named Snowball.
He's only 6 months old

Notes about character:
Face claimed by Acacia Clark, the font I used is Englebert, the color for the font is this color. Flaws are already evaluated in the personality

The Puppet Master

Name: HorrorRPGamer, also known as Gamer
Interests: Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Hunger Games, Indie Games
How I found this site: I was searching in Google if there's any role-playing forum to sign up and I found this site

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PostSubject: Re: Gamer's characters   Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:12 pm

Aya Rouchefort is accepted
Happy Roleplaying!
Don't forget to sign up in your cabin.

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Gamer's characters
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