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 and the walls kept tumbling down [private]

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PostSubject: and the walls kept tumbling down [private]   Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:14 pm

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Emily was practicing in the arena. She hadn't practiced in awhile, and she didn't want to forget how to use her weapons. She was a bit rusty considering she hadn't been to the arena in awhile. She hadn't been anywhere in awhile actually, just staying in her cabin. She wanted to do something different for a change.

Emily had plenty of weapons to practice with; swords, knives, daggers, spear, and bow and arrows. She always liked her sword, it was easier then the rest of the weapons, but she always carried it with her anyway. She was already sweating, she hadn't worked out in awhile. She needed a real person to practice on though. The dummies just weren't the same, they couldn't move. She sighed and looked around. No one else was by themselves. She frowned and continued practicing.

She eventually got bored of practicing with her weapons, and put on her boxing gloves. Boxing. That was always her favorite thing to do. Emily started to punch the bag slowly, then a thought came to mind. Dad and mom. The words started ringing in her head, making her punch the bag faster and faster. No matter how fast or hard she punched, it still wouldn't go away. She wanted to scream. She just wanted it to go away and leave her alone. But it wouldn't. She started thinking more about her mom and dad after the battle. She could go see her mom if she wanted. Not her dad. There was one way she could, but that option was way too dumb to do. Her dad was dead, and she would have to die if wanted to see him. She wouldn't do that. No matter what. She had barely did anything exciting in her life. She pushed the thought aside, hoping it would finally go away for at least a while.

Emily looked around and spotted a girl by herself. She smiled. She took off her boxing gloves. She practically ran toward the girl. She smiled at her. "Do you want to practice with me?" She asked hopefully.

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and the walls kept tumbling down [private]
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