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 Temporary Back with a Temporary Character

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PostSubject: Temporary Back with a Temporary Character   Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:36 am

      * birth certificate

        Name: Deandre Nystrom

        Nicknames: Dean

        Age: 16 y.o.

        Birthday: Place of Birth: Somewhere in Washington. He doesn’t know, honestly.

        Godly Parent: Nyx

        Mortal Family: Shaun Nystrom, his father. They have been long separated, and Dean doesn't know anything about his whereabouts.

        Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

      * camp life

        Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-Round

        Years at Camp: Four years

        History: Dean grew up thinking that his whole life was as empty as a nut shell, only to be filled by misery and pain.

        He was born on an isolated house in the woods in outskirts of Washington State in the care of Shaun. That house was surrounded by seemingly endless, tall wall of trees that his father told him not to go to. Shaun bore into his child's mind that the woods were dangerous and that their house was the only thing that would keep them safe. At all costs, he must stay inside the house. There were traps surrounding the vicinity of their home--all sorts of hunters' traps. Pits, those stuff. Once, Dean had been naughty enough to go out, and he fell into a mush pit and for half a day, he cried his heart out. His father came back really late, heard him, rescued him, and gave him a good 'ol lecture with matching punches and threats. Since that day, Dean never stepped outside the house again.

        Dean's childhood was empty. He read books stashed in the attic to keep him busy. He’d do the chores, clean, and get back to reading. Numerous times, wild animals and even humans tend to go near the house, but the traps always get them. Dean saw every of these scenarios, and always asks Shaun what it meant. Shaun didn't even bother an answer for the child.

        Only one human managed to overcome the traps around the house--actually a monster disguised as a human. Dean didn't know. He was nine when he witnessed how that human passed and activated every trap, but those didn't even budge the human. By that age, Shaun had taught Dean how to hunt, use weapons from guns to swords, and the basic survival skills. He also told the child all about the normal human civilization outside, in which in Dean's ears were just part of another fairy tale. The human knocked on the door, and Dean opened it to let the human in.

        But the human never stepped on the house. Instead, it changed into something more monstrous and scarier than all the dangerous animals Dean had ever seen. Dean snatched a gun and shot the monster. No effect. With just one strike from the monster, Dean lost consciousness and woke up in the middle of the woods.

        From that day on, Dean's empty life became filled with monsters, wild animals, fighting and near death experiences. Everything was scary. Dean never stayed put anywhere. He applied what Shaun taught him to do--he must survive at all costs. He made makeshift weapons, hunted wild animals and ate berries for food. He crept through the forest, fought whenever he needed. It was a painful three months of his life. All the time he was goal oriented--he wanted to go home, although he don't know where it was. Dean wandered through the woods, until he reached the highway.

        The highway. Dean remembered Shaun's words: 'The highway is endless. It is an example of a road. Follow it, and you will arrive at a destination even you don't have the slightest idea where.'

        Dean followed it, and arrived at the small town of Quilcene. There, he engaged in a local fishing in an attempt to survive and earn money. He had a stable, although hard job. The people there treated him nicely, and even offered him a home. They asked his name, and he introduced himself as Dean Nystrom. They inquired him of his past, and he told them the truth.

        They also told him why they lived in that isolated house. Dean understood everything. His father was part of the wealthy clan of Nystroms. Shaun had a secret relationship, which eventually became known only when Dean’s mother bore a child. The folks didn’t know who Dean’s mother was, and Dean never wishes to know. After all, she left Shaun in the greatest time of despair—facing the Nystroms.

        He was still lonely and confused, but it eased a little bit in Quilcene, especially when he met Rayden, an old, short but still buff guy with white beard, always on his cap. He offered shelter to Dean, and taught him how to read, write, and use technology and appliances. He taught Dean how to fight hand to hand. The old guy earned the child's respect. He had taught Dean proper values and behavior to show everyone. He treated Dean as if he was his own child. The guy loved to sing through his reed pipes, and Dean enjoyed listening to him.

        But the monsters never left him alone. As he grew older, monster attacks became more frequent. Time has come when he had to run away at night from Rayden's house just to keep the monster away from harming the old man, which Dean had called 'uncle.' One night he was fighting with a dog-like monster and got scraped in the abdomen. Dean fell bleeding, and the last thing he saw before losing consciousness was Rayden playing his reed pipes, get some of his amazing kicking and punching skills. And the last thing Dean thought before blacking out? 'Hooves.'

        The next day, Rayden told Dean all that he knew--That Dean was a demigod with an unknown parentage, that Greek myths were real and those monsters that attacked Dean almost all the time were part of his true identity: a demigod. Rayden also revealed to Dean that he was a satyr, and that he smelled demigod power in Dean as to why he adopted him and taught him. Rayden told Dean that he must travel to Camp Half-Blood in Long Island. He gave the child, a mere 13 year old child, the specifics of the place.

        And Dean went for the journey to Camp Half Blood.

        Obstacles faced him. Those obstacles were monsters, food, geography, and the general innocence of Dean. Yet through all these trials, he kept a positive outlook. He forged on, survived, and reached Camp Half Blood in scrapes and blood. As he was sleeping between two houses, he just felt himself getting lifted. When he opened his eyes, he saw a human male smiling down at him. He let Dean hitch a ride over the male’s truck. Dean didn’t even suspect.

        The truck was in direction of Long Island, and it was a perfect hitch ride for him. Dean thought that finally he got lucky.

        But nope.

        The truck driver turned out to be the first monster Dean had ever met in their isolated back at... somewhere... at his original home at the woods. It was an entirely different disguise, so Dean didn’t notice.

        He tried to fight, and held out longer to the monster… but he still lost. Yet through his quick thinking, he stepped on the boundary line of the mortal world and the camp before he collapsed.

        And his demigod training started the moment he woke up in the infirmary.

      * the psyche

        Personality: One thing to describe Dean? 'Pokerfaced.' He is not exactly emotionless--it's just that his face would most likely be empty and void of emotions throughout the day. He isn’t very good in expressing himself through his face, you see. But he makes up for body gestures. You can easily tell if Dean was angry, or happy, excited, or sad. This guy is an open book. His body movements speak for him. His face would remain pokerfaced, and he would shut his mouth tight. Dean simply stays quiet instead of voicing out his feelings in an attempt to avoid any arguments, tension or drama.

        Occasionally, this behavior of Dean gets him in trouble. Sometimes, his passiveness is often mistaken as ‘snob’. It really looks like it, honestly. Dean would get called a snob, when in truth he noticed but chose not to speak anything. He is secretive, thinking that people would just ignore what he'd say. So he better shut up. Although he speaks up once he senses that the people are really interested in his words. That's very rare. And Dean also feels insecurity, and once he is uncomfortable, he would lie and make up something. Although he'd sweat and it would be very obvious he's lying.

        On the brighter side, Dean is respectful to elders. He learned to pay respect to those older than him, getting this trait from Rayden and Shaun, two persons that pretty much made up Dean's past. And to everyone else, he speaks in a polite manner. And once someone makes an attempt to talk to him, they'll find out that Dean is actually friendly. He is loyal to his friends, and will be ready to help them out in any way they needed him. He was a great up-lifter of down spirits, finding the right words to say to cheer anyone up. He was a great morale booster. Dean has an optimistic view of life, and his favorite sentence is, 'Everything will be alright.'

        Dean was also skilled and hardworking. Once he took a job, he'll make sure to do it at his best and finish it with quality. It made him reliable in handworks.

        For a guy, Dean can be really sweet. Once you manage to break through his stoic shell, you'll find out what kind of a guy Dean really is. He hardly raises his deep, melodic voice to anyone, a product of his long patience over the years. He is sincere in everything he says. And he tries to keep his mouth shut if he can’t say something nice. But if he needs to, expect Dean to be all blunt and serious.

        Often, Dean is laughingstock in camp due to his innocence and naivety in almost everything. Especially the first time he arrived at camp. He stared at everything he passed wide-eyed, and asked everyone, 'What is this? This is the first time I see it.' Swear everyone laughed at him. Until now, Dean is still brimming with innocence, sometimes amusing, sometimes dangerous and unconventional. He also trusts someone very quickly, and that was very unconventional.

        Over all, Dean is a sweet, innocent guy under his stoic-and-passive image.

        Fatal Flaw: Dean trusts someone so easily. This is very bad for a demigod. Monsters tend to disguise like humans and such. Dean should have learned his lessons, what with the monster that appeared twice in his life. It’s just in his nature to trust someone that easily.

        Likes: Open fields, those were the best; Maps; Crowds, Dean felt much more at ease when surrounded by people

        Dislikes: Close packed trees, he disliked it, but has no choice but to go; Mush pits, he never wanted to meet one again; Computers, he'd handled one before, and all Dean did was to stare at the screen with a blank mind

      * the appearance

        Face claim: Sterling Knight

        Physical Description: Dean really look harmless and peaceful.

        He stood at a height of 5'8, weighing 139 pounds. He looks skinny, but never under-estimate him because of that. He makes up in his hard work, and the ability to give everything his best shot. He has light colored skin, which tans very gradually. Mostly when Dean bathed in sun, his skin would just turn into a pretty, slightly rosy color. It'll fade if he was out in the rays of the sun.

        His eyes are grey, framed with thick eyelashes. His light blonde hair is given the minimal amount of combing. Dean just combed his hair after bath; mostly he takes time styling his bangs sideways to the right. Occasionally he'd finger comb his hair during the day, and then press his palm to his bangs lightly and sweeps it to the right.

        Dressing Style: He has a complete five sets of Camp T-Shirts, some worn out jeans, and Converse. If he doesn't feel like it, he’ll also wear a button down shirt with matching loose neck tie. The tie must always be darker than his shirt. He also owns a couple of past knee-length shorts, and a traveler's shorts. He also owns several scarves and bonnets. Typical, casual Dean.

      * the defensive system

        Demigod Talents: Darkness is not a problem to Dean. He can see in it as well as he did at the day. He also had the ability to cloak someone with darkness for a few seconds, making that someone totally in the dark and can’t see a thing. The more people Dean cloaks, or the longer he did it, the more energy will be sapped from him.

        Weapons: Dean wields a Stygian Iron knife. His fighting style is that he’d go into hand to hand combat holding his knife, and when he found the chance, he’d strike the enemy with his blade. The knife always hangs in his belt in a sheath.

        Pets: Dean doesn’t keep any pets.

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PostSubject: Re: Temporary Back with a Temporary Character   Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:13 am

Deandre Nystrom is Approved!
Happy roleplaying!
You talk about him in the past tense and I'm like 'Wait, is he dead?' 

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PostSubject: Re: Temporary Back with a Temporary Character   Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:56 pm

Now that you mention it -cue laugh here- let me fix it :D Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Temporary Back with a Temporary Character   

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Temporary Back with a Temporary Character
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