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 the beginning of the end (Tiberius Winters)

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PostSubject: the beginning of the end (Tiberius Winters)   Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:03 pm

Tiberius Winters

If you cut me I suppose I would bleed the colors
of the evening stars. You can go anywhere you wish cause I'll be there, wherever you are. 
The snow piled heavily outside, roaring in the cold bitter wind. It was a December evening, the grandfather clock read 5:15 p.m. The fire that fifteen year old Tiberius Winters had made cracked merrily beside him, a faithful and loyal flame until it was snuffed out later on. He was wearing a navy blue sweater and black pants, wrapped up in a silver blanket that was softer than silk and smelled like apples. His hands had gripped a mug of hot chocolate like a vice, sucking the warmth from the cup. 
"Ty." His sister, Charlotte said, snapping her fingers in front of his face. "It's your turn." 
"Hm? Oh, sorry, Lottie." Said Tibs, using the pet name he had given his sister long ago. His father liked old fashioned Victorian names. Ty was the only one not named in that era. Apparently his mother, his real mother, had named him when he was born.Tiberius had only heard stories about his mother, he'd never met her. Bradley, his father, told him that she had to leave because her father had called her home. 
Tibs moved one of his pawns forward. Charlotte and him were playing chess by the fire. He was white, she was black and as always, they were too good for each other. Put Ty up against Gabriel, Charlotte's twin, and he'd beat him within ten minutes. Put Charlotte up against Eponine, their little sister, and Lottie would win sooner than you could blink your eye. But when Tiberius and Charlotte faced each other, they were evenly matched. Tiberius heard a crash from the kitchen. That was Gabriel. He was somewhat of a clutz, though he claimed he'd make it into the NFL. That boy was always hungry, and Ty merely shook his head, chuckling quietly to himself. 
He looked over to the couch, where Eponine and Victor were babbling to each other. 5 minutes beforehand, they were running around screaming, and the older children had to catch them before they knocked over one of their mothers vases. So now the younger ones were reading fairy tales. Bradley and Lucy were at work, one at a lawyer firm and the other at a doctors office in Brooklyn. Though they were a large family, they were well off. Tiberius loved his family, he loved his life. But a knock on the door was about to change that.

ooc- more to come soon because I have a lot of muse for this charrie. 

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the beginning of the end (Tiberius Winters)
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