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 in the beginning... || lib

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PostSubject: in the beginning... || lib   Mon May 05, 2014 11:00 pm

     Tony Evans picked out at his food, his appetite failing to show up. His dark brown guitar sat on his lap. He stared longingly at it. All he wanted to do right then was to play.
   Then Tony realized that he was starring longingly at his crotch and immediately wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. His eyes widened and his pushed some hair out of his face. There weren't many people in the Mess Hall luckily. He was usually one of the first ones to wake up in the Muse Cabin.
    He stared at his food once more. He sighed and began to dig in. It was that he didn't like eating, he just got incredibly bored while doing so. He quickly scarfed down the oatmeal and gulped down his coffee. The scalding hot liquid made him nearly cry out in pain. He gagged for a second, trying to stop the fire that was beginning to combust in his mouth.
   So far, he wasn't looking too suave. He must have been blushing like a beet right then. He nervously glanced around, but no one was even glancing at him. He sighed with relief and picked up his guitar.
   He stood and turned around, intending to head for the Creek. That's when he bumped into someone. Their heads collided and he suppressed a yelp.
    "Sorry..." he murmured.
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in the beginning... || lib
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