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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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PostSubject: Organized Ava   Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:35 am

This is a list


Cinnamon Rayne, Syn, Half-Blood


Dead Will be deleted after a month of being listed here

Atlas Strider, Half-Blood
Cyril Drakais, Centaur
Amelia Sarah Wood, Aimee, Half-Blood



This is where I am going to post my finished, accepted, active characters so that it is easier to access. I would appreciate no posts, instead, PM me, or message me in the Original Character Thread so that I can keep this thread tidy and organized thank you! That OC thread is also where you can see all of the details of my incomplete characters too, and ask, schedule, plan rp threads with me.
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Posts : 295
Join date : 2011-03-18
Age : 24
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PostSubject: Syn, Cinnamon Rayne   Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:36 am

Cinnamon “Syn” Rayne

Birth & Age Details
Syn was born on the 5th of June, making her [currently] 18.

Obviously a female. Otherwise things’d be quite confusing for everyone.

Demi-God Details
She is the Daughter of Maia, Goddess of animals
She was [originally unknowingly] claimed after being saved from a near fatal Hell-Hound encounter
She was brought to Camp Half Blood after said attack
She technically should be a year rounder, but did leave quite suddenly (see "New History")
It is not her first year at camp, but she hasn't actually spent a whole year there.

Mortal Family
The only things known about her father is that his name is David Rayne, and that he is dead. Nothing else is known, such as, how he died, if he had any other family, where he raised her etc.

History [Old]

New History
This 'new' history of Syns is much like the other, only it is set for her more recent adventures. As many of you know, I was inactive for quite a while. So I will give you a brief detail [brief is probably a lie] of what happened to Syn during this time.

When we last saw Syn, she was basically in love with the lovely Adam Dunlap. Before the giant vanishing trick of mine, she had been seen less and less around camp. The thing was, ever since Syn's Awakening, she had been moving around a lot, never staying in the same place for more than a few days. Such things were not easily forgotten, and the habit, although put away for a while, is not something you can just break. But she tried so hard to stay, and always eventually returned. Until one terrifyingly confusing day where Syn had an accident, sort of.

So basically, this was what happened [because otherwise this will be over a thousand words].
Syn had a dream one night that she was a bear looking for something. It/her came across another bear sleepingand tried to wake it up because it had found what it was looking for. Syn herself woke up because something kept nudging her and the first thing she saw was the beast peering down at her. Which made her realize that she had turned into a bear. Panicked, she went to run but the other bear stopped her and explained that she had to calm down, and after about 20 minutes of what is basically an attempt at meditation, Syn finally turned back into a human. The bear then told her she must leave with him, but she didn't want to just leave without an explanation or without telling Adam first and it led to an argument between the two until Syn finally came to a compromise. She wrote on the only piece of paper she had, the letter she wrote to herself explaining the loss of memory when she was 13, and sent a sparrow to leave it on Adam's bed, the letter simply saying
I am so sorry, Adam, but I have to go.

And then she left. The rest of her journey was marked by three stages. The first was the bear stole some clothes for her, because the full transformation she made caused her clothes to be torn. The second stage was them both arriving at a mountain where Syn was taught how to control her new power by the bear, funnily enough. The third part of her journey was marked by her leaving the bear and returning, as it became surprisingly eventful in that she was attacked by various monsters, each encounter bringing her confidence up. These fights caused her not to fear them as much, and she began to openly seek monsters out if she knew they were close, honing her new found power. In it, however, she learned a new ability; she could now talk to these monsters, which left her wondering if killing them was really the right thing to do.

Appearance [Old]

New Appearance

Syns auburn hair, usually long with its loose curls, now sports a new style. At shoulder length, her fringe is gone, the curls framing her face messily, more practical now and easier to manage. The look suits her, and gives a clearer view to her face, allowing her intense gaze to bear down on others clearly. Her teal-ish eyes are framed by long dark lashes, and at slight arch of her eyebrows accentuating their shape. To meet this gaze of hers is to feel as if one is being read like a book, every expression and even the slightest of movements caught by her ever watchful eyes. Seemingly, they stand out slightly green against her red hair, complimented by the creamy-white skin unburdened by blemishes, as do her lips, having a light cherry blossom hue.

Her graceful figure has not vanished since she left camp. Instead, it seems to be more noticeable in her gait, the confidence she has gained providing her movements with a more powerful and dominant air. Her slim, yet softly toned muscles hint to her fitness without showing it off, and fits nicely with her height of 5'10, making her look average of an average build from a distance.

She still does not care much for appearances, and this can be seen in her style of clothing. She can be seen wearing some form of pants or shorts, these easier to move in the better, accompanied by t-shirts, sleeved or not. She is often seen bear footed, or with the most comfortable and worn looking boots anyone has ever seen. Although she does not wear make-up or accessories, she is always seen wearing (or at least with) two bracelets, the first being a ball-chain, a small rectangular pendant with Syn engraved into it. The second bracelet being a gift from Adam. It was wooden, and the original paint, orange, was peeling, worn down from Syns fingers fiddling with it.

And she still does not blend in, sticking out like a llama in business class. The only difference with this trait of hers is that not only is it because of her poor blending in with general civilization and technology, she now sports a strong, commanding prescence through an air of confidence in herself. She stands straight and tall, less frightened of people now that she feels as if she can fight for herself, rather than run.

Her scars are near invisible now, the pale white claw marks extending down the left side of her back mostly hidden beneath her clothing, while the cut on her shoulder a thin line barely visible to the eye.

Personality [Old]

New Personality
After her most recent endeavors, Syn has seemingly 'matured' in a way that can be seen as either good or bad. When Syn first arrived at camp, she was timid and shy, but very open and curious. Now, she has a new confidence in her, the change easily noticed by those who knew her. Standing tall and proud, Syn will meet ones gaze directly without fear or nervousness, her gaze to some frightful in it's intensity of directness, while to others it seems challenging, as if daring them to confront her. Yet however direct and confident she seems, she has a guarded and more cautious outlook, not necessarily untrusting, but more of she knows now how people can be, even if she doesn't know from firsthand experience.

One can certainly notice a change in Syn's demeanor. Her unconditional kindness is near continuous, yet she doesn't simply give everything up to others. In fact she is much more likely let people know if they are asking too much of her, and will probably ask for something in return. She is not unfair and tends to make sure everyone is treated similarly, but can be extraordinarily loyal when it comes to her friends. She tends to act on instinct, a habit which has helped throughout her 'known' life, and doesn't see why it wouldn't help her now.

No-one has truly seen Syn enraged, and should consider it a blessing that they haven't. This is because Syn is, essentially, the personification of self-control. She knows how dangerous she can be at times, and always keeps her anger in check, worried that if it takes over, she'll lose control of her powers and hurt someone. This causes her to forget things that bother her and forgive people easily, though this can cause some problems of people trying to take advantage of her.

Fatal Flaws
Syn's intense fear of blood is exactly that: intense. When faced by it, she experiences the symptoms of a panic attack, her face paling, breaking out into a cold sweat, hands shaking, hyperventilating, and a wave of nausea washing over her. It is known to send her reeling back, and make her behave irrationally, her reactions sometimes violent, and other times frightful in her sudden instinct to run away. Therefore she is not one to fight against another person, and if required to hunt, will only gather fruits and vegetables, or fish [because they don't exactly smell like human blood, and don't make much of a mess]. It extends from some unknown experience which, unless she regains her memories, she will never know.

Although not known to usually fight, Syn is often seen to carry around a celestial bronze knife, a gift from "a friend". The blade itself is plain, yet the handle is engraved to look like a tree coiled around itself, the branches wound around the sheath of the weapon where different animals can be seen peering out through the branches. Other than these engravings, this four inch blade is nothing particularly special, although Syn often jokingly calls it "Twig".

Syn naturally is very athletic, her life on the run causing her body to retain a quick, agile, and high stamina to survive in the wild. She seems to fit in with the forest, having strong survival skills and tends to act on her natural instinct.

As the only known child of Maia, Syn has a natural and strong connection with all vertebrate animals, making her able to communicate with, and even command them to do as she wishes, although she dislikes abusing this power. Another less well known, yet clearly noticeable ability when opportunity presents itself, is that many animals who have prolonged contact with her [such as staying with her for many weeks] tends to gather a near human intelligence, appearing to understand more than their species should. However, people generally don't know this because Syn never spends a prolonged time with any one animal if she can help it.

*Her connection to animals has also granted her another gift; originally it was just her increased senses, being able to see, smell and even hear better than a normal human, but now [as mentioned in her newest history], Syn is able to transform herself into actual animals, be it a partial transformation of an arm into a claw etc, or become fully an animal herself. The downfall of this is that she cannot transform her clothes with her, so often tends to avoid full transformations that would cause a sudden but inevitable nakedness, instead only using partial transformations. She has also recent discovered a power which she doesn't necessarily like, but has anyway, to be able to talk to and understand some monsters [mainly lesser more animal-looking ones]. *

Adam Dunlap [Remplissage] - Her wonderful lover, or at least he was until she left, she has no idea what their relationship is now and is slightly frightened to find out.
Magnus Starkweather [Excelsior] - That guy whom she kinda knows because he saved her life when she first arrived at camp but other than a few encounters doesn't really know him.

Image credit goes to
I have also Face claimed this dear lady.

* I bought permission for this wondrous power from the drachma shop and it was given to me by the amazing Zan

Like the sound of Syn? Think she's the perfect lady for your character as a friend, enemy, or lover? Want her as a roleplay partner for an event or quest? Well look no further! Hit me up with a PM!

Syn not the character you were looking for? Well keep scrolling to see the making man, Atlas!
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