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PostSubject: HASTAG THE drAMA   Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:25 pm

Well like I play track now and I take the late bus. And this other girl takes the normal bus. And apparently on the normal bus she said not nice things about me, like excuse me???? Some of my friends were on the norma bus and they knew it wasn't true, but excuse? Like wtf you don't have the right to spread things about me that aren't true.


The she saw my best guy friend at the library and she said we would look good together and we should date but neither of us like each other??? And now he thinks I like him and it's awkward between us. Excuse me sweetie but you aren't a matchmaker??? If you were, why are you still single????

And after I sorted through all this more drama she's starting something again. Excuse me????? lIKE CAN SHE NOT KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT AND NOT SPREAD FALSE RUMORS???? I USED TO GO TO SCHOOL WITH HER AND OH MY GOSH MOTHER FUDGE BARS JEZZ LIKE SERIOUSLY???????????????

wow okay im done
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