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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Aaron Eton+Romano Dustin

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PostSubject: Aaron Eton+Romano Dustin   Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:42 pm

Hey guys! I'm new to the forum... Here's my attempt at my first character.
birth certificate

Name:Aaron Eton
Godly Parent:Hepheastus
Mortal Family:Mother: Kim Eton
Claimed or Unclaimed:Claimed ( I don't quite know what to put here.)

Year-Round or Summer Camper:Year round
Years at Camp:6 months ( Not a year :P)
History: He had a normal life. If someone considered a normal life being bullied and hated by everyone. He was especially hated by teachers. He was and is really a nice guy... But one person hated him a bit too much. His math teacher, Mrs.Mota (he calls her Moosta Moosta) said he needed to come for one-on-one tutoring. So he did. Turns out she was a Harpy. A big, fat, evil harpy. She was closing in on him into the corner-- until his big, manly ( its opposite day !!), amazing saytr, Natenal, came in. He tossed a potion... it hit the Harpy, but it also hit him. Sadly enough... Some of it hit him. He woke up at Camp Half Blood... and there it went.

Personality: He is a very, VERY, chatty person. Sometimes too chatty. He loves everyone, just like a big teddybear. Not all people love him back, but eh. He can get mad extremely easily. But the thing is, he hides it well. He hesitates to hurt people or get them in trouble... And gives them many chances. What is his fatal flaw? His innocence... and how he refuses to hurt people, or things. He can't stand to see anyone get hurt. This will probably get him into trouble one day...
Likes: Mmm... Tacos. He likes Asian Girls ( attracted to), Asian dudes ( NO HE IS NOT GAYYYYY, HE JUST THINKS THEIR COOL. D:), Dogs, Winter, and most definitaley christmas. Snow snow snow! :D
Dislikes: He hates stingy people. He really does think people should love everyone. He absolutly hates anything that hates him. He hates sunny days, due to his walking around in the hot sun every day, down in Texas.You ain't got nothing on him!

Physical Description: He has bronze skin, with a little cut down his nose. He has thick black hair, which he normally keeps brushed to one side. He has muscles, built up from hugging, and he is pretty darn tall for a 14 year old. Although he has big arms, he has those big cheeks! But under those cheeks, there is quite a bit of muscle, from all the talking! His face is rough, with fairly thin eyes, due to his chinese family.
Dressing Style: He likes simple things, like jeans and a jersey. He really likes to show team spirit, so he will wear sports things ALOT. GO MAVS!!!

Demigod Talents:He can summon sparks. Not flames, but sparks... It could be helpful. Someday...
Weapons: He has a slim, elegant sword he crafted. It has a handgaurd, like a pirate sword, which is made of titanium. His blade, otherwise, is about an inch thick, and razor sharp.
Pets: He keeps around a hampster. His name, of course, completely original... Is hammy.

Name/Alias:Pikelodeonz, real name, Andrew Fuller
Interests:Sports, writing, anime.
How you found this site:I was just browsing things in the "Percy Jackson" tab. This place looks FOCHIZZLE of the hook. ;)


Hey guys! I've got an idea on another character.
* birth certificate

Name:Romano Dustin
Nicknames: (none)
Place of Birth: Little Rock, Arkensas
Godly Parent: Aeoulis ( God of wind)
Mortal Family: Dianne Dustin
Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

Year-Round or Summer Camper: Summer
Years at Camp: 2 1/2
History: Who is this person? "A stubborn little kid" "A little brat". He was bullied often at school, which made him who he is now. A stingy, mysterious boy who avoids people. He went to a private school, considering he is a rich family, and grew up very slowly. He was mocked a lot due to his size. One day at school, though, there was an akward kid who always wore khaki's. He told him everything... Demigods, Gods, the whole deal. He took him to Camp Half Blood the next day, where it all started.

Personality: He is a very stingy, short, boy. He nearly always has a scowl on his face. Why? Because he hates people, so horribly. He spends his days at the lake, alone. He goes to every class, and is considered a "Prodigy" by Chiron. Although his self-esteem is low, he feels much better when he puts a knife through a fruit... It's just a hobby, ya know? His fatal flaw is his temper, more or less his ignorance.. He will get mad, and act ignorantly. He charges into battle, nose steaming, and does not stop to think... quite a bad habit.
Likes: He likes people like him-- stone cold, and plain mean. He likes the rain, he goes outside every time it pours. He likes Halloween, the blood, the gore, the monsters... It all interests him. He likes seeing monsters die. Perhaps it's a perk of justice, but it also may bring him down one day...... He also loves bright colors, oddly enough.
Dislikes: He hates bubbly people, reworded, happiness. Although this seems steriotype, he just does. He does not like horror movies. At all, nor roller coasters. He may be a wuss inside, just a little... He dislikes hot places... Which explains why his childhood in Arkensas was just a little more bad.

Physical Description: He has gray-blue hair, down to his neck. He has a slick nose, going straight down. He has thin lips, most of the time in a scowl. His muscle tone is fairly slim, but with muscle visible. He is very, VERY, short, 4"10. His eyes are a light blue, always swimming in thought. His face is chisled, but curved at the bottom, more like a sheet. He has fairly pale skin. Not to where he is completely white, but still, pale.
Dressing Style: He is not goth, at all. He loves to wear blue jeans, and other lightly colored shirts/pants. He always wears his Arkensas Razorbacks bracelet.

Demigod Talents: He can run faster than a normal human-- he will boost his strides and jumps while running with the wind. He has a fair amount of control over the wind, but enough to shake someone.
Weapons: He has a bow, made of spruce wood, but instead of a wood pulp, an iron pulp. He uses control over the wind to boost the arrows.
Pets: He keeps around a shih-tzu, and he spends quite a bit of time with it. He feeds it bones that did not dissinegrate from monsters. Hey! It's a good recycling system

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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Eton+Romano Dustin   Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:28 pm

Nice job at your first character, now go on and roleplay! :)

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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Eton+Romano Dustin   Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:50 pm

Alright! Think I got it all! Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Eton+Romano Dustin   

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Aaron Eton+Romano Dustin
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