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 Shaking from pure Anger-- Reply if you want.. but's it's useless

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Essie Bear


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PostSubject: Shaking from pure Anger-- Reply if you want.. but's it's useless   Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:45 pm

I was on this Harry Potter website, and i put up with a girl named Char, we never really got along, and these girls Quinn and Eileen were the only reasons we hadn't had giant wars with each other. We had a huge fight a few months ago when a site was basically failing and such. She made a new one, and i hesitantly joined, so, we went on for a while, actually getting along, she said i had 'matured' And I had.. RP'ing wise and personality wise a bit. Quinn had left the old site, which was why the failed site was.. well, failing. When she came back, I was pushed to the background of everything, Eileen left more, and Char and I started fighting again like old times. So, we had this big fight today, because I had changed my nickname on the Cbox to be 'Mick' which is one of my nicknames, she asked me to change it, and I asked why, she wanted me to change it for two reasons, 1) she didn't like it 2) I wouldn't let her call me Mickey, which is a name I despise. She then banned me for an hour on the chat, for no reason other than me asking why she disliked it and why I should change it if it's a name I want to go by, and it's not offensive to anyone. A mod unbanned me, and I saw on the cbox that she was telling Quinn:
"What? it's only for an hour? Besides, you know I've been looking for a reason to ban her for a while." (that's not exactly it, but pretty damn close) I read it, and just sorta felt betrayed that she wouldn't even tell me this at all. Why the hell she was mad at me, or why she didn't like me. I asked, she said that I'm immature, too young, and an attention whore. I don't why I'm even saying this at all. Yeah, I like to make myself known, because I'm ignored in RL everywhere else. I don't know, I've deleted my account with no means of going back. I jsut needed to say it all to.. just someone.

Don't reply please if you're going to say I did the wrong thing, I'm sure I'll blame myself for it all at one point this next week.
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PostSubject: Re: Shaking from pure Anger-- Reply if you want.. but's it's useless   Tue May 15, 2012 4:26 pm

You didn't do the wrong thing. However. You didn't have delete your account, IF, if you liked the site. If you stayed on you could've ignored her or reported. She is not worth that. Especially cause she banned you for an hour.
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Shaking from pure Anger-- Reply if you want.. but's it's useless
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