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 Blue Jay's Characters

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Blue Jay


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PostSubject: Blue Jay's Characters   Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:59 am

Name: Edith Penelope Lockwood
Age: 14
Birthday: April 14

God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Recently but yes

Mortal Family: Maryann Delaney(Mother) *Deceased* - Trevor Lockwood (Adopted Father)

Years in Camp: New

History: *“Maryann gasped and collapsed back on the hospital bed, panting. Silence permeated the air and for a second her heart stopped. The hail pitched wail split the air shattering the silence and brought a small smile to her face.
“She’s beautiful Mary.” Trevor smiled down at his long time friend and squeezed her hand. With his other hand he smoothed back some of the hair from her face. Immediately he could tell something was wrong. It had been a hard two days and they had thought many times that she was going to lose the baby but she hadn’t. They were both fine. They had to be. He looked into her pain fogged eyes and called for a nurse. “Mary? What’s wrong?”
“Remember your promise Trevor.” She breathed. “Remember.” Her grip went slack. Dozens of machines started going off at once trilling their denials. Nurses and doctors swarmed the bed pushing Trevor away from her and into the hall. What seemed liked hours but was only minutes later the doctor came out to give his condolences.
“Mr. Lockwood?” Trevor turned and looked at the two nurses. One held a squirming pink bundle and the other a clipboard leaden with paperwork. He looked at them in silence. “Mr. Lockwood you were listed as next of kin. Did you want to keep the baby or put her up for adoption?” Trevor sighed and looked down at his calloused hands, Mary’s last words echoing in his head. Extending his arms he gently took the baby girl from the nurse.
“Her name is Edith. Edith Penelope.”

Edith was born and raised in Montana. From the time she could walk she has been on the back of a horse raising and driving cattle with her Dad. From early on it was obvious that Edith was different. She was diagnosed early for Dyslexia and ADHD. Instead of sending her away to a private school Trevor homeschooled her and found ways around her issues. This worked out wonderfully since the two spent more time on the trail and under the stars then in an actual house.

Due to their living arrangements, Trevor made sure that Edith was well school in survival. She is incredibly good with a bow and is deadly with throwing knives. Edith was 10 when her first monster attack occurred. A beast came charging out of the forest and attacked both the herd and Edith. Together she and Trevor were able to bring the beast down. Edith was flooded with curiosity and asked tons of questions but was met with silence. Trevor pushed both her and the herd away without a backward glance.

Again this happened when she turned 12 with the same results. The giant monster was killed and still no answers which greatly angered and frustrated Edith. A week after her 14th birthday Edith got her answers.

*Rain was coming down in unrelenting sheets soaking her to the bone. Edith was tired and sore and scared though she was loath to admit it. With practiced ease she finished tying to bandage around her Dad. Hoof beats announced that the stranger was back and had found their scattered horses. Quickly she put her hat back on her head and slung her bow back across her back. Standing up she faced the half horse half man creature and took the reins from him. Together they heaved Trevor into the saddle of his horse and tied him on for good measure. Her bandage had stopped the bleeding but he was unconscious and needed medical attention. She went over all the straps and harnesses again, humming all the while, trying to keep both horses under control. It was hard work in the dark, even harder with the smell of blood fresh in their noses. Satisfied, Edith took the lead rope in hand and mounted Duke.

Lightening cracked across the sky lighting up the clearing. The scene was grisly; like something out of a horror film. The giant wolf lay with several of her knives and arrows protruding from his corpse. His head lay a few feet away, severed by the sword stroke that the Centaur had delivered.

“We need to move. More will no doubt be coming.” Edith shivered but nodded. They traveled as quickly as they dared in the pouring rain and finally got to the hospital. The Centaur stopped them at the tree line and took the lead rope from her grasp. He slapped the horse on the rump and they watched as the horse rode straight into the hospital. Edith watched with tears in her eyes and worry in her heart. She wanted to bad to follow him but she couldn’t. She had to follow the centaur.

“He will live. Worry not little one, he will know where you have gone. It is for the best. For you both.” Edith’s mouth went to a thin line but she still said nothing. With a last glance at the hospital she turned Duke around and followed the Centaur. They traveled for days riding hard and fast. On the rare occasion that she slept she had dreams but all about the same man.

He was tall and heavily muscled and had an air of confidence. He smiled down at her with affection and pride. “You have done well Edith. All of this may not make sense to you now but it will soon. You must follow the Centaur for he will lead you to safety. You are going to take your place among your peers my daughter. I promised to give you four gifts when first we met. A bow, a set of throwing knives, and a short sword have already been given.” He paused and chuckled. “Those you have already put to good use.”

An image of the slain wolf flashed in her mind and he nodded. “Now I give you your final gift.” He laid his hand upon her head and spoke. “I now claim you Edith.”

A hand shook her shoulder effectively pulling her out of her doze. Duke had stopped in front of a gate of some kind. Looking up she watched as the gibberish written in the wood resolved itself into words.
“Welcome to Camp Half Blood, Daughter of Apollo.”

Personality: Edith is a levelheaded, observant, methodical individual. Edith has learned to rely on her instincts and never takes anything for granted. These things combined tend to make her impulsive, almost reckless but she never does anything without thinking twice.
She does have a sense of humor and loves to laugh, though her humor can be a bit sarcastic. Her friends and family mean more to her then anything in the world. The only other thing that means as much is her freewill and her ability to choose her own path. Edith does have a stubborn streak and can be extremely obstinate and argumentative.

Physical Appearance: Edith is tall for her age and has a lean muscled frame. She has long blonde hair that she keeps in a pony tail and under her stetson hat more often then not. Her eyes are dark brown and she sports an almost permanent tan. Edith prefers to wear blue jeans, a t-shirt, and converse over anything else.

Fatal Flaw: Edith has a hard time asking for help.

Pets: Duke-American Quarter Horse, Smokey-Husky

Talents: Singing, Archery, Writing

Weapons: Necklace that becomes her bow and arrow, 4 throwing knives that fit in her boots, and 2 daggers that transform from her earrings.

Year round

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Jay's Characters   Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:09 am

Even though you have a play-by, we still require at least four sentences in physical appearance because we want to make sure that the members are able to describe such things. Please add that section and then I'd be happy to accept your character. ^^

EDIT// Accepted! Thank you for editing, Blue Jay. ^^
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Blue Jay's Characters
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