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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 hikari 101's character

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PostSubject: hikari 101's character   Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:35 pm

name: Kisa Sana
age/birthday: January 1, 1999/ 13
godly parent: Thanotos
Mortal Parent: Kajoku Sana
Years in Camp: 6
Brief History: When she was two she almost fell to her death. She had just started preschool and her class had a snake for a class pet. The snake got loose and headed straight for her. On her fith birthday she saw her first monster. Her instincts immediately kicked in and she pick up a spoon and started whakking the monster with it. Then she jumped on it and grabbed a knife and cut the thing in half. A week after her sixth birthday she had found a sayter, in a park. the sayter became her best friend. He told her mom that there was a caamp for special people like her and she needed to go there. The sayter to her to lonng island but before he got to the boundries with her they were attacked by a pheonix. The sayter did not make it with her so she broke down and cried.
Physical Appearance: She has long blonde hair with black and brown specks. Her eyes change color depending on her mood so sometimes it is very hard to tell what her natural eye color would be. She wears a camp half blood tshirt and jean shorts.
Personality: Basicaly she is a loner. She will not even sleep in her cabin because she doesn't trust anything or anyone but a couple people. She is uassually happy. When she is mad or sad run away because she is deadly.
Flaw: She is alone, and sometimes a little frightened she feels shuned even in camp halfblood
Talents: reviving dead, archery, swordfighting, communicating with the dead.
Weapons: anything
Year-Round or Summer: yearound

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hikari 101's character
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