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 Will Treaty

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PostSubject: Will Treaty   Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:22 pm




God Parent:


Mortal Family:
'Father' Is Daniel - Will never knew his father, but what Halt told him of his father he liked. He is convinced that his father was a man to be proud of, courageous and loyal. Daniel after all, had died to save a man he never met. Though he never met his father, Will does his best to make his father proud.

'Father' Halt - Nevertheless the two began to grow closer to each other, and Will develops an admiring respect for his teacher. Over time their relationship turns from mentor/student to something deeper, more a kin to a father and son. Will would often (unconsciously) act like his mentor, speaking in the same dry tone and constantly asking himself what Halt would do in certain situations. He, like many of the younger characters, sought Halt's approval, and he didn't care what anyone else thought.
Halt in turn became very protective of Will, and was extremely proud of his accomplishments. In The Icebound Lands he insulted King Duncan (to whom he was very loyal) and accepted banishment so that he could go and rescue Will, who had been captured by the Skandians. However Halt could be a little overbearing at times to, such as when he began to smother and be overprotective of Will near the end of his student’s apprenticeship.

Years in Camp:
First- but has been at the Corps for a few years

Brief History:
Will is the orphan son to a sergeant named Daniel who died in the great war against Morgarath. Since Will's father had saved Halt's life by sacrificing his own, Halt personally made sure that Will was safe by delivering him to Redmont fief after Will's mother died when she protected Halt from the attack of Kord and Jarrell. Will has lived at Castle Redmont all his life. Along with his friends George, Alyss and Jenny, and his enemy turned best friend, Horace, he is a ward - an orphan brought up by the generosity of the Baron. All his life Will had dreamed of becoming a great knight, like the father he never knew until Halt tells him of his father's real story.

Physical Appearance:
Will is described as being a littles shorter then average. He has a semi musculer build. he is noted from time to time on his brown eyes and his brown hair. though he is not as big as horce Will can surprisingly draw back the massive string on the infamous long bow of the ranger corps. Will is also very fast not only is a fast runner, he is a fast fighter and that is noted in the first look, when he is able to sneak in a quick punch before running from horace. One of Wills greatest weapons is his stealth and his mind.

Generally speaking Will is a good-natured person, with a friendly attitude. However, he teases both Halt and Horace and gets annoyed by Horace while they are hiding under a cart in the sixth book. He becomes very sharp towards his best friend at that point due to nerves and frustration at the knight's inability to sit still and shut up. He and Halt have a realatioship which is father-son like. Will has an open-faced friendly look and attitude which makes people find it easy to talk with. He is a quick-thinker and a good strategist. Despite his young age he copes well with the responsibiltiy of being a Ranger.

Fatal Flaw:
He is loyal to a fault and almost kills a man because halt becomes poisoned.

Tug - a shaggy small gray pony, the horse is extremly loyal, affectionate and intelligent. They are bred specifically for speed, endurance, and to help watch danger.

Will has many of the skills necessary to be a Ranger, and he is exceptionally skilled at the job. He is one of their best operatives, if a bit inexperienced, but his skills rival those of of even the most experienced and talented Rangers, such as Halt, his former master, Crowley, the Commandant of the Ranger Corps and Gilan, Halt's former Apprentice and a master in unseen movement. Notably, Duncan has told Will that both Halt and Crowley believe that he will become one of the greatest of Rangers'. One skill he is lacking in is the ability to draw.

Archery: Will is an excellent archer, able to shoot several arrows in rapid succession Longbow and puts it to effective use. Will is, as noted by Halt, a better shot than both Crowley and Gilan, two highly skilled archers and Rangers. Will rarely misses his mark, whether it be a unmovable stand or a far off horseman or even a striking snake, it has been implied that Will is second only to Halt in the Corps.

Hidden and Unseen Movement: Will is highly skilled in moving silently, even before he underwent his Ranger training. His small build and light feet make him a very good silent mover. Will, after some training and discipline, could stay completely still for a large period of time, rendering him almost completely unnoticeable.

Saxe and Throwing Knife Skills: Will is very proficient with both the saxe knife and the smaller throwing knife. When he combines them together he can do something called the double knife defense. This was taught to him by Gilan (Halt's former apprentice) when they go to Celtica. During the battle with the Temujai Will defeated numerous Temujai with his knives, in spite of the fact that they weren't his preferred weapons. He later fought well against Keren using his knives in the Siege of Macindaw. Though skilled in knife fighting, it isn't his expertise, as he had to resort to underhand trickery to defeat Bacari.

Speed: Will is very fast. He can outrun most people. This is shown all the way back from when he was a ward, when he had to escape Horace.

Climbing: Will is a very good climber. When he was a ward he climbed up the cook’s tower and stole some pies which was the first time Halt considered him to be a possibility for a Ranger. Will later climbs the tower to Baron Arald's study. He has never been daunted by heights, shown when he climbs Castle Macindaw. His climbing skills have proven useful on many occasions.

Intelligence: Will is a highly intelligent person, possessing a crafty and devious mind. He is proficient at creating elaborate schemes to accomplish his goals, and is a skillfull tactician. Will also has a fast wit, often beating Horace in their many banters, and occasionally getting the best of Halt as well. HIs greatest mental attribute is his ability to think of a way out of a situation and to plan on an impulse, especially in dangerous circumstances.

Long Bow - Longbows are indeed powerful weapons in the hands of a practiced marksmen. Will's bow is said to be slightly below 41kg, and Halt's bow was said to be 60kg.
The Longbow is the primary weapon of the Rangers, although apprentice rangers use a Recurve Bow due to their smaller stature and weaker muscles. The longbow is a weapon made mainly for long distance fighting. Rangers are trained to shoot very accurately and can hit their targets almost every time by the time they end their training.

Longbow arrows are much bigger than recurve arrows. Rangers carry two dozen arrows in their quiver, as well as extras in their pack. It is said that Rangers carry the lives of 24 men in their quiver

Saxe Knife - specially made close combat knife that is harder than most swords. The rangers saxe knife is the lower knife in the special ranger double scabbard. The Ranger Saxe Knife is similar the Skandian Saxe Knife (or sea ax) but made of far superior steel (giving it a faint blue tint). It is longer than the throwing knife with a similar grip made of a series of leather discs set one above the other and also has a short brass crosspiece. The blade is long and straight, nearly the size of a short sword. It is kept razor sharp on one side while the other and is thick and heavy. Although it is mainly used as a close combat weapon, it is balanced for throwing.

Throwing Knife - short, with a "thick, heavy grip made of a series of leather discs set one above the other.", as quoted from the book. There is a brass crosspiece between the hilt and the blade. Throwing knives, as the name implies, are meant and balanced for throwing, top heavy. It's skinny at the hilt, getting thicker and thicker until it narrows at the end with an upward edge.

Year-Round or Summer:
Year round

Corps - The Ranger Corps was reformed by Halt and Crowley after Halt left Hibernia, to provide a service to Duncan. They are considered an elite intelligence and reconnaissance force. There are 50 rangers. A few of the most notable rangers are Halt, Gilan, Commandant Crowley, and Will Treaty . Rangers wear a grey-green camoflagued cloak. They are all best known for the long bows they carry and twenty-four arrows in their quiver plus an extra twelve on their saddlebag. Ranger's are dead accurate with their longbows and can shoot rapidly with accuracy. Rangers main tasks include recon. mission, assassination, and special operations. They also wield a throwing knife,a heavy bladed saxe knife forged similar to a katana, and two brass bars with knobs on the ends called strikers. Rangers are incredibly stealthy and many believe that they practice dark arts though this is not true.
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PostSubject: Re: Will Treaty   Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:26 pm

I'm not sure you're allowed to take someone else's book character and use it as your own character on here, or anywhere. o.o He's a nice character, but could you please have him relate to CHB and not the Ranger stuff? Otherwise, good start!
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Will Treaty
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