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 Meezy's Characters. :]

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PostSubject: Meezy's Characters. :]   Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:57 pm

Name: Liev Parker
Age/Birthday: 18/ January 7th
Gender: Male
God Parent: Aphrodite
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Father- Carlisle Parker, a very wealthy man that only kept one son. He does care about the other two boys, but he was forced to give them up, which nobody else knows.
Years in Camp: 1
Brief History: Liev is an aclaimed "million dollar baby", because he is talented, drop dead gorgeous and lives a wealthy and fortunate life. He is spoiled beyond imagination, getting whatever he wants, whether it be girls, money, cars, technology, etc. He has a passion for theatre/drama and painting. He is the only son who go to stay with his father, Carlisle. He knows that he has two other brothers, but he never exactly cared the most. Why would he want somebody to interfere with the great life he was living? He started out young knowing his mother wasn't around anymore, but with his dad providing for his every want and need, he didn't care. He grew up with all the latest toys and supplies and everybody always wanted to be around him. He's an excellent karate fighter and extremely talented. He's a painter and one of the best painters for being as young as he is. His paintings show up in various corners of the world, being sold for more money than gold and egyptian artifacts. However, his dad being a big shot, as Liev grew up, his dad grew distant and would be gone for nights, even weeks, at a time. He wasn't daddy's little man anymore. He was by himself. He was painting something he had seen in his mind and it ended up being a mixture between the world of God's and Camp Half Blood.
Physical Appearance: Brown skater hair that has a swoop and can be flipped, which he does often. He has startling emerald eyes and a million dollar smile, canines. He has perfect skin and is fairly tall, around 5'10". He's on the skinny side, but has muscle. He wears hoodies and t-shirts..but mostly hoodies that are black, white, or gray. His jeans are normally black or grey, but he wears dark blue jeans as well with Nike Air 6.0's. He always wears a pure silver cross necklace/chain around his neck that his dad gave to him once.
Personality: He's a little self-preserved, a tad bit conceited. He takes pride in his work and can come off cocky, BUT he IS sensative, and can feel alone a lot. When he finds somebody that he can relate and become close with, he's a softie and very generous, often putting that person's wants and needs before his own well-being. Get to know him and you might like him.
Fatal Flaw: Has a hard time swallowing his pride sometimes. He can be clumsy. He can be careless.
Pets: Two dogs, Teather, a full bred Chow-Chow, and Skippy, a pit bull/rotweiler/labrador mix.
Talents: Paints some of the most beautifully breathtaking pictures in the world. Manipulating by using his charm and beauty, and can take the presence of an angel.
Weapons: A celestial bronze dagger.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-round.
Other: Face claim: Rachel's tumblr buddy, Jordan.


Name: Lyle Parker
Age/Birthday: 17 / September 24
Gender: Male
God Parent: Athena
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Father- Carlisle Parker, a very wealthy man that only kept one son. He does care about the other two boys, but he was forced to give them up, which nobody else knows.
Years in Camp: 1
Brief History: Lyle grew up in foster homes and orphanges, always the skinny and quiet kid, constantly picked on by other kids, never truly accpted or included in the contantly growing group of "cool" kids. Since he never really had friends, he normally stayed in his room on his top bunk surrounded by notebooks, drawing/coloring untinsels, feild journals, and books. For hours upon hours upon days and days, he'd draw his dreams and the views outside his small window, combining suttle variations of blue with vibrant reds, drawing peace combined with turmoil that makes his drawing a beautiful disaster. He was often mocked for reading about Japanese wars and american history and tribal celebrations and every other fact available on earth. He grew up in and out of homes with too fake parents and hatful "siblings." As he kept growing up, he took an interest in fighting, defense fighting and what-not, hitting a punching bag when somebody told him he would never be good enough or that he wasn't loved. By time he was an older teenager, the age of 15, he had the highest GPA in his homeschool class and was beyond intelligent when it came to anything, literally. And if somebody ever once thought he knew enough, he felt like he never did. It was something that lived inside of him, coursed through him like ink; he just HAD to learn something new, whether it was completely foreign or finding a new way to solve another logical problem for the millionth time. He was always told, however, that he must've been too stupid because obviously, his parents never wanted him. But no matter how much it hurts, Lyle refuses to believe that. He knows that he has two other brothers, and hopes that he'll have the luck of finding and meeting them. He had a strange dream, woke up in the middle of the night and drew it. When he was finished, he saw in front of him a map to Camp Half-Blood.
Physical Appearance: Tall, about 6' 3". Has brown, almost black hair that is finely cut and is skaterish. Greenish hazel eyes and a very nice smile. He wears glasses and has gauges in both ears. He normally wears plain colored t-shirts underneath either hoodies or blazers with fit jeans and Nike's. When presenting himself, however, he sometimes dresses up. He has a tattoo on his left arm that represents that even in an ugly place, there has to be some form of beauty.
Personality: Lyle hides himself behind his wisdom and intillect, often breaking the ice with somebody with a random fact about something that that person hasn't even heard of. He can be shy, but once he breaks out of his shell and is comfortable, he can be very outgoing and playful, very nice and sometimes passive. He loves making people happy, but sometimes feels as if he annoying them by being too joyous, so he goes back to being quiet. When he does happen to make a friend or has somebody whom he absolutely loves and adores, if there is even the slightest threat of danger towards that person, he has no problem protecting them. He is very protective of people who stay in his life and don't just break him to pieces over and over again. He knows that if he wanted to, he could break anybody into pieces...and that's the only thing that he loves about himself and he has to call his own.
Fatal Flaw: He is often too inviting and accepting of anybody because he craves not to be alone that he ends up hurt...a lot. He also has a short temper when things make him extremely agitated or angry, thus making him furious at times.
Pets: None. But he wants a snow white German Shephard.
Talents: Extremely book smart, great at chess and anything else intilectually challenging. Is well-rounded when it comes to fighting.
Weapons: Sword from the camp armory, celestial bronze.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-round.
Other: Face claim: my awesome friend Alec. :)


Name: Leon (Leonitis) Parker
Age/Birthday: 16/ June 27th
Gender: Male
God Parent: Epiales
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Father- Carlisle Parker, a very wealthy man that only kept one son. He does care about the other two boys, but he was forced to give them up, which nobody else knows. Mother- Unknown, but had an affair.
Years in Camp: 1
Brief History: While Leon was growing up, he was a very troubled kid, waking up sweating from the terrible nightmares he always had every night. These nightmares tormented and tortured him, showing his worst fears; death and fury, gore and hatred. These nightmares often kept him awake and afraid. He was given up as a baby to an orphanage by his father. While growing up, these nightmares often made him show signs of schizophrenia or sociopathic symptoms and behaviors. He tormented bugs, ripping off their wings and legs, poked puppies with sticks and threw cats in water, and beat up children when he was young if they didn't listen to him or annoyed him. But he knew that this wasn't actually him commiting the hanious acts, it was the nightmares. He was often isolated and confined away from the other children that were his age because adults and children were afraid of him. He always begged and begged not to be put into isolation because he knew that the nightmares would control him and make him fear for his life. The nightmares also made him start sleep walking at the age of 13. One night, it got so bad, he started screaming and slamming himself into the the confinement door, eventually scratching at the door until his fingernails fell off and his fingers started bleeding, the flesh peeling off. Nobody liked him. He did have his own fears and insecurities and feelings, but when he was automatically branded with the label of "punk", he figured that he can't change anybody's mind and might as well live up to the name and be one. Finally, when he got older, he got kicked out of the orphanage for a bad fight at his current high school. He was sent to a correctional facility in the middle of nowhere, but the bus broke down in the middle of nowhere. He ran and ran and ran until he found a place that he could sit down and rest. That night, when he went to sleep, the nightmare he had wasn't a nightmare, but more of a scary message that was brought to him by a scary mist that was nothing but black and had piercing white eyes. This mist told him to go to a camp, Camp Half-Blood, and he would finally find the one thing he had held on to the most: the fact that he had two brothers, two people like him, his only family....the only thing that kept him holding on to life and fighting and putting up with all the bull crap.
Physical Appearance: Leon is rather on the tall side, about 6', with muscle that has been earned through fights and punishment towards himself for the bad things he's done. He has jet black hair that is short but swoopish, kinda skater or emoish hair, which he didn't always have in mind. He has breathtakingly and piercingly beautiful ice blue eyes that can see straight through you and have their own secrets. He wears track jackets from brand names like Addidas and Reebok, with a band t-shirt or plain colored t-shirt. his jeas are normally worn out or old, but he still looks good in them. (Haha.) He normally wears Converse or Nike. He has a tattoo that spreads across his shoulder blades that reads "Fear is only real if you make it."
Personality: Leon is dark and mysterious, quiet and keeps to himself a lot. He often looks like he might snap on you at any given moment for any little thig, but he won't. He wears a scowl but only because he is and distrubed. He knows he comes off as mean and fearful, but he wishes somebody would have the strength and courage to see through that little charade and see that he is just a little boy and alone. He doesn't let anybody in easly because he doesn't always know exactly how to, and he fears that he would lose himself and harm that person. However, he is very protective of somebody who is willing to stay with him.
Fatal Flaw: He can be agressive and get extremely angry. Also, he can be careless at times.
Pets: He was never allowed to have one because people always thought he'd kill it, but he knows that he would never harm or kill the only friend he'd have.
Talents: When angry enough, he is often seen as the fear of other people. He also produces black orbs that he can morph into anything and control.
Weapons: He uses a black wooden bow with a black quiver full of black wooden arrows.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-round.
Other: Random guy on Google. :)
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PostSubject: Re: Meezy's Characters. :]   Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:11 pm

Wow, I love your characters! They're very interesting. I enjoyed reading their profiles so much. I just keep wondering what will happen when they realize that they are brothers. Dundundun... xD
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PostSubject: Re: Meezy's Characters. :]   Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:32 pm

These characters are gewd. Veddy gewd indeed. I accept these characters! Have fun role playing, Meezy dear! c:
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PostSubject: Re: Meezy's Characters. :]   

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Meezy's Characters. :]
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