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 FIRE Book 1

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PostSubject: FIRE Book 1   Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:50 pm

Book one


A man in a black trench coat watched over the city of Choas. His name now Horror. His eyes once having a twinkle of hope and courage now, a pitch black He was once a lord of a district in the republic. He heard rumours of magic and enchantments beyond the reaches of the Republic. The soilders he had bent to his will 15 years ago had been weak minded. At the end of the first month after his exile by the rebublic of Elements, He marched an army straight to the parlement then the air had darkened and pouring rain quenched the fires of his army. Earth Wind and Fire crumbled the army from the right and left flanks. Horror reteated his army with bitter resentment.


"Evan! eat you need strength" stated Avlyon "we have only 24 hours before the ceremony."Evan gave her a rare smile. Avlyon was always like this rushing about making sure everyone in the dorm got what they needed. She may have been the youngest of their year but she was the most temper-mental.

"He must be nervous" said Jarred with a sly grin on his face. "Is poor Evan nervous?" He joked

"I am not" Evan said. Jarred looked at Evan's life as an easy target. 15 years ago Evan had lost his father in the battle of Parlement Hill. He was placed at the ward of The Lord in District 1 shortly after child brith. A note was clasped in his hand that read:

[i]His Father died a hero
His Mother died in birth
Take care of him his name is Evan[/i]

Lord Travis, a kind hearted man allowed the unusual circumstances. Only one other person had been at the ward at the time. 5 year old Fredrick. Fredrick had already been chosen and moved out of the ward 5 years ago

Evan glanced at the larger boy. He was sure to get in to the districts battle-school. Buff and broad, Jarred was an easy and simple choice. Avlyon was sure for the district chef. well assistant chef at the most. But who would take Evan. He wasn't as muscular as Jarred. He didn't have Avlyon's skill with food. But he did master the water element faster then both of them.

"Give it up Evan you would not get picked for battle-school if you where the last person in the district." teased Jarred. he had heard Evan talking to Avlyon in the previous week on getting in to the school.

Evan clenched his jaw but said nothing. Avlyon got the hint and backed up quickly. Water splashed up in to Jarred's face and Evan bolted out the room, While Jarred spluttered after him. "yeah that's right run away, Evan No-name you have no family and no one will take you as an assistant."
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FIRE Book 1
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