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 7blackfire's character

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PostSubject: 7blackfire's character    Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:22 pm

name: Ivy Harvey ( daughter of greek god Dionysus) age: 12
Mortal family: my mother is shorter, blond hair, blue eyes, nice, she loves to wear aeropostale. I have no siblings.

Brief history: i was born on New Years,(suprise, suprise) 1999 in Minnesota. i didn't like school although i excelled at social where we studied yea greek mythology (it was all on the computer not much reading involved). i moved near the camp a few years ago although i didn't know it then. very brief history. i didn't have any friends except if you count the school centaur when he's trying to save your life.
Camp stuff
let's see i'm a year-rounder, i was claimed at supper when i got to camp, freaky when you're eating grapes and people are staring at your head, i should have seen it coming Dionysus. i have been at camp about three years.

Physical appearance: i am about 5 feet tall. not very tall. oval shaped face. i have long, straight, pure blond hair, purple eyes (freak of the school, thanks dad). size 9 shoes. i am skinny but not anerexic, (not sure if i spelled it right, oh no one cares). i have pierced ears, i have little grape vines in now. wearing a black aero shirt, abercrombie & fitch jeans and purple nike shoes.

Personality: i dont know ask someone other than me.

Weapons: a few celestial bronze daggers, two-handed sword (my fav, has a grape vine engraved on it!), spear (i never use it).

Fatal Flaw: probably pride

Talents: does anything with grapes or vines count ( you can guess)?, pretty good at archery(dont where that came from in the family tree), drawing, can't think of anything else.

Pets: so far none

other: um let's see, i dont like skirts, hate the color pink, i only like certain dresses, dont like much make up, like the dark, especially dawn and dusk. i was into tennis and softball quite a few years ago when i could play it without one of the players being some kind of monster.

What a Face
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7blackfire's character
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