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 Madatter's tea party :)

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River Jackson


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PostSubject: Madatter's tea party :)   Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:10 am

Elinora Redway


Name: Elinora Redway
Age/Birthday: Thirty-first of October, 1997
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hermes
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Her mother was a very caring woman. She gave up her job to spend more time with her child. Sadly, she was killed in a car crash. Elinora stayed a happy, mischievous girl, but was still scarred by her loss, as the two were extremely close. She was then moved to an adoptive family when she was ten, but they were never there for her, causing her to run away at the age of twelve and never come back or be looked for.
Years in Camp: Two
Brief History: Elinora was born to a poor but loving family. She grew up happily, bright, but not particularly academic. She was good at sport, maths and science, but hopeless with English. She adored her mother and never fought with her, but had a tendency to hide things from her that might hurt her, or make her worried.
At the age of ten, she came home from school on foot, and found no one in the apartment. She became very anxious when her mother did not answer, and finally, she received a visit from the police telling her that her mother had been killed in a car accident. She was devastated when she heard this and never quite healed.
She was moved to a foster family, but the accident had changed her and she was unable to see eye to eye with the other two children. They always complained that she took their toys-and sometimes, the objects were found in her bedroom. She bore it for two years, then ran away and was found by a satyr who took her to Camp Half-Blood, noticing her special abilities.
Physical Appearance: Elinora is small. She hates people making fun of her height. She is slender, as well, but never seems weak-her energy compensates. She has red hair with a few natural blond streaks at the front. She has rather pale skin-when she looks afraid or worried, people have a tendency to think that she is sick. Her eyes have no other colour apart from blue-they are a very pure and deep colour with very long lashes. She isn't a beautiful person, but is more of a cute girl. She often uses her physical appearance to get what she wants.
Personality: Much as she may seem loving and innocent, she is actually quite manipulating. She is a little naïve, but would do anything to get what she wants. She cares for people, but is really scarred by her mother's death and slowly, Elinora with a huge heart turned into Elinora with a frozen heart. The people she loves, she loves very much, but the people she hates, somehow, they always find themselves out of her way, if not hurt. She is a very calm person, apart from when someone close to her is hurt. Then, she panics and tries any way possible to contact them. She has a... thing for shiny objects. Drachmas, mainly, and she is kleptomaniac.
Fatal Flaw: Extreme loyalty.
Pets: She has none, but has an affinity with serpents.
Talents: She is very good at stealing, has a knack for survival on tough journeys, and is very talented in the business market and laying her hands on what she wants.
Weapons: Flying trainers. She also bears a simple-looking sword, forged in celestial bronze.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

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PostSubject: Re: Madatter's tea party :)   Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:16 am

For her fatal flaw, I'm pretty sure thats extreme loyalty..So you could just hcange it to that....
Other than that she looks good (:
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PostSubject: Re: Madatter's tea party :)   Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Madatter's tea party :)   

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Madatter's tea party :)
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