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 Blake's Charries (Needs Approval)

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PostSubject: Blake's Charries (Needs Approval)   Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:14 pm

Toby • Pierce

Christian • Roberts
Ethan • Campbell

Kevin • Boyd
Name: Kevin Boyd

Age/Birthday: 14/ December 30

Gender: Male

God Parent: Khione

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Oliver Boyd (Father)

Years in Camp: 1

Brief History: Kevin was born in Canada. Until he was five years old he moved to New York. At that time, his dad tried going on dates. Kevin's dad tried to find a woman so they could have a complete family, but didn't find a good one. At that time Kevin was suspicious.

When Kevin was 9 years old, he started to be an odd boy. In the winter when it started snowing. He actually slept in the snow. Kevin's dad didn't notice til 2 hours later. Luckily the neighbors didn't notice a thing. Kevin was fine about this, he loved the snow. Always like to go to a snowy fields.

At the age of 11, Kevin's dad went on vacation. His dad was in the military fighting in the war. And Kevin got a nanny. Which was not what he expected. She was aggressive making him do chores. Kevin had got so angry in his room, that grayish snow came hurdling down. He blinked twice, but it was still there until he hid his emotions. What was this? Did he have powers? All these questions kept appearing in his head.

It was Kevin's 13th birthday. And everything went totally normal, until he made a snowball in his hand. Actually every time there was a snowball fight. Kevin would throw a million snowball at them, like a machine gun. Everybody started to stop hanging out with him that time. They thought he was a freak. But Kevin didn't care, he liked being this freak. And a voice in his head told him to go to Camp Half - Blood.

Physical Appearance: Kevin's appearance is simple, you will always see him in a leather jacket. His leather jacket is always a symbol to him. Kevin wears it all the time, day and night. He has bright blue eyes, almost could be the color of snow. Kevin has pale skin. He's not very athletic, so he may be looking a bit skinny. And his hair is dirty blonde.

Personality: Kevin is the sorta guy that is forgiving. And always likes to be weird with his snow powers. He's really nice if you get to meet him. You will mostly see him Off Campus, the Library, or the Winter Festival. Kevin is always trying to find his way to get a wad of cash. He is no boring matter, he loves to have fun. Kevin doesn't get sad from time to time. He acts like its cool and nothing happened.

Fatal Flaw: Kevin's fatal flaw is most likely to hide his emotions. That's why if he gets bruised or anything he tries to hide it. And if he sad and mad you would see him hide that also.

Pets: None

Talents: Like all Khione children, he has the gift of snow.

Weapons: Kevin has a celestial bronze sword. Which on the hilt has a carving of a snowflake pattern on it. He calls it "Nix." Which is latin for snow.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Colour: #A6FFFF

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Posts : 149
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PostSubject: Re: Blake's Charries (Needs Approval)   Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:58 pm


Name: Chase Parks
Age/Birthday: 14. November 5
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hermes
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Casey Parks (Mother)
Years in Camp: Three years
Brief History: Chase grew up in Texas. His uncle was a farmer, which he visited a lot of times. Helping him with some formal work, that needed to be done. Chase's mom was a Middle School teacher. He always liked to watch sport games from schools. He was a very fast kid. But he never tried to join Track, even though he was faster than most of the kids on the team. Chase was not really a socializing person that much. He mostly stole from a lot of stores and got away for it.
A week before Chase's 11th birthday. His mom told him that he was a god. Which was good timing, because a monster attack occurred that day. The help from his strength, and a helpful satyr defeated the monster. And Chase left Texas, without looking back. The journey was safe, but confusing. They got all the way to Camp Half - Blood. And Chase became more stronger, making sure he was healthy and all with his friendly cabin mates.
Physical Appearance: Chase has dirty blonde short hare and hazel eyes. His skin is a peachy tone, it depends if he is in the light or dark. He has a very fit body, muscular arms, and fit legs. But he's not to close to a Hephaestus camper. Chase is tall and lean. He could be a very talented football player with this body.
Personality: Chase could be very quiet at sometimes. He can socialize, but choose not to unless he wants to. He is very kind, and doesn't steal from anyone unless enemies or just shops. Chase likes to play sports, but doesn't want to try out for any teams since he is a little shy. He is very dyslexic, so he is not the best one to ask for questions about Math or Science.
Fatal Flaw: Chase is doubtful, he is the worst one to ask for questions while on a quest.
Pets: None.
• Stealing, very sneaky.
• Running, he is very fast.
• Swimming
• Good at battle
Weapons: Celestial Bronze Short Sword
Year-Round or Summer: Summer
Colour: #77FF9C
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Blake's Charries (Needs Approval)
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