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 I'm the schools new novella (soap opera)

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PostSubject: I'm the schools new novella (soap opera)   Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:14 am

My gosh, so much drama is happening to me and my friends...Most of it with my crush (..shall we call him steven?), my old-now-come-back frenemy (lets call her cleo), one of my best guy friends (who shall be named Frank), my NOW ex- Best Friend and random kids at my school.

Steven and Cleo:
Well, it started a year ago when Steven met Cleo at his cousins birthday party. She thought he was insanely funny and nice, and he thought she was beautiful and sweet. Well, a week or so later, Steven's cousin tells cleo that stieven wanted her to ask Cloe out for him, and to please say yes or he'd be heartbroken, and that she'd PAY Cleo to date him. So Cleo says yes, and when Steven comes to our school, she uses that as an excuse to breakup with him.

FLASH FORWARD to two weeks ago. Saturday te 21 to be exact. Well, there was the whole One Act Play competition, and afterwards we were cracking jokes on the bus and as a joke I sat on Steven's lap. Well, I stayed like that for the entire bus ride, and i kissed his cheek a couple of times, he put his head on my shoulders and stuff, we hugged before I left, and I floated home. My friend (Lets call her Jade) asked him why he didn't ask me out, and he told her something that I wasn't allowed to know, and jade told him that shouldn't stop him. On monday it seemed like life couldn't be better; laughing and joking around whenever we saw each other, and hugged him when I dropped him off at student council, and I thought "I think this years gonna be good". Well it was good...until the next day on tuesday when there was...ah...a surprise.

COME TUESDAY , I don't see him in the morning, and when I get to One Act, he opens the door for me, but instead of the usual hug and 'how was your day?' He says: "hey! Where's (lets call him Peter)?!" And he's jumping up and down, and I'm wondering what's made him so excited, until he sees peter and runs up to him , gives him a hug and yells, "She's here!!!" And I'm just there confused, until peter runs up to me and yells in my face "cleo Is back and I'm gonna help steven win her over again!" (Which is part of the reason peter and I are no longer best friends) and I'm just like "oh god", cause I'm really confused, before I put two and two together and go to the girls room to cry. Cause he had told me he likes me like 2 weeks before the OAP bus thing. So next day, still don't see him in the morning, but find out she's in my P.E. So when I go to P.E. , I am really shocked when I see one of my friends from dance class from a long time ago, and she walks up to me, we start talking, and then she's like : oh! I really don't expect you to remember me, but we were dance together a long long time ago.*sticks out hand* I'm Cleo!"

SO I'm like really shocked, but I go with it, and turns out Cloe's just as sweet and nice as she was in 4th grade, and I was really happy when she said she didn't like Steven. Flash forward to thursday. He starts to ask my advice on the 'chloe situation' and during an improv skit with my friend (Lets call her..Shary), where he's an amnesiac and shary's his girlfriend, she's like : do you remember me? Steven:....cloe? Shary: No...I'm *insert my name cause idk if your a stalker* ! And were all cracking up and stuff. And on Friday he begins to act kinda wierd, still with the chloe jokes, yet when I log on to facebook, he wrote the lyrics to OUR song on his status. So we don't speak for the entire weekend. Flash to monday when things get confusing...

So, we start talking awkwardly on monday, and by thursday night, things are WAY better..until I decide to f it up. It was a total accident, but I ended up asking Frank to the V-day dance, and its worse cause my friend (lets call her Dorthy) likes him. And I'm freaking out on monday, Steven hears me telling to of my best friends and one of their Boyfriends who i've known since 4th grade. Then he goes and tells Shary, and things are awkward until the end of One Act Play. He heard me tell one of my friends ( Call her Carly) that likes Frank too, that I'm conflicter between Frank and *points to steven* , but Steven saw. so were talking, and as the bell rings, we dont even say goodbye; we just gather our things and leave. We havent spoken since then.

Random Drama at my school:

Some kids got caught with weed

Some other kids got caught with marajuana

A couple got caught doing..scandalous things in the corner of the library

some kids got expelled

my ELA teacher's wife has cancer :(

i got publicly humilliated by Shary

Kids are still calling me a slut, even though I have done NOTHING! A girl who has never even been kissed yet can NOT be a slut!

I sometimes have the urge to hurt myself again...but I'm getting better.....

........and many more things.

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I'm the schools new novella (soap opera)
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