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PostSubject: OH MAIE GOOOOSH!!!   Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:57 pm

My dad, the last few days has been bugging the HECK out of me. Go clean the dishes, set the table, help your brother, play with your brother, go do your homework, come downstairs, help me with dinner, go walk the dog,blah blah blah blah blah!

Yea, I know what to do, he doesn't have to tell me! And, the other day, we were having spagettii for dinner, and my dad is secretly in love with olive oil. So, after he poured all of the water out of the spagettii, he put it back into the pot, and started putting olive oil. Then, I was standing next to him, and said:
"No, don't put olive oil on it! I don't like it like that!"

And he gave me this 'face' and my mom started yelling at him, or whatever. He acted like it was all my fault.

And then, a couple of day's ago, I said something, and he said:
"Stop acting like your mother!"
But then, I didn't say this, but I thought:
"Well, you married her, didn't you?"

Everything that he's been doing latley has just really gotten on my nerves D,:
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