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 Destiny Grimm's Character (needs approval)

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PostSubject: Destiny Grimm's Character (needs approval)    Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:29 am

Name: Destiny Grimm
Age/Birthday: 15/ 10th of August, 1996
Gender: Female
God Parent: Erebus
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Amelia Polark (mom) and Frank Polark (step-dad). Wyatt, Sarah, and Merissa Polark.
Years in Camp: First Year
Brief History: Destiny Grimm didn't know much about her family; her mom, Amelia, doesn't talk about who her father is. Destiny's step-father Frank has a very blunt aunt who likes to say, "It's because she doesn't know!" Aunt Janey likes to imply that Destiny is the off-spring of a drunken night, and Destiny can't say anything back because how is she going to explain he's a Greek god? Her mother won't talk of him, Frank doesn't know of him, and Janey laughs at him. Destiny swears she will bring honor to his name.
Physical Appearance: Destiny Grimm is Asian-American. Her mother moved from Asia long before she was born. Her hair is so black that it almost has a raven-purple glint to it. Her eyes are usually narrow, not because of her ethnicity, but because of her cynicism. If you ever get the chance to actually see her eyes, you'll notice they are a red-brown color with a purple starburst around her pupil. There's little flecks of black throughout. She's not the most fit looking girl in the world, but she's not exactly large either. She generally dresses normal, but Destiny loves to throw on vests any time! She's kind of short, standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall. She wears fingerless gloves at all time.
Personality: Although Destiny Grimm may seem quiet and withdrawn at times, she's very outgoing other times. She can be a little annoying, but Destiny tries her best to entertain people of all types. She knows a lot of random fact, spewing some now and then, and tries her best to cheer people up! If you ever need to talk, Destiny is a person you can talk to. She's usually engrossed in a book, in a drawing, or in a card-game if nobody talks to her. She likes to join conversations, but she will usually wait to be brought into one. Destiny's very klutzy and sometimes as blunt as her aunt Janey. She won't lie to you unless you want her to, and then she'll lie to you, but she'll tell you she's lying.
Fatal Flaw: She cares too much for people she just meets.
Pets: a King Cobra named Salazar and a Giant golden-crowned flying fox named Pendragon.
Talents: Destiny can control the shadows and darkness, bending them to her will. She is very skilled with throwing knives and usually doesn't miss. She draws quite well. She's got a knack for card games.
Weapons: An assortment of throwing knives (daggers, stars, darts, Plumbata), a black sword (black steel, black leather grip), her sketchbook and writing utensils, and a few decks of cards.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
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Destiny Grimm's Character (needs approval)
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