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 Vortex's character

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PostSubject: Vortex's character   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:14 pm

Name: Richard Volpe
Age/Birthday: 13
Gender: Male
God Parent: Ares
Claimed: No, but he knows who is father is
Mortal Family: Mother: Amelia Tipper
Mortal half-brother: Harry Tipper
Step father: Kyle Tipper
Years in Camp: 0
Brief History: Born in England, but moved to america with his mother, who came from Italy. Grew up leading a 'sort of' average life, but using violence to solve his problems, rather than the 'civil' approaches everyone else wanted him to use. On his 6th birthday, he moved to America with his mother, and instantly started a viscous rivalry with a boy named Zach and an odd friendship. When Richard was 7, his mother remarried and had another child. At first, Richard was not happy about this, but eventually learned that his step father still cared for him. He was both annoyed and relived to find Zach decided to go to the same high school as him, it gave him someone to fight, and in his first year an incident occurred in a class room. Richard and Zach had a fight, and Zach came off worse, Richard mercilessly beat him until a teacher came and pulled him off. That day was the day 'The Wolf' was born, Richard adopted it as his nickname, and has treasured it ever since, though most people refuse to refer to him by it, his teachers commenting on how "...we aren't in the dark ages anymore, we don't need viscous nicknames!". Recently brought to camp by his mother, who told him what she knew of his father, that he was a child of Ares, the greek god of war, she told him she knew it would be hard to understand, and at first he doubted it, laughing it off as a joke, but when it occured to him that his mother was serious, he accepted it. Richard was elated that his father had been the god of war, and quickly rushed into the camp. That is everything that has happened until now.
Physical Appearance: Tall and muscular, Richard looks more like he belongs in a child prison than anything. Richard looks older than he is by a few years, mainly thanks to his size. Richard has cold, unforgiving eyes, which are such a dark brown that you may mistake them as black on first glance, a glint may come to them when he is extremely happy, which only seems to happen after he has beaten someone up. Despite being only 13, he is already 5'10, and, according to his doctor, is likely to keep growing for sometime. Richard has a small scar on his left wrist, he can't recall how he got it, but suspects it must have been some fight of kinds. His hair is black but cut short, almost a military cut, only slightly longer.
Personality: Cold and unforgiving, he could quite possibly catch a cold from the ice in his soul, none the less, he is loyal to his friends and protects them the best he can, but often he sees them as lower than him. He attempts to mask all emotions other than anger and hatred, and is rather good at it, but occasionally other emotions slip through. Richard has a rather harsh sense of humour often laughing at others, he also has anger problems. While he is not quite stupid, he isn't the brightest of people, and sometimes takes a while to realise what people mean.
Fatal Flaw: Extremely Headstrong
Pets: None
Talents: Richard is an excellent swords man and athlete, he also has some skill in strategy, but not as much as he would like. Richard takes all forms of combat on, wishing to be the best warrior ever, so he has ample skill in other forms of combat, including unarmed, but prefers his sword to anything.
Weapons: Celestial bronze sword
Steel dagger
Year-Round or Summer: Year-round
Other: (This is a random piece of information which I couldn't find a place for anywhere else) Richards Favourite colour is black, but he is also partial to red.

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PostSubject: Re: Vortex's character   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:00 am

Amazing character! Accepted! And sorry for the wait!

((PS: Ares is spelled Ares and not Aires))
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PostSubject: Re: Vortex's character   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:31 am

Thanks, no problem

PS: Opps, sorry, change it to the right one now
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PostSubject: Re: Vortex's character   

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Vortex's character
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