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 Ash's Characters. [Needs Accepting]

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PostSubject: Ash's Characters. [Needs Accepting]    Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:10 pm


Name: Chloe Rivera Catharina
Age/Birthday: November 10th, 1998
Gender: Female
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Christiane Catharina [Mother]

Years in Camp: 3
Brief History: In California, November 10th, 1998, Chloe Catharina was born. She was raised by her single mother - Christiane Catharina and at the age of 6 (her mother thought this was an appropriate to tell her) that her father left her the moment she told him he was pregnant. Naturally, Chloe was shocked and scarcely hurt. At the same year she also attended Westchester Primary School, where her ADHD and her Dyslexic shone as she suffered through her work, struggling and nervously trying to keep up as the words would swing around her head. Finally, she was sent to the doctor where she was diagnosed with Dyslexic and ADHD. Her mother didn't seemed very surprised and took it well, she shrugged her shoulders and merely said 'Doesn't matter that your ADHD and Dyslexic, if you're heart's good - life's good.'. A few years passed and finally she was moved to Briarwood Middle School, a place where she found her first and only friend - Richard Black. He was a burly boy, brown thick hair and very broad shoulders. He looked very much older then a sixth grader, but he was still a friend. After finding out she was a half-blood and her dear friend was a 'satyr', they took the dangerous journey to Camp Half-Blood. Meeting monsters, bloody battles and harsh truths. At the end when they finally reached Camp Half-Blood, Richard was bitten badly by a snake and it poisoned him. With little time, Chloe tried to save his friend but failed. She buried Richard in grief and made her way to Camp Half-Blood.

Physical Appearance: Chloe has blonde hair with natural brown highlights. Her fringe is swept to the side, partially covering an eye. Her eyes are a mix of caramel brown, she also has long eyelashes that catches everyone's eyes. Her skin is usually fine, with a pimple or two when it gets really serious. Her skin is lightly tanned.

Chloe is tall for her age, she is around five feet. She weighs 39 kilos, and has a slim and a slightly curvy body. Her mother would pester her when she was younger that she was too thin and she needed to eat more to grow. Chloe never took her advice too seriously and simply continued her natural diet and now is around the same as she was at the age of 6 - slim.
Personality: Chloe is shy around new people but she catches onto people fast. She has a temper if you pester her too much or if you nag her in a bad mood. She is a curious girl and loves adventuring new things but can be slightly annoying and talkative sometimes. She gets carried away when she is the leader and gets bigger then her shoes. She prefers being a follower then a leader but does have an enjoyment of bossing people around - who doesn't? She is also sometimes over-confindent and cannot control her confidence at the things she is good at.

Fatal Flaw: She sometimes can get over-confindent at the things she is good at, making her so confident she ends up failing most of the time.
Pets: She has a bunny rabbit - Fuzzy.

Fuzzy the Rabbit!

Talents: She is a fantastic singer and artist, she is more on the creative side then anything. She has a talent for archery too - although she's not the best, she doesn't hit many stray arrows! Her sword-fighting skills are at an average level, but are improving immensely.
Weapons: Chloe carries a sharp dagger with a gold hilt, she also carries a bow and a handful of arrows.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round.
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Ash's Characters. [Needs Accepting]
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