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 Purplys Character

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PostSubject: Purplys Character   Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:53 am

Name: Alexandra Grace Harker "Grae"

Age/Birthday: 13/ April 12

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hermes

Claimed: No

Mortal Family: Cathryn Harker,Chloe Harker

Years in Camp: Half a Year

Brief History: Graes mother Cathryn was a Police Officer who was hit by a truck when Grae was 5 and her mother was diagnosed with PTSD. Ever since Grae watched her Mother go through heaps of boyfriends and watched as her "relationships" went ugly. She always saw her 1 year older sister as a mother figure and carer because her mother would never cook or work. When she was 10 her mother married Andy, an english guy who was cruel to her sister Chloe,who always talked back and yelled at Cathryn everytime she got in trouble and because Andy hated her was sent to live with her father in a different state. Grae was then sent to a public school and there met a Sydney, a satyr and her friend Teagan, a half blood. In her second week of school her bus was attacked by a Sphinx and Sydney rescued her and took her to Camp.

Physical Appearance: 5'3 with an Pale Athletic build and thin arms. Copper-Bronze-Dusty Auburn hiar with shades of Orange,Brown,Red and Blonde. Brown freckles all over face and arms. Dark eyebrows with Gray-Blue eyes with a ring of Orange around the pupil. Straight but layered hair shoulder length with bouncy ends with ringlets on the tips. Shaggy fringe that covers right eye

Personality: She is a very bright and interesting person. Her thoroughly unique spin on life is generally appreciated by others. Grae possesses a certain amount of poise that earns respect, but she can also be very humorous and playful when the mood grabs her - and in fact, can be quite moody and sometimes difficult to truly get close to. She is capable of making great sacrifices, and she recover quickly from reversals of fortune.She has a strong personality and an entrepreneurial spirit. She is ambitious and self-willed, stubborn, obstinate and tenacious.She is tender-hearted, although they don’t show that soft side too often because she's too busy playing and cracking jokes. However, she isn't shy about showing her loyalty; if you are the friend of Grae, you have a friend for life. Highly energetic and courageous she has an indomitable spirit.

Fatal Flaw: Inferiority. Feels inferior to everyone else and feels she has to prove herself to everyone and be like everyone else

Pets: Monty the Whippet

Talents: Skilled at Theft and Trickery, Highly Athletic, Persuasive

Weapons: Short Celestial Bronze Sword named Misery

Year-Round or Summer: Summer

Other: Huge Paramore Fan :P
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PostSubject: Re: Purplys Character   Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:12 am

Wow. That's a really good first character. Mine weren't very good when I first started xD (go her for being a paramore fan!)
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Purplys Character
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