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 My ever changing attitude -_-

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PostSubject: My ever changing attitude -_-   Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:48 pm

Just ranting about what I like people to think compared to what I really think.

What I want people to think:
-No, take as long as you want posting, I dont mind
-Im so glad im British
-I love everyone
-I know everything about every country
-That I dont get sad, cry
-That I am a good girl

The real me (Brace yourselves):
-God damn post already! I put time effort into this topic and you leave it you stupid.....etc, etc
-Stupid British with their stupid goverment and education! Why cant I live in America?! OUR ACCENTS ARENT EVEN SEXY! ARE YOU CONFUSED?!
-I dont like you but you might go away if im nice.
-I thought Alaska was in Canada until a week ago...yeah...
-I have feelings, you know, even if I dont show them. I still get hurt when you are mean to me.
-I am cheeky, loud, talkative, easily distracted, creative, clever and sometimes, a bish. But thats only to people I dont like.

So...yeah...just wasted my time and yours by listing my problems....
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My ever changing attitude -_-
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