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 this is my character

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PostSubject: this is my character   Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:14 pm

Name: Matthew "Chaos" gray

Age: 18 6/28/93

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: My Eyes White blurry because im blind. My Hair color white My height is 5ft 9".I am skinny yet strong enough to tear an eyelid of a cyclopes. My Skin Color is white. Scars along the back and chest from training my pet dragon.

God Parent: Kek minor god of darkness


mortal parent" diana gray

5 years of camp

Mortal Parent: Diana

Country of Origin: USA

Pets: Draco dragon (self trained reason for a couple scars)

Talents:control darkness can see using other senses

Weapon**: wicked sharp dual blades both are made from Celestial Bronze

Flaws: blind, thick headed, and thinks i can do things better than anyone else

Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): can heal in complete darkness like percy with water, shadow travel depending on how much effort 6-10 time a day any where in the usa

Personality: I am a bit antisocial but for a good reason all people end up hating me but the feeling is mutual. Has a great sense of humor and loves violence. will refuse to fight other people for their own protection. and i'm a bit misanthropic.

Life Before CHB*: mom kicked me out i took her prized swords and hid them from her she doesn't believe i can get them for her because i can't see. ever since i continually hear growling and smell blood so i went and pick got them just in case. since then other kids have found me at my new place in Louisiana i was being chased down by another monster it nearly got me because i tripped of a giant tree root. they explained to me that the monster have been chasing me since i was a halfblood ad they would call for help from the camp to come pick me up and bring me to a safe place. they all thought i was a child of the big three since i could control darkness but none of them ever claimed me until the titans tried to invade the camp and a battle avatar appeared around my body. a normal human body but the head of a snake.

RP Example*: I was walking through the french quarter listening to the sounds of the city as i walked along, sliding my cane back and forth across the cement. Suddenly there's a loud scream about three blocks down i could tell it was a monster i could smell the the horrible thing a mile away it smelled of
Any notes about your characters: blind rotting flesh. i continued to walk slowly making it seem like i was completely unaware of whatever the mortals saw. Then i heard the sound of asphalt crushing as though a gaint was running across the pavement. Suddenly i had a thought what if i had bite off more than i could chew. i started to flee through what smell like a park the foot steps were get ing closer, i started booking it. next thing i knew i was on the ground i had tripped over something the monster was on top of me know growling at me. It knocked me out and next thing I knew i was in a chariot being feed a little squares of food that tasted like honey. "what happened? Wheres the monster?" a voice replied ""you were attacked by a cyclops we saw it carrying you off to it lair we knew that you needed our help." it took a moment for me to realize what they were talking about; "who are you?" the voice replied "My name is Alex." i realized that we where flying on a chariot and suddenly felt sick. "thanks alex for the help but i heard of what chariots look like and i did rather fly my own way, k?" i whistled and before alex got the chance to respond i jump off the edge. Alex screamed in suprise when my dragon caught me "i'll just follow you guys on draco because i assume where ever you were going is safer where i was."

year rounder or summer: summer sometimes
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this is my character
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