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 shiningflaire's characters

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PostSubject: shiningflaire's characters   Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:56 pm

Simone Keir


June 9


God Parent:
daughter of Apollo, descendant of Athena


Mortal Family:
Melissa Keir-Callaghan (mother), John Callaghan (step father), Brian Callaghan (step brother)

Years in Camp:
0 (This is her first year)

Brief History:
Her mother, Melissa, owned a family run cafe that she always struggled to keep operating. Simone remembers the smell of vanilla cappaccino and baked pasteries. Krissy grew up helping in the cafe with her step father and step brother. Her step brother picked on her constantly. Mostly comments, but it irked her. She learned over the years it was best to ignore his comments as even if her step father loved them both dearly, blood is thicker than marriage. He would always side with Brian.

As Simone was serving costumers, she noticed one regular looked quite ill. He limped as he walked and continued made strange clicking noises as he walked. Simone asked again and the regular costumer smiled and paid for his coffee before walking away. She smiled back bewildered. Over the course of the next couple months she had run-ins with various events that could not add up in her mind. Eventually the regular costumer, who has revealed himself as a satyr, helped bring to light her situation. Once she brought up the conversation from her mother. Defeated, then she led her to Camp Half-Blood with the satyr and her step father.

Physical Appearance:
At 5 feet 8 inches, she has a slender, nearly fragile build. She was pale with a warm tone to her skin. Simone's rosewood hair is often reflected in her favourite nail polish colour, crimson. She often wears nail polish now that she no longer works in the cafe. Her grey-brown eyes often change slightly to the lighting around her. From hazel to cool blue-grey.

Krissy prefers relaxing and sunbathing to talking with others. Reserved and contemplative, she often spends her days reading and sky gazing. Quite laid back, she tends to move at her own speed. As she grew she learned to hold her thoughts before she spoke to avoid getting in trouble by her step father at the hands of her brother.

Fatal Flaw:
She often tends to daydream and often asks people to repeat themselves. It takes her a while to realize the seriousness of a situation due to her laid back attitude.



Light manipulation: She gains speed and stamina from the presence of the sun. She has just learned how to shift colours and is currently the one she's most interested in.

Healing: Using the sun's rays, she learned she was Apollo's child by healing the cut on her keeper's leg as they were travelling to Camp Half-Blood


Year-Round or Summer:
Year rounder


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PostSubject: Re: shiningflaire's characters   Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:39 pm

omg. I'm so glad so many new members know how to make a character that fills me with happiness.

FOR CEREAL. OUR APOLLO CHARACTERS ARE GETTING REALLY GOOD. she's probably more detailed than Hale. o.o

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shiningflaire's characters
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