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 Autumn's Characters (Needs acceptance)

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Autumn Cher Dahlin


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PostSubject: Autumn's Characters (Needs acceptance)   Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:19 am

Autumn Holly Phaesporia

Name: Autumn Holly Phaesporia
Nickname: Everyone calls her by her last name ''Phaesporia'', even her mum.
Age: 14
Date Of Birth: 3rd March
Gender: Female
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: Mum : Adriana Olivia Phaesporia
Years in Camp: 0

Brief History: Autumn was born in New York, her mum as a guitarist in a local band. She was only eighteen when she gave birth to Autumn. Adriana had a night job in Target and what she earned was barely enough for them to pay their rent and buy the monthly supplies.

Adriana and Autumn left for a road trip one summer. They reached a hill and lo, there was Camp Half-Blood. With barely minutes to explain, Adriana had to leave as the spirits were stirring up. Autumn was pushed into the Hermes cabin and has been there for over a month.

Physical Appearance: Autumn naturally has red hair which she dyed a purplish-pinkish colour. She's had it like that since she was eleven. Autumn has a dye job every third month and has recently cut her hair short. She has green eyes which is the eye colour of her mum. Her eyes get dark when she's sad and shine when she's happy.

She's a 5'4'' and has been like that since she was in sixth grade. She was the tallest in sixth but hasn't grown a bit since then - so everyone's grown past her now. She has a slender body and doesn't play sports. Autumn has three ear piercings on each ear. Her mum didn't really mind since she a gazillion piercings herself. She also wears heavy eyeliner.

She usually wears black or white clothes. Her everyday outfit consists of a white over sized shirt, black skinny jeans, combat boots and a black jacket. At camp she wears her orange shirt (an XXL) and black knee high shorts. Her first piercing is a black skull, her second piercing, a white dove and her third piercing is the symbol of Yin and Yang. She also has a strap to which she attaches her bow, arrow and dagger.

Personality: Autumn has always had trouble socialising with different people. It's not only because of her ADHD and restlessness but because of her attitude when she meets someone new. Her hands become stiff and she becomes rude and sarcastic. She prefers her own company and prides on her independence.

She's a very loving person but she'd never tell you that until the situation is serious. Her kindness is usually in indirect ways. She doesn't believe in romance and thinks it's just a net you've been pushed into. She can take tough situations but seeing someone get killed is something she cannot do.

When she's angry she doesn't get mad or anything but gives you the cold shoulder. She takes revenge and isn't your typical hot - tempered person.

Autumn is a bit insecure. She usually doesn't care what other people think about her but inside it hurts when someone insults her. She's like a coconut - hard outside and soft inside.

She can get very emotional when she listens to deep music. She writes dark lyrics and poetry. Her text books usually had doodles all around the pages.

Fatal Flaw: She can be very secretive - some times it gets to the point where people think she's not trustworthy.
Pets: None
Talents: Autumn has a way of finding out if someone is lying or what they're thinking. As a child of Apollo, she's also very good at healing.

In weapons, she's extremely good with the arrow. She prefers grace to impulsive movements. She can't handle a sword very well and prefers the dagger.

She can curse objects with rhymes. She can only do it once in every twenty-four hours as it drains her of her powers.
Weapons: A bow and arrow she found in the strawberry field on her second day of camp. With a bit of fiddling around she was able to make it work for her. She also has a dagger which belonged to her mum.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Needs acceptance :)
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Prince Deity


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PostSubject: Re: Autumn's Characters (Needs acceptance)   Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:22 pm

How does 5'4" and a slender body equal a XXL shirt? o.o
Other than that, holly crap this is a great first character...
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Autumn Cher Dahlin


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PostSubject: Re: Autumn's Characters (Needs acceptance)   Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:48 pm

Oooh, I forgot to mention - she prefers baggy and loose t-shirts and tight bottoms xD It's basically her clothing style :)

/That's my real life preference /shifty

Haha, thanks :D
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Chatbox Ruler
Chatbox Ruler

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PostSubject: Re: Autumn's Characters (Needs acceptance)   Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:44 pm

Accepted! And Prince, let's not try and criticize other people's characters . . . Especially one as good as this one!
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PostSubject: Re: Autumn's Characters (Needs acceptance)   

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Autumn's Characters (Needs acceptance)
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