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 Too much death

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PostSubject: Too much death   Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:55 pm


I legitly swear that in another person that I know commits suicide (wheather it be a causal bud, or a friends father) I'll go into depression. For those that are suicidal, don't. Whatever you do, put down that gun/knife/whatever. People need you, family, friends, etc.

My closest friends father committed suicide not too long ago. He left 4 children, and a stay at home rather shy mother. They're all alone, and my friend didn't go to school for a week. She's in counceling, and I love her.

My cousins friend (I met her at a family reunion) killed herself a year ago. She was 14, and left the car running in the garage. She always seemed so happy and not the person who would do that.

If one more person takes their life... Well, lets just say I hate death. The thought about it scares me. Brings me to tears, and I have nothing to do but help. Why do I help? Because I'm afraid of losing my mom. Sister. Dad. Maybe even my best friend. My mom talked about suicide a few times. My sister did too. My dad's acting very strangely.

I'll go into depression if I witness one more death. Please help me.
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PostSubject: Re: Too much death   Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:21 am

Oh dear, I haven't been through any deaths except Nani's (Grandmother). It was really sad to see everything. I never went to the funeral. :(

That's just so sad. I can't imagine it. If anyone I knew every committed suicide I'll probably cry all the time. I'm listening to 'Imagine' at the moment...and gawd D:

I'm so sorry, dear <3
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Too much death
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