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 Strength - Pass it on

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PostSubject: Strength - Pass it on   Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:44 pm

It's not an issue of mine, it's an issue of some people I know online or in real life.
I believe in God and but I'm not really religious. But the thing is, I believe God put every single person on this Earth for a reason of his own. Each strong individual is worth something and never let anyone tell you otherwise. There is nothing bad enough in this world to take your own life. Nothing is bad or scary enough for you to run away from. You're strong and independent, beautiful and amazing person. People care for you. People care more than you even know.

The other day, a friend of mine took their life because they didn't feel like they were wanted in the world. I am an example of someone caring. I didn't know this girl too, too well, but I cared enough to cry to myself all day. The weird thing was that she had an amazing life, she just didn't know it. She had an abundant of friends, a boyfriend, a beautiful healthy family, and she had good grades in school. She liked to write. She played sports and was great at them. But she wasn't treated fairly. Kids teased her for her weight or the way she dressed. She was anorexic or bulimic, (I often get the two confused) But she was beautiful and I don't mean super model, perfect features, lovely smile beautiful. I'm saying her personality was beautiful she was an amazing girl, always giving and trying to forgive. She was strong.

But not strong enough.

My friend had absolutely no good reason to take her life because there is never a good enough reason. Everyday people go through crap ten times worse than anything she did. What about you, then? What do you think? How bad is your life? It can't be any worse than the kids who suffer every day from starvation or being homeless. Or what about all the cancer patients or kids just like us that can't even go to school and see their friends because of a disorder or sickness? I'm sure a lot of them find the only solution to be death. But those are the kids that are the strongest. They are fighting their hardest to get through those kinds of things. If they are strong enough to keep fighting, so are you and everyone else out there.

To hear the tales of suicide is inevitable. It happens everyday whether we like it or not. (Hopefully not) We can't end it entirely, but be the hero. Be the one who stands up for a friend. Be the one to smile at a stranger. Be the giver. Be the better person. Be the best you can be, because you only live once. In most cases, there are no second chances. To keep up the strength we must all be strong. We all have to be supportive and we must all work together because the smallest thing in life, could make the biggest change in the world.
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PostSubject: Re: Strength - Pass it on   Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:00 pm

~Very moving, your words remind me of the song

Don't Stop (September's Children) by Rise Against, very similar message.
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Strength - Pass it on
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