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 Thomas13's Characters

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PostSubject: Thomas13's Characters   Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:35 pm

Name: Jason Ricci
Age/Birthday: 17/ 1-5-95
Gender: Male
God Parent: Ares
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Mother- Maria Ricci, Little sister- Angela Ricci, Step-father- Tony Ricci
Years in Camp: 7 years
Brief History: Jason's mom knows that his father is Ares so she pushes him to be the best he can be. He likes that she pushes but she pushes him to hard, that he doesn't like. Tony is a good guy Jason & him hangout when Jason's not training, their real good buddies. He got his gf when he was 10 & their still together.
Physical Appearance: Jason is tough looking & he is but he's stronger than he look's. He has blonde hair. He always has a jacket on, if he doesn't than somethin is wrong. Jason sometimes looks like an enemy but he's 100% good.
Personality: Jason is strong willed he never backs down, he'll keep getting up until he wins a fight. He's also headstrong he'll go into a fight even he knows he'll lose. He loves his friends,& family if you mess with them you have to deal with him. When you first meet him he's nice but if your mean to him,his friends,or his family then he isn't really nice to you anymore.
Fatal Flaw: Jason is to protective, & he's too headstrong.
Pets: None
Talents: He is a very skilled fighter.
Weapons: A sword his dad gave him, it turns from an ipod to the sword.
Year-Round or Summer: Summer
Other: Here is a pic of Tommy He just has to press an extra button on his ipod & this sword appears in his hand, He always has his ipod with him his dad said if the ipod breaks it will always reappear in his hand.

Name: Ashley Shane
Age/Birthday: 17/ 1-4-95
Gender: Female
God Parent: Athena
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Father- Jaden Shane, Little Brother- Alex Shane
Years in Camp: 7 Years
Brief History: Ashley is very close with her dad. Her & her brother fight alot, but she always beats him. She always has at least a knive with her. When she was 9 her Athena gave her,her sword it turns from a cell phone to her sword.
Physical Appearance: Ashley has black hair & green eyes. She may look evil sometimes but she's like Jason 100% good. She always wear's a jacket 2, she only takes it off if it's ripped. She may look weak but she's not she's as strong as Jason.
Personality: Ashley is nice if your nice if your mean to anybody see loves your in trouble. She is nice when you first meet her, until your mean to her or the people she loves. Also, she likes to be around lots of people. She never starts trouble, but if you start something with her she's finish it.
Fatal Flaw: She's to strong willed & protective.
Pets: None
Talents: Fighting & war.
Weapons: A sword that turns from a cell phone to her sword.
Year-Round or Summer: Summer
Other: Here is a pic of Ashley Here's her sword her mother gave her If the cell phone breaks it always reappears in her pocket.
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PostSubject: Re: Thomas13's Characters   Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:55 pm

They're both good! Jason is accepted, but I would like to see a little unique detail on Ashley before I accept her! (I know you're new, but I know you can do it!)
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Thomas13's Characters
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