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 Vladimir D's Character

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Vladimir D


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PostSubject: Vladimir D's Character   Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:23 am

Name: Anne Howard
Age/Birthday: I'm 11 at the moment, my birthday is the 19th May
Gender: Female
God Parent: Athena
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Hunter Howard - Dad Lydia Howard- step mother
Years in Camp: 0
Brief History: When I was Born We were in England but my dad had to leave for some reason so now we live in Ireland shortly after my birth. I am a bit dylexic, but without a doubt I Have ADHD. When I was 5 we went to a zoo, just me and dad, and when we came to the birds I could kind of understand the Owls. Then when I was 6 my dad re-married. My Step-Mother is so so so cruel. I Have thought about running away.
Physical Appearance: My hair is blond. Light Grey Eyes. I am not taller than my step mother. I am quite strong and I dont give up without a fight.
Personality: I'm brave and I wont give up if my friend are in need, I will fight until the end. I am very smart.
Fatal Flaw: My Pride in what I have accomplished and Spiders
Talents:Sword fighting and being able to figure out a plan even if I am under attack

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Vladimir D's Character
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