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 Mr. Maniac's Little Pretties...

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Mr. Maniac

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PostSubject: Mr. Maniac's Little Pretties...   Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:59 am

Name: Camdyn Rhys Lark
Age/Birthday: 14; November 13th
Gender: Male
God Parent: Nyx
Claimed: No
Mortal Family:
Gage Lark, Father
Helen Lark, Step-mother
Jovi Lark, Half-sister
Years in Camp: About 1

Brief History:
Camdyn has lived with his father ever since Nyx left him; right after Camdyn was born. He remarried three years after to one Helen Johns, also adding to the family soon after Jovi Lark, and all without Camdyn's knowledge that he wasn't even Helen's son; he had fair hair and skin, and strange indigo eyes with little silver specks, like stars in the night sky, while she had olive skin, brown hair and earthy brown eyes, yet he was still almost painfully ignorant. The monster attacks started when he was seven; a hellhound tried to break into the house, stupidly at night--there was a shield surrounding the house that fried the dog before it even got close. Gage was up to see the whole thing, and even though she had just saved all their lives, he silently cursed Nyx, partially for his son's feminity and partiallyfor her leaving him. He still thought about her, though. Eventually the attacks got bad enough that the family started to notice them and Camdyn admitted to knowing about them and thinking himself crazy. Gage took him to Half-Blood Hill and gave him a pair of earrings Nyx had sent to him; to look at when he thought about her. Instead, not knowing their sentiment to his father, Camdyn chose to wear them, and even though he was bewildered by his father's sudden worry and annoyance, he knew something was up and wanted to get to the bottom of it. He is currently waiting for his mother to claim him, although he has a strong suspicion that his mother is, in fact, Nyx.

Physical Appearance:
Camdyn is slim and stands at 5' 9". He has blonde hair, straight and bright, which he keeps strictly "medium length," which, to him, is enough to be able to flip it and shake it. His skin is a creamy apricot, and he keeps it flawless and glowing with various skin care products. He has soft facial features, a small nose and inquisitive eyebrows. He has an almost undetectable splash of pale freckles on his face, arms and legs. He usually wears a dark cardigan with a vibrant shirt (colors vary), skinny jeans and maybe a scarf, or a v-neck and zip-up hoodie with more skinny jeans. The main thing that stays consistent is the pair of silver stud earrings from his mother.

Camdyn is confident and bright on the outside, with an air of "I have been, am, and always will be better than you," but on the inside he fights himself and questions many things he thought he had known. He knows and sometimes even acknowledges the fact that his cold and harsh side is a sort of shield to bash someone's face with before they can draw their sword. He carries himself strongly and willfully, although he has many chinks in his mental armor that people can find easily; although the reverse is also true--he is good with playing with people's minds. He is effeminate, but not so much that it overwhelms people.

Fatal Flaw: He doesn't believe that you can put your full trust into someone without risking yourself in the process.

Pets: A mockingbird, quite intelligent, named Magnolia.

Talents: Camdyn's senses are heightened at night and his powers are enhanced. He can manipulate shadows and use them as physical forces to fight with. He is also developing his ability to shadow travel, although the farthest he can go without wearing himself out is three quarters the length of a football field. He is also very musically gifted, although that is completely derived from his father's heritage and Helen's occupation as a piano teacher and vocal trainer.

Weapons: Camdyn has a Celestial bronze dagger and knuckles that he practices with daily.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round, as he doesn't want to endanger his family, although they have the odd day with him here and there.

Other: N/A

I spent about an hour thinking up as...unique a character as possible (well, unique to me) and about another hour refining him. This guy should be fun to play as...if, of course, I have the chance. Tell me if the talents/powers are too much, please!
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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Maniac's Little Pretties...   Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:46 pm

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

Wow, that's a really great and well-rounded character! Camdyn Rhys Lark is Accepted!
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Mr. Maniac's Little Pretties...
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