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 My characters (Needs accepting)

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PostSubject: My characters (Needs accepting)   Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:21 am

Michaela Watson

Age/Date Of Spawnage: 15/ July 15

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hermes

Claimed: Yes, a year after she arrived

Mortal Family: Lea Watson, who is a flight stewardess. She met Hermes on a plane that was heading towards Canada. (mother)
Gina Watson, who is an author. (Aunt)

Years in Camp: 3

Brief History: Michaela (Ella for short)had a normal life, she went to school, had good grades (despite her ADHD) and made friends. her mother and her aunt. Her aunt was also a demigod, daughter of Hecate.

When she was young, she loved to go to different places. Her mom would bring her to the mall, the park, anywhere. She would grin at the idea of going somewhere. Sometimes her mom would bring her with her on flights during the summer. Ella was a bit of a thief too. Though she felt a bit bad about it, she would steal little things from her mother and aunt. Pencils, tissues, little coins, things like that.

She didn't really realize she was a demigod, until she was 12 when a monster attacked her, leaving her with a bad wound on her leg and shoulder.She was sent home, but her mother was currently flying to France. Her aunt rushed to help her, and asked her what happened.

She didn't had been suspecting that Ella was a demigod, and explained everything to her. Ella didn't want to go, she was happy with her friends and her school and her life. But one more monster attack persuaded her to go to Camp.

Physical Appearance: She has long brown hair, that curls up a bit on good days, but can frizz and curl like crazy on bad days. She keeps it down, and she loves to wear hats. She has brown eyes that always have a shine in them, suggesting she's crazy. She's not though, at least that's what some people think. She has a thin and flexible body, and she is kind of short for her age, which she complains about a lot.

Personality: Michaela is a friendly person. She likes to make jokes, and hates awkward silences. She's always ready to help anyone in need, but when she's in a bad mood she'll cut you off. She likes to be in the company of her friends, and she only bothers with her enemies if she really hates them. She eats a lot, which is why everyone wonders how she's still thin.

When Ella is in battle she slashes like crazy, slicing her enemies wherever. But she can get injured easily, except for her legs which she moves around a lot. She hates using a bow and arrow, because she has terrible aim. She can get distracted easily if she has nothing to do, but if she concentrates she can get things done in a few hours or so. She hates dirt. She can be a bit of a germaphobe at time to time, like when using public restrooms. She tried not to be like that when she came to camp.

Fatal Flaw: She isn't that sure of herself

Pets: She owns a little cat named Liam, that has black and white fur and a short tail. It had blue eyes, and always knows when to comfort her. She very much wishes she could bring it to Camp with her, but her aunt and mother don't let her.

Talents: She is very good at drawing, but she has a hard time drawing hands and hair. She can make friends easily, and she knows how to keep secrets. She is a bit of a dancer, and she can easily climb trees and hills.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Dagger, which she keeps on her belt, and does not take it out unless in battle

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Emma Stark

Age/Date Of Spawnage: 17/ February 21

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena


Mortal Family: Her father is a retired scientist who settled down to become a farmer named Bob Stark

Years in Camp: 3

Brief History: Emma lived nearby camp. She loved to wander around the hills and forests even alone, and she knew how to take care of herself. Her father used to be a scientist, and was very bright, so he homeschooled her. She didn't have many friends, until she went to camp.

She had been wandering one day when she came across Camp when she was 14. The campers thought she had come there on purpose, despite her protests that it was a pure coincidence. She kept protesting that she knew nothing about demigods, and thought they were crazy, then at that moment she was claimed. She told her dad about it, and he sighed. He knew that she was a demigod, but dreaded the moment she have to leave. He gave her golden bracelet, that had a small pen attached to it as a gift.

Physical Appearance: Emma has light blonde hair, that is short, and is always in her face. She has brown eyes that are alwats hidden behind her glasses, because without them she can barely see properly. She has a bit of a chubby body, but she keeps it healthy by running or walking around. She is the average height for her age, but she would prefer to be taller.

Personality: Emma is kind, she is almost as smart as her father, but she has a slight dyslexia. She will always be delighted to answer an academic question. She loves to laugh and make jokes, even in slightly serious times. She's very adventurous, so she loves to roam around when she's bored.

She loves nature, because she grew up in a farm. She has a small computer at home, which she used to talk to her only friends, which were in different countries. Though the computer would bug out sometimes. She doesn't follow many people, except for her father and Chiron.

Emma is always asking and asking and asking. Whenever she sees or watches or hears something, the first thing that pops into her head is a question. Her father can get a bit annoyed by her questions.

She hates movies, she thinks that they're boring despite the action. She'd rather stay at home a read, or re-read a book, even with her dyslexia, rather than watch a movie.

Fatal Flaw: She's too stubborn for her own good

Pets: An adorable white bunny that's very old and fat, but is still young enough to jump around when Emma is trying to sleep.

Talents: She can write very well, and she's obviously brilliant in school, and she loves to sing, even though she can be out of tune.

Weapons:Celestial Bronze Sword

Wear-Round or Summer: Year-Round

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PostSubject: Re: My characters (Needs accepting)   Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:15 am

This needs approving...
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PostSubject: Re: My characters (Needs accepting)   Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:30 am

It's still not approved... (I'm sorry, I'm just trying to put it back at the top so it can be approved)
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PostSubject: Re: My characters (Needs accepting)   

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My characters (Needs accepting)
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