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 midnightsummer's character

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PostSubject: midnightsummer's character   Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:59 pm

Sorry. I made one before but my computer crashed and I lost everything for a really long time.

Name: Zelzea Knight
Age/Birthday: 12, April 1st
Gender: Female
God Parent: Nyx (if we can't do minor goddesses I guess I can make another one.)
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Father: Jack Knight, stepmother: Saddie Knight, half-sister: Katie Knight.
Years in Camp: 0 (It's her first year.)
Brief History: She lived with her family in a town in south Alabama. The monsters mostly stayed away from her until her little sister (age 9) read Percy Jackson. Her stepmother wanted to keep her with them at home but her dad sent her away for her own safety. She now resents him.
Physical Appearance: She has medium pitch black hair and deep brown eyes. She is tall and slender but strong. She has pale skin that often gets her asked if she is sick. She has a scar on her left forearm that she got in a car crash but it is hardly seen because of her pale skin.
Personality: She is very dark and mean if you don't know her. She can seem brooding and just plain rude. If you become friends with her she is kind and a good friend, also very loyal. She can be funny and crazy, but will do anything for her friends and family.
Fatal Flaw:Willingness to do anything for someone she cares about.
Pets: none
Talents:She has yet to discover any to do with her demi-god-ness but she is good at writing, and archery (she took two years of lessons)
Weapons:trowing knives her stepmother gave her. Also a sword from her father, and a bow and arrow from her mother. She uses the knives mostly and takes her sword as well. She hasn't touched the bow and arrows.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: That's 'bout it.
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midnightsummer's character
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