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 Rules of The Hunters of Artemis

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PostSubject: Rules of The Hunters of Artemis   Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:02 am

As you may know, The Hunters of Artemis are a big part of Camp Half-Blood. They have a cabin where they reside of trips and all members of the Huntresses are demigods that have pledged their allegiance to Lady Artemis. But with all pledges, come some rules:


1. All members of the Huntresses are FEMALE. No Exceptions.

2. Along with all Hunters being female, they are also all “maidens”. This means that, with pledging your allegiance with Artemis, you promise to remove the male gender from your life. No boyfriends, no kisses, no nothing. If you break this vow, your Hunter status will be removed and you will no longer be immortal.

3. Yes that’s right, Huntresses are indeed immortal. But only by age! They can still be killed in combat. So keep that in mind when roleplaying. They can also still be injured.

4. The Huntresses are all humble and obedient to Lady Artemis. While the goddess graciously accepts criticism, critiques and comments from her girls, she does not take kindly to disrespect. Not only should you respect Artemis, but you should also respect every other Huntress as you would like to be respected.

5. Missions and Assignments will be given out by Artemis when they are needed. You may request a mission, but please, do so only when needed.
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Rules of The Hunters of Artemis
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