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 My Life Issues

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PostSubject: My Life Issues   Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:24 pm

Hello there. This is basically a rant, but feel free to post a reply if you want. I just need to list all of many life issues.

  • I'm Athiest (I have no religion) and all my friends are Christian. They attempt to convince me to become Christian. I'd just rather live life not caring about how the first human got here, just living my life.
  • My parents and brother are very retro. Meaning they like bands like Jethro Tull, The Beatles, and Elvis Costello. And they are obsessed with Elvis Presley. I mean obsessed. I have a more modern perspective. I like people like Selena Gomez. This I find very annoying. Okay, more than annoying.
  • I'm hyper and attention seeking. This means, I will do anything my friends tell me to do, no matter how embarassing. I want to stop this, but it's pretty hard.
  • I'm the only one of my friends who is gifted, and I cry when my friends do better than me on a test. Don't ask me why, I don't know.
  • I probably should have put this one before, but I didn't feel like it. I have a group of around 5 friends, but I have two best friends in that group. This proves to be a problem. The one friend who I've known longest, and am the closest too, is the one everyone wants to be friends with. Thus, making me feel left out. Very left out. Everyone follows her around, and I just want at least a minute alone with her, but that is close to impossible.
  • My parents are overprotective, so my friends make fun of me for it. Like when I tell them I'm not allowed to walk near the road on a side walk, or that I've never played an "M" rated game. I wish my parents would treat me my age (I'm in Grade 7).
  • My parents are cheap. My friends all went out and bought me presents, but NOOOOOO I couldn't return the favor. NO, I had to make cookies. That they don't even like that much!!!!
  • I'm finding it hard to say "I love you" back to my parents. I've had thoughts about running away, and I wish I was born into my friends' family. I hate my family. Well, my immediate family at least.
  • 2 years ago I met a girl. We'll call her 89. Now, 89 seemed like a nice girl for the whole year and the following summer. But then, last year, 89 showed her true colours. She was a controlling, back stabbing!!!! (i'm not going to finish that sentence). This kind of how our friendship went. She'd get mad for no reason, I'd say something to her, she'd snap at me (she once hit me. Hard.). I'd say sorry, we'd make up and then it would repeat herself. And then, one day, 89 came to school, and decided she hated my guts and started bullying me. She's stopped now, but the worst part is, she follows my friends around, because their still friends with her, just not as close.
  • I'm sensitive. If my friends say something about me that's supposed to be a joke, I take it seriously. Also, I have very strong emotions. I'm either really happy, crying my head off, or beyond furious. This isn't very good.

Thanks for reading. I'l probably add more as my life goes on.
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PostSubject: Re: My Life Issues   Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:51 pm

I know how you feel about the Athiest thing. >.< My friend and I were eating dinner at one of our other friend's house, and her family's really religious, so her mom and my friends got mad at me because I said I didn't believe in god.
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My Life Issues
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