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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Ace101 characters

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PostSubject: Ace101 characters   Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:57 pm

Tony Nasar


April 7th


God Parent:

Mortal Parent:
Carlos Nasar

Years in Camp:
He has not been in Camp-Half Blood.

Brief History:
Tony grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. So he had a country and city edge to him. Tony's father was a good man and worked as a Clinical approved Psychologist. He also would take his second job as a animal tour guide at the local nature center. Tony would always go to his Dad to work during the summer and help him out and explore on his own, and watch animal planet with his father. He learned many things about nature by spending time with his father and watching Animal Planet.
In school Tony was a not too popular but popular, he was one of the more quiet kids though. He hated school because he could never get good grades, and it was always worse at school than home. Though he always found himself at school making friends, being nice to everyone and helping everyone out. At a younger age he would be bullied in school and he hated it so much. As he grew up he became a stronger person and able to stand up for whats right and wrong.
Monsters have always been a issue in his life but he has never knew of this. Hades will often send monsters to look for him or stalk him, which they will. Though he would never notice due to that they were in disguise. Though there was one time that he was chased down the Forrest by a ghostly figure, and even then due to his christian beliefs he thought it was a demon. His father keeps a eye out, since hes even notice things changing as Tony becomes older. He's thinking "Maybe its time i tell the kid the truth and stop telling him lies."

Physical Appearance:
Tony is a young teen male and looks a little older for his age. He is 5'10 and a skinny with that. He is mixed white and black but sometimes will be mistaken for Spanish. Most people will firstly notice about him is that he has beautiful features. His smile, his dark brown eyes, his wavy dark black hair, his facial expressions, and his personality. And due to this he can be mistaken as a child of Aphrodite. Overall hes just a person that everyone's going to like when they first meet him. Hell wear something not too good looking and not too ugly looking. Hell usually stay simple, like a sweater and jeans.

Tony has a masculine/ feminine personality mix. He is very flirty around people and likes to have fun around people and joke around. His life is not too social he doesn't get out much and hangout with his friends a lot. Though he does have many, which most are very close to him since he is such a nice person. Hes caring, fun, kind, respectful, and goofy. Although he doesn't fall in love all the time, he will once in a while. Though because of his mother Persephone's traits passed down his personality can be complicated too. At a young age he was diagnosed with Bipolar 1, though he didn't realize this is a sign of being a child of Persephone. In the Spring and Summer seasons his abilities are usually stronger and his mood is always elevated. While in the Winter season his mood is down a little.


Fatal Flaw:
Low Self-Confidence

Not really any demigod talents.

Not any weapons at the moment.

Year around/Summer: Summer


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PostSubject: Re: Ace101 characters   Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:30 pm


Great first character! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!
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Ace101 characters
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