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 My F-Uped Life

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PostSubject: My F-Uped Life   Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:45 pm

Okay so I'm glad there's a rant section here now. So here's whats been bugging me lately.

1. My Friend Theadora

Okay so we've been best friends since the begining of the year ( I just moved),and we are complete opposites. I'm goth as my name says but she's a total girly girl. We surprisingly got along very well though. But now she's just getting plain irritating. I like to joke around and say that colors like pink or yellow "burn" and she gets really annoyed with it. And now she keeps saying, "Stop acting goth! You're not!". Which is total horse sh*t since I've been goth since fourth grade. And now she's calling me and my other friend Tori, who is also goth, freaks. I know she doesn't mean to be mean but I am get so annoyed with her prissyness. The other day I was telling her a secret and I said let's slap swear. Only she barely hit me while I gave her a good firm slap. so now she is even more angry at me. Woo-hoo.

2. Science Class

I'm not a science major. I ace pretty much every other subject, English, Reading, Math, and Social Studies. But lately I've been getting not my perfect grades. (BTW- I'm still on high honner roll and my averages in science are 80s) I'd be perfectly fine with that if my FIVE year old little brother was a science expert! He loves volcanos and rocks and minereals and he wants to be a frigging GEOLOGIST!!!!

3. Four Beaches

#1- Her name is Emily and I hate her guts. She is so mean and I can't stand it! she's bossy and rude and thinks she knows everything. UGH.

#2- her name is Caitlin and I want to strangle her sometimes. She's not trying to be annoying. she just a natural boring dull know-it-all. I Hate her.

# 3- her name is haley. She stares at me all the time like im some kind of freak, maybe because of the combat boots, and once she slammed a book on my hand and didn't say sorry after I had to go to the nurse. I HATE HER .

#4- Her name is Corin. She's fat, ugly, and rude. She also make me want to vomit at lunch by bringing up gross things, liek how Jell-o is made of cow hooves. I used to show her my feelings until she talked to the guidance counsler. But she thinks I still hate her. Shes smart. But ANNOYING. this morning even when she walked over to me and my friends, I gave her a sort of look but didn't say anything. then when I trying to put my big huge new coat one a table I said UGH, and then she said, "Same to you, you beach." I told her about the coat situation but she jsut stood there with her mouth gaping open and a dumb look on her face. Biggest problem, she's one of my best friend's friend. I HATE HER THE MOST!!!

So that is what is bugging me this week, I might make another post next week since my life is cr*p. Thanks for reading.
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My F-Uped Life
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