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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Rules of the Forum (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum (MUST READ)   Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:04 pm

Rules of the Forum


1. Be courteous to one another. Everyone should be treated respectfully and kindly. We don't care if you think they deserve it or anything, a rule is a rule.

  • As a courtesy to the staff, please refrain from pestering character mods to accept characters. If you need your character accepted, then ask a character mod nicely in the the chatbox or through PM.  

2. Due to the amount of younger members on this site, we ask you to keep all content on the forums and chat box at a PG rating.

3. Vulgar language is not permitted on the boards and the chat. For a list of permitted curse words, please click here. If you are unsure of the vulgarity of the word, please consult a dictionary or one of the moderators.

4. Spamming, trolling, harassment, and flaming is not tolerated. If you are caught spamming, trolling, harassing, or flaming another member on this site, appropriate action will be taken (bans, etc). PMs included. If you wish to advertise your site, please feel free to post in our advertisements topic in our 'chat' board. If you need to post twice, use the edit button.

In certain cases, multiple-posting is allowed in the Character Submissions board. You are free to bump your thread if you have a character waiting for acceptance.

5. Do not plagiarize another person's writing or break any other laws. Breaking the law is a serious matter and will not be taken lightly.

6. Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated. Anything that hints at or may lead to cyber-bullying should be reported to an admin immediately.

7. Do not fight each other. If you feel the need to discuss something further, take it to private messages. No matter how angry you are, do not spam another member’s inbox with hate mail.

8. Multiple accounts are not allowed. We can track I.P addresses, and we will know if you have multiple accounts. If found breaking this rule, we have the rights to suspend one or multiple of your accounts.

9. Do not try to find loopholes in the rules.Trying to find loopholes or pinning the precision of the rules against another site member is considered trolling and is not tolerated.

10. There is no excuse for breaking any of the Rules. If you feel you cannot be online without breaking a rule, please take a break from the site.

11. Do not post on behalf of a banned user or whine/cause drama about a ban. If someone was banned, they were banned for a reason. If you think that the staff made the wrong decision in banning someone, then please PM an admin or mod.

Roleplay Related
1. Try your best to be literate. Role-play posts must have a minimum of four sentences

    Here is an example of a good post with four sentences:
    Quote :
    Sunlight streamed in through the window onto the young demigod's face. She opened her eyes a tiny bit and rolled over onto her side; the sunlight was blinding. She opened her eyes all the way and swung her legs out over the side of her bed and heard her alarm clock go off. "Just another day in camp..." she muttered to herself, getting up and walking off the pains in her feet.
    Here's an example of bad roleplaying:
    Quote :
    Nancy woke up. She got out of bed. She cursed because it was so bright. She left the room.
    Also, don't do this:
    Quote :
    "I am." I laughed. "I am very happy," I laughed again.
    Those are not quality sentences.

Note: We understand if you are new to roleplaying and your posts aren’t the best yet. We encourage you to continue and develop your posts, but you shouldn’t be posting like the bad examples above after a year on CHB.

2. Canon characters are only allowed to be roleplayed by an admin and the appropriate canon role-players.

3. You are allowed to have up to 7 characters. There are special requirements for children of the big three - they are explained in the Character Templates, Rules and Information topic

4. Do not role play before your character has been accepted by a character mod or a member of the staff.

5. Message an admin about any quests you would like your character to lead. Do not start a quest without first receiving permission.

6. Please omit any sexual or questionable content from roleplay posts. The admins have the right to delete any topic that they think is unfit to be on the forum because of it's inappropriate nature.

  • Smut is a writing style that is sexually explicit

7. No powerplaying or god modding.

  • Powerplaying means controlling a character that isn't your own.
  • God modding is the act of making your character god-like -- which is to say, he/she can do practically anything without any limit.

Character Related Rules

  • Your character can't be a child of one demigod and an immortal.
  • Don't steal the plot of another character and change it slightly for your own character.
  • Make sure that your face claim isn't taken before making your character.
  • Unless you have bought another character slot, you are only allowed 7 characters.
  • Please don’t alternate between characters as a loophole around the 7 character rule.
  • Please try to keep your character's bio as realistic (to this plotline) as possible.
  • Play your character as you have written them.
  • Characters can't have more than 3 weapons. No guns and other firearms.
  • Characters can't have more than 2 kinds of pets, magical or otherwise.
  • Characters cannot be totally based on any existing character from fandoms, books, movies or the like. Which means you cannot name a character Harry Potter and say he is a son of Hecate with a wand and a similar personality/appearance etc. That’s an infringement of copyright.

If these rules are broken, the appropriate actions will be administered.

** Please inform us if someone decides to break a rule. Also, if you have any questions about the rules, feel free to message any one of the admin.

New members can check out the mentor topic to meet friendly older members who will help them should they have any questions.
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Rules of the Forum (MUST READ)
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