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 Call me a wimp, call me a hater, call me a complainer.

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PostSubject: Call me a wimp, call me a hater, call me a complainer.   Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:36 pm

Ok, so, a lot of you might have it worse than me. And truly, I feel for you. But, this is just to describe my problems, and I open my arms to advice, and also critisizem.

My name is Hannah, as most of you know. My family is partly split up, and partly together. I have an older sister named Steph, and seh has a daughter named Myla. My sister is now engaged, but not to Myla's true father. Steph has many problems, even though she's a police woman. Is it wrong that I love my neice more than my sister? I have no clue. But my sister spoils Myla rotten, and Myla is getting to be a terrible child. I want to help, but there is nothing I can do. M love is disapering so fast, I'm afraid I won't let anyone into my heart again. My sister hates me, and my neice is becoming a monster.

My brothers name is Andy, but I used to call him Bub. Last year, I had gone to California to visit him, his wife, and his son Erik. I loved my bother more than anyone in the world. He was my hero, my idol, the only person I looked up to. He is mean, and unfriendly, but he loved me. When he said he was getting married, I flipped out and cried. I thought I was his favorite girl. But, in time, I came to accept it. Then, this year I went to visit him agian. That's when everything changed. He was more abusive, and he yelled at me too much. I ignored it, and tried to see past it. But later in the week, something snapped in me, as well as in him. He called me a slut, a b****, and said I was completey controlled by my mom and Steph. He said he wanted nothing to do with me ever again. I burst out in tears for the first time in two years. I went home in the following two weeks, hating my brother, and everyone around me.

My mom is one of the worst people you could ever have to be an influence to you. She isn't abusive, she isn't violent, but she is other things. She has never been truly proud of me for anything, ever. She says she loves me, but I know it's a sharade. She always says I'm going to be ugly for the rest of my life, and that I'm never going to get married. She yells at me, as well as my dad. My parents aren't divorced, but they might as well be. After my brother, I cried more. My mom would say something terrible, and I'd run to my room, and cry for hours untill I got exhauseted, and fell asleep. My mother only lives for showing me off like the newest purse, when she isn't even proud of me herself. She also lives just to suck up to anyone, and I mean anyone.

My dad. I always loved him, but never more so than I do now. He is one of my only lights in this dark place we call reality. Even though he hate the music I love, and he doesn't agree with most things I like or want, he loves me for real. I can't tell him everything though. I can't tell him about guys I like, or abou other things at school, or in life. But, he accepts that.

My friends are a joy to me. I only have one true friend I know that will never leave my side. Emily. She is actually on this site, and she is my best friend. I can tell her anything. I'm pratically tortured at school, and it depresses me that she doesn't go to my school anymore. She is the other light I have in reality. I do have other friends, but it's not the same.

Sorry this is so long, or if I bored you, if if this just annoyed you. Sorry again, and also, sorry about the one swear word, but I thought it nessisary.

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PostSubject: Re: Call me a wimp, call me a hater, call me a complainer.   Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:52 pm

I feel for you, bro.
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Call me a wimp, call me a hater, call me a complainer.
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