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 My Second Rant! It's about bullies.

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PostSubject: My Second Rant! It's about bullies.   Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:46 pm

So, a few days ago, I came to a realization. You see, I've been friends with this kids named Spencer.


We aren't REALLY GOOD friends or anything. We sit together at lunch and talk but I haven't seen him outside of school since 3rd grade. He is a SUPER nerd. Always has been, and has made fun of and called gay a lot. For the longest time, I tried to stay out of it, just ignore it, heck; even went along with it a few times. And then...

Recently I was in school and thought, When I was getting picked on, I kept wanting someone to help. When I was younger, I planned to be the popular kid that stood up for the nerd. What happened?

So, I made a new revelation (Grant it, I probably should have made this a while ago, but better late then never.) to stick up for Spencer, even if it was going to hurt me. So, I started off small, with my friends. Every time they made fun of him, I'd get serious and tell them to step off. After doing this once or twice, I started realizing how mean the insults were, and how bad he was hurt.

So today... I lost it.

There are 2 kids at school that make fun of him all the time. Let's call them Chase, and Austin. (Not their actual names.) And Chase (The lesser bully of the two) came up and told Spencer he was a f******, I told him to step off. He just laughed and walked up the steps.

Austin came in a few minutes and slammed his hand on the wall next to Spencer, got really close, then backed up and scrame, "Yo! Get off me bro! I don't like guys like that!" and then started laughing.

Chase yells, "Go ahead, tell him off ! Go ahead."

It took me a minute to realize what was going on, but when it did come, I looked at Steven and said, "Dude, back the F*** off? What the F*** did he do to you?!". He replied, "Dude, shut up! I've known this guy since 2nd Grade!" (For easier understanding, I'm gonna right the rest of this conversation in play form.)

Me: I don't care how long you've known him, back the F*** off!

Him: Dude, what's you have against me?

Me: Your f***in with my friend! Now what's your problem with him?!

Him: f*** you both, faggots.
and he walked off.

On the way out, Spencer goes, "Thanks "
to which I replied, "I told you Spencer, I F***in hate bullies."

You guys don't know me, so you don't know that I normally DON'T cuss. I only cuss when I am M.A.D. So, that's what tipped my friends off when they heard me yelling from across the Gym. I'm not asking everyone to be friends with Spencer. I'm asking them to tolerate him.
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My Second Rant! It's about bullies.
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