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PostSubject: I HAS A STORY xD   Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:11 am

I lost the one i was working on before so here is the new one i worked on...... PLEASE leave some positive feed back.

This is just a snippet of the first chapter.

My name is Nathan. I am a 17 year old Highscholer untill 4 months ago. With graduation right around the corner. There was nothing i could lose.

The blast rattled windows and doors.Soon the halls had the heads of several students and teachers in the hall . The bell rang for 5th period and i stumbled out of chemistry eyes watering from the class mates had ran out just after the shaking blast. teachers looked at me and students laughed. My friend Joey came out after me. he slapped me on the back.
"what did you do?" I coughed slightly. I had known he would have exelled at science. he was a bit of pyro manic. he made a test tube rack of diluted chemical make a mushroom cloud. how he managed not to blow up the school I have know idea.
"What is your next class." he asked.
"I have a spare this period." i said. "good thing too, I need to clear out my lungs."
"You and your stacked classes." he joked.
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