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 Me and my 'issues'

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PostSubject: Me and my 'issues'   Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:16 pm

Hi there. Most of you know me as Pip. Right now, I'm going through some hard times. No, my mom and dad arn't getting a divorce. No, no really close family member is dead. No one is bullying me at school. I have a handfull of friends. A roof over my head, get fed each day.

But, the issue is my little brother, my friend Cat, my ELA (English Language Arts) teacher, and my mom.

My brother:
Ok, so there is a 7 year age diffrence between my brother and I. (he's 6, and I'm 13) When he was first born, I was ok with it. I mean, who dosn't love babies? But now that he's older, my brother is a spoiled brat. I mean, I feel like my mom and dad always pick on me when he does something wrong. Like this morning for example. I had woken up late for school, so my mom asked if I wanted her to drive me to school and, I gave her a polite 'No.' When she asked why, I said 'Because your taking Peter(my brother) and whenever I'm with him, I end up getting in trouble.' SO THEN she went on and on and on about how I get myself in trouble.

My 'friend' Cat:
Ok, so you know how you have associats, friends, and close friends? Then theres the 'friends' that only are 'friends' with you because you let them do things. Like today, Cat wasn't at school yesterday because she was up half the night coughing (at least thats what I was told) and she asked me if she could copy the questions that I've done for this book that were reading in ELA. Well, I told her no because it was cheating, and I had questions up to chapter 9. Then, in homeroom, she kept begging and begging me to let her copy off of it. I"m not hte person who gives in, so she ended up asking my friend Allison(who by the way finished the book) about the questions. I feel like she's taking advantage of me. At lunch, she steels my cheetos, and my crakers and dosn't give anything in return. It really gets on my nerves.

My ELA teacher:
Her name is Mrs. Taylor, and she gives us way to much homework. I get home from school at around 3:40 and today,(I start doing my homework around 4:00) I was stuck upstairs until after 5, doing homework for ELA. I mean, I hadn't finished reading last nights chapters for homework, but I was half-way through last nights chapter. I didn't even have math, because I was allowed to do it at the end of math class. But, when I told Mrs. Taylor today at school that I didn't have last nights homework she was all like 'do you have an afterschool class, or something?' because I hadn't had my homework in the past. I have a life, you know? I can't just be locked in my room all day long doing homework for something that's not even all that usefull. So now, because of my issue with homework, I'm doing good in all of my other classes OTHER THAN English.

My Mom:
My mom tends to take my brothers side. She told me one day, a few weeks ago that I could tell her anything. Well, I can't. She inturupts me, dosn't let me finish, and never see's what I see. She see's my brother as 'the person that I boss around'. Last night, he was being mean to our dog, he kept petting him, and hugging on him. Our dog dosn't really like it when people do that all to much. Yea, he likes to be pet and neer people, but not like...ON TOP OF THEM. So, I saw him doing it and I told my brother 'Peter, stop it! Can't you tell he dosn't like it?' and then here comes my mom all like, 'BRIANNA. DON'T TELL YOUR BROTHER WHAT TO DO."

so, anyway, Thats my life. I just needed to rant(I'm quite glad this topic-thingy was made because I feel much better now that I have gotten that out there)

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Autumn Cher Dahlin


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PostSubject: Re: Me and my 'issues'   Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:14 pm

I totally understand everything about your brother. Even I think my brother's a spoiled brat - he gets everything he wants and makes a huge drama when he doesn't. And my parents keep telling me that he's small and I should be kind to him and summit. It's so annoying D:

Actually, I guess I can relate to the other stuff as's a common everyday :)

I suppose it'll pass - you don't have to believe it will pass. Just know :)

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Me and my 'issues'
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