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 Hey Look! It's Ninja Charlie!

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Skye's Minion

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PostSubject: Hey Look! It's Ninja Charlie!   Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:17 am

Yeah, that's me. Ninja Charlie.

Quite a few of you already know me from various chat shenanigans, but I figured I'd better post one of these things up. I'm a kiwi. A New Zealander, for those who don't know what kiwi actually means. I belong to various RP sites, so sometimes I'll be active on here and other times on my other sites.

I won't post up any of my personal details, for fear of internet stalkers (Yes, I'm talking about you Guest), but rest assured I am of the human persuasion.

So yeah, that's me.

My Best Ever post. (Possibly).

Isabelle smiled at him as she went past.
This new Felix must be doing something right, he thought. After all he had only just met Isabelle and she was already smiling at him. Smiling,he decided, was something he liked. Her Dad kindly held the door open for him, allowing him to step past and into the dusty interior of the shop. Walls of coloured boxes teetered around the edges of the room, containing hundreds of wands for prospective wizards. A clutter of used boxes filled the corner of the room, tantamount to the amount of wizards who had been choosing wands today.

The last customer brushed past Felix to join the bustle of Diagon alley, leaving the old man at the counter. Presumably this was Ollivander, as the shop did state on the doors 'Ollivander's'. Ollivander noticed Isabelle standing there looking nervous and spoke. "May I help you?".

Isabelle began to speak. " Umm, y-yes. We're starting at Hogwarts this year, and we'd like to buy our wands please".
Ollivander peered at them through his spectacles in a thoroughly peculiar way. "I see. A boy and a girl eh? Let's start with the young master...?" The old man looked at Felix expectantly.
"Felix. Felix Hartes." Felix did not like the way Ollivander was looking at him. It was almost as though they were chickens being sized up for the dinner table.

"Master Hartes! No relation to Jiminy Hartes, well known wizard up in Manchester?"
"No sir, y'see I'm muggleborn". He remembered the word from earlier.
"Not to worry, not to worry. We'll soon have you kitted out with a fine wand I'm sure". Flinging his tape measure at Felix's face, he strode off and began to rummage through the boxes on the wall. Felix was so surprised by Ollivander's action, he didn't even move. The tape shivered to a halt centimetres from the tip of Felix's nose and began to measure every length you could think of. Watched it in awe, going cross-eyed at one point as it measured the width of his nose.

"Right. Let's get started shall we?" Ollivander rubbed his hands together gleefully and dismissed the tape measure.
"Try this one. 10 1/4 inch, Willow. Nice and swishy with a Phoenix feather core. Go on, give it a wave!" Nervously Felix flicked the tip, but almost immediately, Ollivander snatched it off him. "No, no, completely unsuitable. How about... This one." Ollivander had pulled out a dark wand with a carving of a leaf on the side. "12 1/2 inch, Ebony. Unyielding with a unicorn hair core. Good for Transfiguration." Felix expectantly lifted the wand, ready to swish it... "No, No, NO. Quite unsuitable. Felix looked up to see a beard rapidly forming on Ollivander. "Sorry sir" he said weakly.

The pile of tried wands mounted higher and higher, but Ollivander seemed to be finding comfort in the fact that they had discovered it was Mahogany wood, swishy, as when Felix had tried that wand with a dragon heartstring core, he had sent a short sputter of sparks from the end. Now the only problem was the core. "Hmmm... I wonder." Ollivander had paused in his searching to think."As you no doubt know, I only use Phoenix feather, dragon heartstring and unicorn hair for my cores" Felix, who had known nothing of the sort, nodded as if he had. "Perhaps you need a different type of core, one of those fancy European ones." Felix's heart sank. Would he have to travel to an entirely different shop? "Luckily for you," Ollivander began "I happen to have a couple here, for studying purposes you understand." Ollivander looked sternly at Felix. "Hopefully one of those will suit you."

Ollivander entered the back of the shop to fetch the European wands, clunking around as he rummaged through the presumably messy office, if his shop was anything to go by. Re-emerging in a cloud of dust, Ollivander handed him the pile of boxes, coughing as he said "Try those".

Opening the first box, he removed a polished Hawthorn rod, with an intricately carved handle. A little placard in the box gave it's details. 'Hawthorn, 10 inches, unyielding. Crushed basilisk fang core.' His heart in his mouth, Felix swung the wand and... Nothing happened. Felix stared at the wand. He had been sure this was the one. Replacing it in it's silk lined box, he reached for the next one. 'Mahogany, 11 3/4 inches, Swishy. Griffin claw core.' This wand was a knobbly stick, the only distinguishable feature was it's roughly hewn handle. "Not sure that one came out like it was supposed to." Felix jumped. He had forgotten Ollivander was still there. " I don't think it's maker intended it to look so... Stick like." Felix didn't care if it was different to other wands. The moment he picked it up he had felt a warm tingling sensation spreading from his fingertips. This WAS the one. He knew it. Giving it a flourish, he sent a shower of blue and gold sparks shimmering through the air. He had a sudden urge to wave it again, to produce more shiny sparkles. But before he could do so, Ollivander clamped down on his arm. "Maybe wait till your out of my shop. I don't want anymore accidents". Handing several galleons over to the old man, he looked expectantly at Isabelle. Now it was her turn.
PM me or reply here if you want to RP, though I hardly ever post like that ^. But be warned, if my muse gets going, that kind of monstrosity is what I'm capable of.

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Bre Bre

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PostSubject: Re: Hey Look! It's Ninja Charlie!   Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:44 am

Hello! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! I'm Bre Bre, but feel free to call me Bre, or anything you want.

I hope you'll enjoy your time here! If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to request an RP, feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to reply! (:
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Skye's Minion

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PostSubject: Re: Hey Look! It's Ninja Charlie!   Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:52 pm

Hey Bre Bre.
I'm pretty alright on the questions front. I seem to have it all sorted in my head. That's what comes of being a ninja.

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PostSubject: Re: Hey Look! It's Ninja Charlie!   Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:37 pm

Hi! I already know you, Carlie. xD If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! (: WELCOME TO CAMP HALF-BLOOD! 8D
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PostSubject: Re: Hey Look! It's Ninja Charlie!   

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Hey Look! It's Ninja Charlie!
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