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 The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away! [[ take four ]]

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PostSubject: The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away! [[ take four ]]   Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:11 pm

Active ;

☯☯ Oliver Ezekiel Mitchell :: 15 :: Klymene :: ☯☯
✦✦ Francesca Haruka Carter :: 16 :: Khione :: ✦✦
✕✕ Darren Alexander Xius :: 17 :: Morpheus :: ✕✕
☆☆ Tobias Carter Allen :: 15 :: Iris :: ☆☆
☨☨ James Harrison North :: 16 :: Euterpe :: ☨☨
♛♛ Evelyn Liliya Hans :: 16 :: Poseidon :: ♛♛

Inactive ;
♥♥ Opal Annalise Rena :: 17 :: Eros :: ♥♥

Relationship Status ;
☯☯ Single, for now. :3 ☯☯
✦✦ Single, for now. :3 ✦✦
✕✕ Single, for now. :3 ✕✕
☆☆ Single, for now. :3 ☆☆
☨☨ Single, for now. :3 ☨☨
♛♛ Single, for now. :3 ♛♛

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PostSubject: Re: The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away! [[ take four ]]   Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:20 pm

Oliver Ezekiel Mitchell
☯☯ Ollie ; Olivier ; Mitchell ; Mitchy ; Ol ☯☯

[[ 31 // 08 ]]
☯God Parent:
Klymene, Goddess of Fame and Infamy.
☯Mortal Family:
Kenny Mitchell [[ father ]]
Kyle Mitchell [[ Brother ; 19 ]]
☯Years in Camp:
☯Brief History:
Kenny Mitchell was born in a place where nobody grew up to be anybody, and if you had high hopes, they would be crushed to pieces before your eleventh birthday. It wasn’t a nice place to be, and everyone knew it. They just went on with their dead-end lives, raising dead-end children, just as they had done for centuries. But Kenny wouldn’t let his dreams and ambitions be crushed by his forefather’s negative words, nor the general stereotyping of his city. Kenny dared to hope, and was one of the few people who didn’t want to be stuck in a boring job going nowhere. He wanted to be an actor, and practised at his trade day in, day out, even after many ridiculed him and his own father threw him out of the house for having “absurd” hopes and dreams. It was at this moment that Klymene noticed him; a seventeen year old Kenny, who had nowhere to go, and no-one to love, and immediately took pity on the no-hope actor. That pity soon turned to love, and as she posed as his “agent”, she managed to land him some of the biggest roles there were available in TV sitcoms and movies and stuff. And how did he repay her? With a date, a nice meal out in New York, in a fancy restaurant to celebrate his success. After a bottle of wine too many, the pair ended up in bed together, and nine months later, their first child together arrived. Kenny took some time off work to raise the baby Kyle, and thought that with the help of Klymene, the family would do just fine. Except Klymene didn’t stay around – she disappeared off the face of the earth. Kenny couldn’t believe it, and didn’t understand why his loving partner would abandon him like this. Without Klymene, he was nothing – he scored no big parts [[he actually scored no parts whatsoever, to be frank]] and was mainly focussed on raising Kyle. And then, four years later, she came back to him, telling him of a new part in a major film. Shocked that she was back, he took her advice and tried out for the role. Somehow, even though he was missing from the scene for four years, he landed to part [[thanks to some magic on Klymene’s part.]] and to celebrate, he took her out for dinner again, not only to celebrate, but to try to relive “the old times.” Needless to say, this resulted in another baby, but this time, Klymene actually handed the child over to Kenny herself instead of leaving it on the doorstep. Needless to say [[I seem to be using that phrase a lot.]] this didn’t end well.
“What do you mean you’re leaving?” he demanded, snatching the baby from her, giving her the meanest glare he could conjure up. Here she was – this woman – his woman – whom he had loved for so many years, telling him that, once again, she was going to leave him. She was going to leave him with two young children.
“I’m sorry, Kenny, but it has to be done. I can’t stay here anymore. I wish I could but. . .” she left it there, before walking towards him, planting a swift kiss on top of Kenny’s head, and another one on her son’s forehead. “Stay safe, stay sweet, my young boy.” She whispered, before disappearing out of their lives forever. She was never seen again, but she was pretty angry with Kenny. How dare he not understand? Using her godly magic, she made sure that he was never famous again, using her influence over infamy.

After that, no-one heard the name Kenny Mitchell again. He stayed in the shadows, raising his children as normally as he could. Years passed, and Oliver and his brother grew up as normal as possible. Yeah, money was tight sometimes, but they managed, and were a fairly happy family. And then Oliver turned ten. He was playing outside with Kyle, a simple game of catch in the front yard, when he was approached by a dog. Or at least, what he thought was a dog. Kyle warned him to stay away from it, ‘cause it had three heads, but Oliver just dismissed it as Kyle’s dodgy eyesight acting up again. Oliver couldn’t see through the mist ; Kyle could. The ten year old went to pet the dog, not realising that it was actually a hellhound. Upon touching the beast, it attacked Oliver, and not knowing what else to do, Kyle fetched Kenny, who separated the boy from the dog, but at a huge cost – his own life. Kyle and Oliver were fatherless, with a mother whom hadn’t shown up in ten years. A passer-by [[most likely a satyr, neither of them said what it was exactly]] saw the mangled man, the injured youth and the frightened teen, and hurried the boys away from the scene, taking them to a secret camp, which he named “Camp Half Blood.” Apparently, the boys were both the children of a god, or a goddess, and they must stay here to train how to be safe within the world. Once again, not much happened for a few more years, until Oliver was thirteen. Late in the night, a fifteen year old Kyle nudged Oliver awake, asking him to leave camp with him. After thinking for a few minutes, Oliver declined the offer, leaving Kyle to traverse the world on his own, only aided by the help of his sword.
And then two years passed.
And now we’re here.
☯Physical Appearance:
Okay, so let’s start from the top and work our way down. First off, Oliver’s hair is a sort of bleach blonde, with a dark blonde base, intertwined with lighter strands occasionally. He doesn’t really give a damn about how he looks, so he usually just leaves his hair however it was when he woke up, with it looking like a bird’s nest most of the time. If he’s being forced to go to a formal event, he will attempt to calm it, but otherwise don’t expect him to try to calm it for you. His eyes are a stone gray, simple as that, and are fairly average in size and width, as in not tilted or slanted or anything. His nose is slightly upturned, and his lips are slightly wider than the average persons, but not as wide as Sam of Glee’s. I mean, they’re proper fish lips. Anyway, back on subject, his skin is pale, with a few spots on his forehead from where the grease on his hair has caused them to break out. His body type is lean, not exactly muscled, but not pure skin and bone either, although his body is not that of a fully matured man, somewhat stuck in the awkward in-between stage of teen hood. He likes to dress in simple clothes – baggy jeans, trainers and t-shirts. Simple as that.
I’m going to be honest with you in saying that not much can scare Oliver. I mean, he watched his father be mauled to death by a hellhound at the age of ten, was told he was a demi-god, and watched his last living relative walk away from him into the darkness. In fact, the only thing that has ever managed to frighten Oliver is dogs, especially the larger ones like Alsatians and Bulldogs, for obvious reasons. He cannot lie, and always has a say in his opinion and what he thinks about other people. He simply lacks the ability to conceal what he’s actually thinking. Unless you say something on the topic of how hopeless he is, how stupid he is, or how his father was so dumb to rush off into the jaws of a hellhound, then he should be rather pleasant with you, and generally not bite your head off.
Despite having minor dyslexia, he does enjoy reading, especially science-fictions, autobiographies and biographies, although he hates vampire fiction. Music wise, he likes Billy Joel and Hazel O’Connor, and that’s pretty much it.
☯Fatal Flaw:
He lacks a sense of fear, which could prove quite disastrous in battle. For if he rushes into something unprepared, it could ultimately end up in death.
Oliver has no pets.
☯ Can influence others to showcase their own talents.
☯ Is quick on his feet.
☯ Brilliant Actor.
Even though he’s been here for five years now, he still only has a basic Camp Half Blood sword with no name. He rarely uses it anyway.
☯Year-Round or Summer:
Year – round, due to his father being dead and his brother being MIA.
Play – by = Bertie Gilbert

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PostSubject: Re: The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away! [[ take four ]]   Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:23 pm

Tobias Carter Allen
☆☆ Toby ☆☆

[[ 30 // 11 ]]
☆God Parent:
Iris, goddess of rainbows.
☆Mortal Family:
Lance Allen [[ father ]]
Kiara Allen [[ step – mother ]]
Bonnie Allen [[ half – sister [7] ]]
☆Years in Camp:
☆Brief History:
Tobias Carter Allen { otherwise known as Toby to close friends } is the eldest child and only son of the not-so-known artist Lance Allen. As a young child, Toby’s head was filled with the same fairytale – esque story that his father used to tell him every night. Well, Toby thought it was a story. Every night after Tobias has washed all of the paint off his fingers, and Lance had hung up his apron, the little boy would get tucked up into his obviously old bed, with the highly – doodled upon wooden bed frame and request the same thing.
”Daaaad? Can you tell me the story about the magic rainbow lady again? ”
If you haven’t guessed it, the “magic rainbow lady” as a four year old Toby called her, was actually Iris, Goddess of Rainbows and the story that Lance used to tell was that of how they met each other. Here’s how Lance told the story.
”Alright, Toby? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. One day, about five years ago, there was a man. He lived on his own, in a little house in the countryside, far away from everyone else. He loved it here, and found it very pretty. In fact, the man repeatedly said that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Like you and I, the man was an artist, and entertained himself by painting pictured of the various wildlife and flowers that he found out there. He didn’t care that it was out of society’s way. He liked being on his own. However, he sometimes got a bit lonely, and wished that, just for one night, someone else could stay with him, and simply chat with him for a while, laugh with him, make him feel like he belonged. Then, on one dark, rainy night, there was a knock on the door. The man was scared. He had watched too many horror movies to not know that people who lived far away from people generally got attacked on dark nights. But still, he was brave enough to go and answer the front door. He crept down the creaky wooden staircase, and unhooked the latch, opening the door. And there, right in front of him was. . . was a young woman, whom looked to be the same age as him. She was shaking from the cold, her dark hair dripping with rainwater. She told the man that she had been out walking with her friends when they got separated, and she lost them. The man took pity on her, and told her that she could stay for the night, and in the morning, he would drive her back to the closest town, where she could phone her friends. She agreed, and came into the house. Even though it was late, neither of them could sleep. The woman couldn’t because she was so cold, and the man couldn’t because he wanted to take good care of the woman whilst she was under his roof. They got to know each other over a hot cup of hot chocolate, and they soon became friends. More than friends. Daylight came around again, and neither of them had received much sleep, yet the man still kept to his promise, and drove his friend into town, where they shared their final goodbyes. The woman promised to send him a gift, something to remind him of her. Nine months later, the man was given a small baby boy, with a note attached to him. I said I would remind you of me. . . xx Iris This was their child, and he still cherishes and loves that child right to this day.”
It might not seem to be your average night time story, but it kept Toby happy.
As the years went by, Toby grew up to be a happy little boy, devoid of stress and anger, finding the sunshine in the darkest of situations. One example of this was when Toby had just turned eight. His father and step – mother had allowed him out of the house and into town on his own { I say on his own, I mean with other friends. Just lacking adult supervision } for the first time, and on the bus home was attacked by a “creepy old man in a mackintosh”. He wasn’t seriously harmed, and was merely left with a medium sized scar on his shoulder, but Toby still joked about how it would make him seem cooler in school.
A year after the event in which he gained his scar, there was surprise within the family. A surprise with the name of Bonnie Allen, his newborn little sister. As soon as she was born, Toby took a liking to her, and has always loved her with all of his heart. It kills him inside that he can’t watch her grow up and be a proper big brother. Life hasn’t been tough on Toby, and the only reason that he actually came to Camp Half Blood was because he was claimed by his mother, Iris. His father told him all there was to know about what this entailed, and the dangers it could cause for his family. So Toby asked if he could go to Camp. He didn’t want his family to be hurt, especially not Bonnie.
☆Physical Appearance:
Before I start to go into detail about his hair, eyes, height, etc etc, I want to tell you a little bit about his skin in general. One thing most people notice about Tobias straight away is the fact that most of his pale skin is covered in brightly coloured permanent marker. Toby loves to doodle, especially on himself, and most of the top half of his body is covered in pen of some sort, unless after a shower. His hair is styled so that it is long, with a side fringe that swoops to the left hand side. It is a glossy black, and his fringe’s tips are occasionally dyed either neon yellow or purple. His eyes are a bright blue, and always seem to be scouting out things to draw or photograph. He is quite small for his age, only standing at 5’6”, and is rather sensitive about his height. His dress sense is fairly simple. Jeans, t-shirts, nothing over the top. He only wears two pieces of jewellery – a wooden necklace around his neck and a couple of woven wristbandy things on his arms.
Tobias is a subdued kind of person, who always seems to be in the background, happy to agree with other people and go along with other people’s plans, but never contributing anything himself. Being raised away from society, Camp Half blood is the largest amount of people he’s ever encountered, as even his old schools were fairly small, with only about twenty per class. He is also very shy, and would rather be on his own somewhere painting than hanging around with a big group of people. However, if he meets someone whom he thinks is special, and befriends them, he will protect them with his life. Because Toby’s loyal like that. I wish I could say the same about his fears, that he was as fearless as he was loyal. But no, Toby has a lot of fears. He’s afraid of the dark, afraid of thunder, afraid of guns, afraid of snakes, afraid of fire, afraid of thieves. . . And that’s just to name a few. Whilst he is afraid, he is brave too, as he manages to face most of his fears every single day. Except for one – his fear of heights.
☆Fatal Flaw:
Toby has multiple flaws. For starters, he’s afraid of pretty much everything except rainbows and cats. But that can’t be his flaw, can it? It wouldn’t probably bring him to a situation including impending doom. Another one of Toby’s flaws {and this is the main one} is that he can sometimes be over – trusting, or too loyal. He doesn’t know who to trust, so trusts everyone, even those who he shouldn’t.
He has a tabby cat called “Kanga”
☆ He is skilled at drawing / photography.
☆ He can create miniature rainbows, if given the right conditions.
The only weapon Toby has at the moment is the standard camp sword.
☆Year-Round or Summer:
Year – round.
Play By = Paul Dano

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PostSubject: Re: The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away! [[ take four ]]   Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:26 pm

Francesca Haruka Carter
✦✦Frankie :: Fran :: Haru :: Frostie ✦✦

[[ 06 :: 09 ]]
✦God Parent:
✦Mortal Family:
Aleksy Carter [[ father ]]
Declan O’Donnaghue [[ adopted father ]]
Mary O’Donnaghue [[ adopted mother ]]
Years in Camp:
✦Brief History:
Born and raised in Russia, Aleksy was no stranger to cold, beautiful women. But he never fell for one harder than he fell for Khione, greek goddess of snow. From the first moment he saw her, he was mesmerised by her coldness and the way she almost blended into the snowy backdrop of his homeland. Her eyes were what caught his attention the most – almost the exact same colour as icicles, and twice as frosty. One look in them, and he was stuck in a trance, one he could never break free of until either his mother slapped him hard across the face whilst yelling at him to get back to peeling vegetables, or his father allowed him to ride in his combine harvester on the farm. If there was one thing that Aleksy loved more than Khione’s eyes, it was machinery. In fact, he could often be found saying the words “without heart, we would be mere machines.” It was almost like his little catchphrase.
One fine day [[well, as fine as you can get within the snowy borders of Russia]] Aleksy was shopping with his mother in their local marketplace when he quite literally bumped into Khione, sending her basket of goods flying onto the cobbled pavement underneath them. After apologizing profusely, he offered to make up for the tumble in the only way he knew fit – taking her out for dinner. She accepted his proposition, and he was ecstatic. The date was set for two weeks from that day, and Aleksy found himself counting down every millisecond until he could see her at the restaurant. He was like a man obsessed ; not even the promise of a ride in his father’s combine harvester could break his trance this time, until the actual day of the date itself. Then, the nerves broke through. Aleksy was so nervous, that instead of saying hello, he said something along the lines of “father, please get off the potatoes.” Luckily for him, she understood how nervous he was and laughed it off, passing it off as a joke. All in all, the date went okay, and Khione agreed to meet him for a second time a few days later. The second turned into a third, the third into a fourth, the fourth into a fifth. On the sixth date, Aleksy finally got the hint, and took her back to his apartment [[yes, Mr.Iloveridingmyfather’scombineharvester did actually own his own house and live there.]] where Khione finally managed to seduce Aleksy into his bed.
The next morning, Aleksy expected them to wake up side by side and partake in some loving cuddling. But Khione had other plans – in fact, she was already dressed, and about to leave. When confronted, she simply replied with “I’m sorry, Aleksy, but we can’t go on like this. I have to go.” Aleksy was distraught, and even more so when, nine months later, a small bundle of sheets containing a little baby girl appeared on his doorstep.
For the first couple of years of her life, Francesca was raised in neglect. Her father didn’t want her, as she reminded him too much of Khione, therefore he didn’t look after her, often abandoning her in her crib whilst he went to drink away his troubles. Of course, he did occasionally have kind days in which he would bother to feed her and change her diaper, but otherwise she was just a disturbance to him. On her third birthday, Aleksy took her over to the local orphanage, where he left her. He just didn’t want to know anymore.
Francesca lived in the orphanage for eleven years, alongside many other children. She never considered them as her family – they didn’t usually stay around long enough for her to get to know them, but they were a pretty good group of people, especially Mrs. Svent. Mrs. Svent was the owner of the orphanage, and the sole provider for the children. It was her whom taught Francesca all she needed to know – from her seven times table to the alphabet; from how to talk to people to how to act towards people. If Francesca could call anyone at the orphanage family, it would be Mrs. Svent. Alas, all good things come to an end. Just after her fourteenth birthday, a couple of rich Americans paid a visit to the orphanage in search of some “poor Russian child” who’s life they could make infinitely better. Looking for someone quiet and clever, the two Americans [[namely Declan and Mary O’Donnaghue]] instantly fell in love with Francesca, whom was sat in a corner quietly reading a novel. Without even speaking or consulting her, the adoption papers were signed, and Francesca was shipped off to a scary new world known as America. She went to live with the two in their house, situated in new York, and she struggled to fit in at all. It was lucky on her part that she only managed to stay there for two weeks; at the beginning of week three she was attacked by an empousa. When she informed Declan and Mary, they sent her away to a special camp recommended to them by a friend.
✦Physical Appearance:
Like most Khione children, her hair is pale, [[blonde, to be exact]] and curls down in waves, ending at the base of her neck. Her eyes, however, she inherits from her father, and they are a light hazel colour, the perfect mix of chocolate brown and emerald green. Those are the only things she thanks her father for – her eyes. Her skin is pale, from not going outside an awful lot, and being the daughter of the goddess of snow, and her height stands at 5’8”. She is unlikely to grow any more. Her eyes are heavy-lidded, and often avert to the ground through shyness, and a smile is not often seen on her face. Nor is a frown; she just keeps her expression neutral.
In terms of fashion, she simply wears pastel-coloured skinny jeans, her favourite being a light purple pair, paired with a bright orange Camp Half Blood T-Shirt, which she has heavily covered with doodles and quotes, her favourite one being across her chest – “I don’t speak hipster gibberish.” On her feet are usually either plain sneakers or trainers, depending on her mood, and she almost always carries around a plain black windbreaker, just in case. You never knew when it was going to snow.
Quiet and subdued, Francesca does not care for social interaction and much prefers to simply be alone in a corner with a book. However, this doesn’t mean she’s shy, quite the opposite. She will happily talk to someone if they decide to talk to her, but will not go out of her way to talk to somebody, no matter how special they seem to her. That is, unless she knows them incredibly well. Like her mother, Francesca can be extremely mean and cold-hearted, and doesn’t care much for apologies. Despite not being a child of Athena, Francesca isn’t half bad at being smart, and, despite her dyslexia, she does enjoy reading and writing. She can’t stick science, and would rather leave the unknown to be unknown. She has a strong faith in both the greek gods and the catholic God, and visits an off-campus church whenever she gets the chance. She doesn’t smile or laugh often, nor does she cry or get angry. She just stays emotionless, often on the outside and the inside.
In terms of music, she doesn’t like any type, except for Mika, whom she has a soft-spot for. She pretty much likes any type of literature, from classical to romance and everything in between, so if you want to find her, look in the library- it’s kind of her second home apart from the Khione cabin.
✦Fatal Flaw:
Francesca has multiple flaws. One of those is that she has an incredibly low level of self-esteem, and doesn’t believe she’ll ever succeed in anything, no matter whatever anyone says to her. Another thing is that she cannot make decisions whatsoever, and is incredibly indecisive despite having ADHD. A third one is that she can sometimes get a little bit carried away with whatever she is doing, and can alienate herself from people incredibly easily.
Francesca has a white cat called Kyrin which stays with her wherever she goes.
✦ She can freeze water with a touch.
✦She can make a room drop in temperature, although it takes a lot of her energy.
✦If she gets really angry at someone, she turns her anger into snow, and naturally makes a small cloud over their head which continues to flurry down on the victim until she gets too tired or the anger wears off. Whichever comes first.
Francesca’s sword is a standard celestial bronze sword, except for the personalization on the handle; she’s painted it white to look like snow. She has a holster for the sword which she wears as a belt around her waist, which she has also personalized by doodling snowflakes onto it.
✦Year-Round or Summer:
Despite being generally nerdy, she does have an artistic side and likes to personalize everything that she owns.
Play by –

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PostSubject: Re: The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away! [[ take four ]]   Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:30 pm

Darren Alexander Xius
✕✕ Dax ✕✕

✕ Age/Birthday:
[[ 06 / 11 ]]
✕ Gender:
✕ God Parent:
Morpheus, god of dreams.
✕ Claimed:
✕ Mortal Family:
Kelly Xius [[ mother ]]
✕ Years in Camp:
Zero. He’s a fresh arrival.
✕ Brief History:
Ironically, according to Kelly Xius, Morpheus was the man of her dreams. First meeting each other in the early nineties, Kelly was swept off her feet almost immediately by the god. Their relationship was healthy, and nothing could have torn the two apart. That is, until Kelly fell pregnant in the March of 1994. As soon as she announced the news to her boyfriend [[ who she expected to be happy for them]] he became distant. Almost as if he was sectioning himself from her. By the time she gave birth nine months later during the November of 1994, he was gone. There was no remnants of him for Kelly to show to her young son [[whom she named Darren Alexander Xius]] so he never saw anything of his father. No pictures, no movies, nothing. All he had was his mother’s tales of their happy times. Even they were tinted with the bittersweet memory of Morpheus’ abandonment.
From the ages of zero to fourteen, he lived among the hustle and bustle of city life, and grew accustomed to the bright lights and noise of his concrete jungle. Darren loved walking through the crowded streets, with the skyscrapers watching over him as he bumped into the other pedestrians, most of them commuters, only in the city for some important meeting. Darren loved watching the array of fresh faces passing by him, and he still persists that he never saw the same person twice during his time as a people-watcher.
It was hard for Kelly to keep herself and her son afloat. As a single mother in a time of economic difficulty, she found that the only way to keep the family in the black was to work incredibly long and gruelling hours. This meant that the parent and child didn’t spend so much time together; hence the trust wasn’t there in the relationship. Yes, they got on well, but neither of them could go to one another with their problems. This is why Darren lasted so long in the city, for he had suffered quite a few attacks before running to his mother and spilling the beans.
Darren suffered his first attack at the tender age of ten, when he was walking home from school. He was scared anyway at that moment in time, with the weather being abnormally still, the streets eerily silent. Even to this day, the full details of the attack are a mystery to both Darren and his mother; one moment he was humming quietly to himself as he walked throughout the silent streets, the next he was flat on his backside with a strange gooey substance leaking from the back of his head. According to some passersby, a large, bird-like creature had flown down and attacked him, causing him to fall down to the ground, hitting his head on impact. From the ages of ten to fifteen, the same “bird” attacked him multiple times, but it took Darren five years to work up the courage to tell his mother about the city bird that kept trying to kill him. Their relationship might not have seemed good, but Kelly did care for her son, so when she felt he was in danger from Harpy attack [[which it actually turned out to be]], she moved the two of them out of the city and into the countryside.
The country was different to the city. In the country, people actually gave a damn about you. They smiled back at you, and weren’t afraid to make convo with strangers. People in the country were strange, and had ways different to his own, but they were still amazing, to him. Especially her. Her was Andi Sinclair, a girl whom was in his new school. She had helped him a lot in his first few days, and, in all honesty, Darren was smitten with her. To him, she was beautiful in every single way; appearance wise and personality wise. Andi was the best thing to happen to him. After the first few months of their blooming friendship, they were playing out by the local river, dangling their legs into the water when Darren made his move. Taking her hand in his, he looked into her dazzling eyes and spoke the four words he hoped she treasured forever.
”Andi, I love you.” And then he kissed her. The kiss was slightly awkward and clumsy, as most first kisses were, but in essence it was the sweetest thing Darren had ever experienced. But it couldn’t last ; Andi wasn’t seen again, disappearing by the next morning, to Camp Half Blood. Darren didn’t know that though, and he blamed himself for her leaving. He had been too rash. Too sudden.
Two years passed without incidence. When he reached the age of seventeen, Kelly gave him two options – either go with her to Europe, or find out about his father. He chose the latter, and she explained his complicated history, and about a place where demigods go called Camp Half Blood. She then gave him another choice, move on with her, or go to Camp Half Blood. Once again, he chose the latter. Their relationship might be strained, but he didn’t want his mum to be hurt.
✕ Physical Appearance:
Working our way from the top, we can see that Darren has long-ish, slightly scruffy chestnut hair. His hairline runs across his forehead, slightly over his ear down to just above his neck. His eyebrows are the same shade of brown as his hair, and are of a medium thickness. Underneath his eyebrows are two almond-shapes otherwise known as his eyes, which are a rich chocolate brown. He has a heart-shaped face, and his skin is sort of pale with an olive undertone. He stands at around about 5’12” and in terms of body style; he is lean and muscular, although not overly muscular if you know what I mean. Clothing wise, he just wears pants and shirts like any other boy, and has no particular flair apart from the scruffy pair of trainers that haven’t been off his feet since the age of fifteen.
✕ Personality:
One thing that can be noted about Darren’s personality is that once he becomes friends [[or more than that *wink wink* ]] with somebody, he will become devoted to them. If they need something doing, he’ll do it, even if it’s illegal in several countries. However, even if he is very loyal, his loyalties often lead him to become jealous, whether it’s when someone else is speaking to his devotee, or if he simply wants to be more like them. Another thing to note is his positive outlook on life – he always looks on the bright side and never lets anything get him down. Even when Andi pretty much stabbed his heart and left it to bleed when she left, he still maintained a happy outlook; still found a reason to get up in the morning.
✕ Fatal Flaw:
Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, Darren is very susceptible to jealousy, which means that in battle, he might lose focus on fighting the enemy and start fighting one of his own if they interact with his own love/friend in an inappropriate way. Plus, he is very clumsy on his feet. His issue with devotion might also be a problem.
✕ Pets:
At home, Darren had a small chick who’s egg he incubated himself, but when he left to go to camp, he left the egg with his mother and it’s mother.
✕ Talents:
✕ Being a son of the god of Dreams, Darren has a lot of powers relating to dreams and sleep, one of those being the ability to tap into other people’s dreams and watch what’s happening.
✕ He can also influence the matter of people’s dreams.
✕ He has the ability to cause people to sleep, but this power is very difficult for him to use, and even on a good day all he can do is make them feel drowsy.
✕ Weapons:
Just your bog-standard camp sword at the moment.
✕ Year-Round or Summer:
Year – Round.
✕ Other:
Play By- Luke Pasquiliano.

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♛ ♛ Evelyn Liliya Hans. ♛ ♛
♛♛ Eve ; Lynn ; Liya ♛♛

♛ Age/Birthday:
[[ 26 // 12 ]]
♛ Gender:
♛ God Parent:
Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes and horses.
♛ Claimed:
♛ Mortal Family:
Cassandra Rawrden {nee. Hans} [[ mother ; deceased ]]
Aiden Hans [[ grandfather ]]
Elliot Rawrden [[ step – father ]]
Jovan Rawrden [[ half – brother ; 14 ]]
Lucas Rawrden [[ half – brother ; 12 ]]
Elliot Rawrden Jr. [[ step – brother ; 17 ]]
♛ Years in Camp:
1 ½ years spent in camp.
♛ Brief History:
Cassandra Hans was only 19 when she first met the future father of her eldest daughter, Evelyn. The only child of a rich English gentleman, Cassandra was fresh into university and looking for a taste of the wild life. Raised away from civilisation by an over-protective dad, Uni was the first place where Cassandra had ever been given control of her own life, and she was hell-bent on abusing this freedom as much as possible. Endless counts of parties and men occupied her time, whilst her studies were pushed into the background. When her father found out about his daughter’s luxurious ways, he threatened to withdraw her much-coveted freedom. In order to maintain her rights, she must focus solely on her work. Fair play to her, she did manage to keep up with her studies after the threat, until just before the end of her second year. This is where our Poseidon comes in. When they first met at an on-campus coffee shop, Cassandra couldn’t help but be captivated by his sea-green eyes; eyes that forced her to forget about her father’s threat. She only had one goal now – to seduce this mystery man. In order to do this, her studies were once again forgotten, and her goal was quickly achieved at a party no less than a week later. A successful mission, in her opinion. At least, it was successful until her father heard about her behaviour from one of her tutors. Cassandra was withdrawn from University immediately, and taken back to her father’s estate in the secluded British countryside, to be hidden away from civilisation until Aiden Hans could find a suitable man for her to marry. Yes, it was old fashioned and behind the times, but this is an elderly man high up in the English hierarchy. His daughter must have a suitable husband if she was going to provide children of a high enough standard to carry on the Hans genes. During the time that Cassandra was locked inside the grounds of the Hans estate, she noticed strange things begin to happen to her body. First, she began to throw up, especially in the mornings. Then, she started to swell, mainly in the stomach area. It didn’t take a scientific genius to work out that Cassandra Hans was with child. Aiden was horrified – his only child impregnated with an illegitimate child. No man would ever want to marry her now. No respectable man, anyway. That’s where the Rawrden family come in. Elliot Rawrden was the youngest son of the ancient Rawrden line, and he too, was left with an illegitimate child. Although it wasn’t as bad to find a wife for a man with a child, it was still rather difficult, so when they heard of Aiden Hans’ problem, they snapped up Cassandra straight away. Cassandra was happy with Elliot, the Hans were happy with the Rawrdens, and the world seemed completely at peace. That is, until the child came. Evelyn Liliya Hans was born on the 27th of December, and was named after her grandmother. Aiden wasn’t very happy with this – an illegitimate child named after his own wife? The shame! Her mother, however, instantaneously fell in love with the small child in her arms, despite the birth almost killing both of them. Cassandra married Elliot Rawrden a month later, wanting them to be a whole family as soon as possible. Things were going perfect – the marriage hadn’t fallen apart in the first few months, Elliot Jr. was adapting well to having a mother, and Cassandra was pregnant with her second child – a son born almost exactly a year after Evelyn named Jovan. Add on another two years and you’ll find that the family of four expanded to a family of five, with Elliot and Cassandra’s second child [[ Lucas ]] being born sometime in late March. Unfortunately, Cassandra has never fully recovered from Evelyn’s tricky birth, never mind Jovan’s. After a third within the last three years, Cassandra didn’t last long. She was dead within a month.
Elliot was devastated. Cassandra was his world, and to lose her so early in their marriage was a disaster. Because of this, Elliot chose not to resent his three sons, but to resent his step – daughter instead. Although she was only four at the time, Evelyn was cruelly treated by her step – father : she was being abused both mentally and physically over a course of the next two years. Such a strange thing for someone to do, hurt a toddler, yet it happens. It was only when she was six that someone actually came to the rescue. Someone in the form of her older step – brother, Elliot Jr. Elliot had been observing how his father was acting towards Evelyn, but didn’t know that it was wrong until he was eight years old. Once he realised that it was a horrible thing to be doing [[ especially to a small child ]] Elliot Jr. Informed his step-grandfather of it happening. Now, you might have gathered that Aiden Hans didn’t exactly like Evelyn. However, family is family, and once Aiden was informed of the occurrences, he swept right in and saved the day, taking Evelyn Hans off Elliot’s hands. One look at little Evelyn, with her cuts and bruises, and Aiden was reminded of his daughter, Cassandra. His dead daughter. His hatred turned to love, and he was resolved to give the girl the best life she could be given.
Aiden had learned from his mistakes. Evelyn wouldn’t turn out like Cassandra; she would be a lady. A princess. She would be prim and proper, and have everything she would require and desire. He would let her be as free as possible, and not restrict her in early life.
Evelyn was a spoilt, rotten child, who was convinced the world revolved around her perfect world on the Hans estate. She could go outside if she wanted, but chose not to. Why go out where you had to share things with people? Why not stay cooped up in your perfect world. However, once she reached the age of eleven, Aiden made her promise one thing – she would venture outside the walls of their Estate and see the real world. In order to do this, she was required to start the local high school in Wilmingham. It was an all-girls school, but at least she was socializing with other people, and not just herself. In all honesty, Evelyn loved being around other people. She loved having something to do with her time, and loved chatting with all the other girls about normal things like pop stars and make up. However, she couldn’t help but come off as snotty. She’d lived most of her life in complete bliss, with everything she could have wanted underneath her fingertips. Evelyn was unaware of other people and their sufferings, so most of the other girls couldn’t empathize with her, or wanted to hang out with her. There were two though; Annabetta and Jutta, German exchange students who had also lived in the lap of luxury for most of their lives. Or so they had told Evelyn. In truth, they were Satyrs, sent to the school to discover any hidden demigods and take them back to Camp Half Blood. They had sensed something about Evelyn, and were here to investigate. She had shown signs of being a demigod, such as ADHD and dyslexia, but had no visible powers or talents. She was good at swimming, but then again, so were many people.
It was only in their third year at Wilmingham when Jutta and Annabetta figured out the truth about Evelyn. The girl was fourteen, and still as snobby as ever. She was walking into town with the girls, to go on a “much – needed” shopping trip, when Evelyn was attacked by a monster. Evelyn doesn’t remember exactly what monster attacked her, but it sure was scary, with sharp claws. Thankfully, her two satyr friends were there with her when it happened, otherwise she wouldn’t have survived. The two girls fought off the monster, whilst Evelyn lay petrified on the floor. Thankfully [[for some]] Evelyn wasn’t that badly hurt, and was only left with a couple of facial scars and an unrepayable debt to Jutta and Annabetta. Evelyn, for once, was truly humbled, and asked the girls how she could ever repay them.
The two girls exchanged glances, conversing with their eyes rather than their mouths, before coming up with a final demand.
“Evelyn Liliya Hans, take us to your grandfather. The only thing you can do to repay us, is to come with us to a special place. You’re different, Evelyn. You need to go to a place for different people.” Evelyn was confused. Different? Hadn’t she always been the same as everyone else? She had no special power, or talent. The only thing that made her special was her money. Evelyn did as they asked, taking them both to the Hans estate as quick as possible. The girls [[who turned out to be half-goat]] explained all about Camp Half – Blood to Aiden, about how it was a place for demigods, children of the Greek deities. Nodding in agreement, Aiden concurred that Evelyn should be accompanied by the girls to New York. Anything for her safety.

♛ Physical Appearance:
If you were to compare Poseidon’s features and Evelyn’s, you would never have guessed that they were related full stop, never mind father and daughter. The only thing that would connect the two would be Evelyn’s eyes – wide pools of swirling colour, blues and greens and greys clashing together, just like the sea. That’s where the similarities end, appearance wise. Evelyn takes after her mother in every other way, with the exact same skin tone of a pale nature, and the exact same small, lithe, pixie – like build. Evelyn’s hair is the same mix of copper and blonde highlights, that technically should fall over her shoulders in gentle waves, if not for Evelyn’s strict beauty regime which includes her painstakingly straightening her hair so that it’s as straight as an 180 degree angle. Her facial features are similar to her mother’s too, with her wide eyes, small nose and pouted lips. There are a couple of flaws on her skin, such as a long, white scar that trails down the right side of her face from her attack, and a splatter of freckles dotted over her nose and forearms.
In terms of dress sense, Evelyn likes to dress in an understated manner [[surprisingly]] , usually heading towards floral patterns and block colour. She likes to wear dresses, but the hemline never comes above the thigh, or below the knee. “If you have something to show, then show it, but some things MUST be hidden.” If she ever wears jeans, then they’ll be skinny ones, in a range of blues and purples, but never darker than navy. It’ll be a rare occasion when you find her in a t-shirt, usually choosing to wear blouses. Around her wrists are the same bangles that she never removes, both being her mother’s from when she was alive.
♛ Personality:
First of all, I’ll just point out the blindingly obvious, and say that Evelyn comes off as incredibly snobby. She seems to look down on people who are less fortunate than her, and is incredibly self-centered. The earth doesn’t revolve around the sun; it revolves around her and the people she thinks are important. She does mean well, and is incredibly protective of her loved ones, even if it means being incredibly mean to those who aren’t loved by her. Evelyn has an amazing capacity when it comes to holding grudges. In fact, I do believe that she still hasn’t gotten over the time when she was seven and one of the nannies brushed her hair a little TOO roughly. Although she can hold a grudge for almost forever, Evelyn rarely seeks revenge, especially of the violent nature, although she enjoys sparring for competitive reasons. Evelyn doesn’t have too many brains. Whilst she has an amazing knowledge of the sea and all it’s wildlife, that’s about where her intelligence ends.
♛ Fatal Flaw:
Evelyn has multiple flaws; she is self-centered, holds grudges for too long, and is highly unintelligent. Anything else need to be said?
♛ Pets:
Evelyn has a Shetland pony back at her grandfather’s estate called “Tyril”.
♛ Talents:
♛ Temperature Control; She control her body temperature by messing with the liquids in her body that help control it. Cold winter nights are no problem for our Evelyn.
♛Water Control; She can control water, for short periods of time. The longer she does it, the more tired she becomes.
♛ Ground Control; Evelyn can sense when earthquakes are nearby, and is working on being able to create mini ones herself, although she can barely manage a tremor at the moment.
♛ Weapons:
Evelyn has two celestial bronze daggers, which are concealed beneath whatever shirt she’s wearing, and suspended in a belt slung loosely around her hips. She also has a standard camp sword.
♛ Year-Round or Summer:
Year – Round; She spends the summer with her grandfather in England though.
♛ Other:

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James Harrison North
☨☨Jamie ; Jammy ; Jim-Jam ☨☨

[[ 16 ]]
God Parent:
Euterpe, Muse of Music, Lyrics and Poetry. . .
Mortal Family:
Jonathon North [[ Father ]]
Darius North [[ Half – Brother – 15 ]]
Years in Camp:
Brief History:
People always tend to think of the God Parent as being the irresponsible, abandoning person, whom merely slept with a mortal and didn’t think of the thought of getting said human { or themselves } knocked up. However, this is not the case for the Jonathon North. Always the centre of attention at parties, Jonathon was an animal, going to any party that was advertised, whether invited or not, drinking any drink that he was offered, sleeping with any girl that was dumb enough to talk to him during his self-inebriation. One of these girls just happened to be Euterpe, the muse of Music, Lyrics and Poetry. After knocking back a few drinks each, the pair headed back to his apartment. . . I think we know what happened next.
The next nine months went by pretty slowly for Jonathon. He still went to the same parties, still drank the same amounts, still slept with the same girls, but something just didn’t seem right. He felt as if something was. . . Missing. And then he figured it out, with the help of a mysterious bundle that landed on his flat’s doorstep. A mysterious bundle that contained a small baby boy. A small baby boy whom he named James Harrison North. You would think that Jonathon would learn from his past and stop the partying to look after his little boy? Well, no, he didn’t. In fact, if anything, he got worse, with his hours spent partying increasing by about ten percent. But he didn’t leave James on his own. James was often shipped off to his grandmother’s house whilst his father was out. To be honest, if the North surprise number two didn’t come along, then James would have been adopted by his grandparents’. The North surprise number two just happened to be another little baby boy, except this one was handed over from mortal parent to mortal parent, not left at the doorstep. Darius {the baby number two} was the one whom turned their father from the world of inebriation and partying to the responsible parent he is now. The only problem was that, as James grew older and older, he started to become more like his father was in the past: irresponsible, easily addicted to things, and a womanizer. When he reached the age of fifteen, Jonathon realised that James was becoming a little bit too like him, and thought it would be better for all of them if James left for a while. Someone told him of a special place for children like James {most likely a Satyr} and Jonathon took the three of them on a holiday to New York, where he then took James to Camp Half Blood. James was sort of happy to go, seeing as he would be away from his brother, whom he didn’t exactly like.
Physical Appearance:
James’ hair is a brownish color, too light to be called dark, too dark to be classed as light. I guess it’s somewhere in-between. His hair is fairly short, although it is thick too, and he usually just leaves it as it is. It doesn’t take much to look after. His skin tone has an olive tinge to it, making him appear quite tanned, making it obvious that somewhere in his family, there are signs of foreign descent. His eyes are a dark green that match his skin tone quite well. He lacks any scars or freckles, and his skin is pretty much just skin. His body type is fairly lean, with a flat stomach and quite toned arms, although his legs are a tad bit out of shape. He can usually be found dressed in khaki shorts and the standard Camp Half Blood orange t-shirt, with trainers of some sort covering his bare feet. Whilst he has no scars, he does have a small birthmark on the upper right side of his left arm, shaped like a musical note.
James is a highly confident boy and is never afraid to talk to anyone, no matter what race, gender, size, age or build they might possess. He isn’t often shy, unless faced with an extremely pretty girl, and even then the shyness eventually subsides and his natural cockiness emerges. That could be classed as one of his downsides. The fact that he’s extremely cocky, and even more arrogant. He always believes that he is right, and never takes defeat lightly, often becoming somewhat of a sore loser. He is also kind of a flirt, and can often be found chatting up some pretty nymph or dryad. He doesn’t really care for intelligence, and prefers brains over beauty, mainly because he lacks the first one. Like most demi-gods, he suffers from ADHD and dyslexia. James never really listened in school, and because of that, he isn’t very smart, so don’t be expecting him to be hanging around with any Athena kids any time soon. Unless they’re pretty, of course. However, whilst he might not be good with reading, writing or arithmetic, he is an alright-ish poet, even if he struggles to write down his work.
Fatal Flaw:
Like I mentioned in Personality, he is incredibly cocky and arrogant, meaning that he doesn’t like to listen to other people’s ideas, or other people in general. Unless they’re singing his praises, of course. Then he’ll have an open ear. Also, he’s an incredibly sore loser, and cannot admit defeat at all without throwing a temper tantrum.
He has a black Labrador puppy called “Nemo”

☨ He can write good poetry
☨ He has quite good upper body strength.
☨ He is a talented player of the piano, but he tells nobody.
James has a bow with an array of various arrows, and a standard celestial bronze sword which he named “Mandata”
Year-Round or Summer:
He’s only summer at the moment.
He is afraid of becoming like his father is now, and would do anything to stay like he is at this present moment in time.

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☢☢ Nayr Sinclair Locksley ☢☢
☢☢ Daughter of Lethe ; Huntress of Artemis || 14 ☢☢

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WE HAVE FRESH BLOOD, GUYSES! Please welcome Darren Alexander Xius to my colourful cast of characters. :3
Unfortunatly, we also have to bid farewell [[for now]] to one of my characters, who shall be going inactive. Buhbye; Opal Annalise Rena See ya soon! But wait! In her place, another one of my old characters has returned! Hallelujah! Welcome back Tobias Carter Allen

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    Luke Pasquiliano o;
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YUSH! <3 Skins. :3
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The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away! [[ take four ]]
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