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 Idea for a story!!!

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PostSubject: Idea for a story!!!   Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:01 pm

Hey everyone!

I came up with a story idea, and wanted to know what you guys thought of it. This is kind of like a Chapter one, but it isn't really. Just like to show what it would be like I guess.

Tell me if you want me to keep writing it!

I was running in a forest. My best friends, Winter and Lilac ran beside me. We were being chased by what seemed like an army of some sort. The army looked like it was made up of humans, but I knew better. They were elves, and they were after us. I didn't know why, and I wanted to.

An arrow shot by my left ear. That was close. Another shot by leg. They were coming fast. Not long after they started firing, I heard a scream to my right. I turned my head in time to see Winter fall. An arrow stuck out of her leg. I swirved to her side.

I knelt down next to her.

"Winter, are you ok?" I breathed.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Go on without me," she gasped.

"No. Lilac and I won't go without you Winnie," I picked up her hand and squeezed it.

Another scream. It was from Lilac. The arrow was in her arm. She fell to the ground.

"Penny, go without us. Save yourself!" Lilac wheezed.

"No! I won't leave you guys!" I yelled, tears streaming down my face.

I felt a piercing pain in my back. They had hit me. I fell to the ground, wincing in pain. I didn't scream. Maybe Lilac and Winter wouldn't notice I had been hit too.

The elves were on us now. They had made a circle. The leader picked me up by the scruff of my shirt.

"Where is it?" He growled.

"I don't know. Please!" I yelled.

"Lies!" The elf dropped me and turned to the rest of the elves. "We will take them with us, and keep them until they talk."

Beep Beep Beep

My eyes flung open. I was lying on my bed, at my house. I had been having the same dream I'd had for weeks.
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Idea for a story!!!
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