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 Kat's Characters!!

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PostSubject: Re: Kat's Characters!!   Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kat's Characters!!   Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:13 pm

Haven Felicia Manning
August 28th
God Parent:
Mortal Family:
Jessica Manning- Jess is an inventor, stationed in southern Texas. Her work has never been very successful or noticed. Most people had thought of her as insane, but she was never always like that. Somethings effect another's actions and thoughts.
Years in Camp:
Haven has been at camp for two weeks and counting
Brief History:
Haven had always lived in the helpless shadow of her mother. There was nothing she could change about Jessica's condition. The doctors never figured out the real reason Haven's mom went crazy, Jess had lived a perfectly normal life up until the point of when she had her first and only child. It was like a curse was settled on top of Haven's head and would never be lifted. It wasn't like she asked for this type of life.
Ever sense she was little, Haven had always been big on creation. She used to have millions of LEGOS tossed around the tiny apartment above her mother's shop. She has ADHD, a very severe case, as her teachers put it when referring to her as Disruptive and Incoherent, Uncontrollable and Uncooperative. But it rarely mattered. People steered clear from the mad women's shop. Not even the bravest of kids would dare to set foot on the street where the Mannings lived.
It was late January when Haven decided enough was enough. What could she do with a Mother who was a nutcase when all's Haven wanted was to see the world and build it better? So she ran away, taking ever last bit of money she ever earned for herself.
Now, the Mannings had never been relatively poor. In fact, they had been exactly the opposite. Jessica had inherited money from her parents who had been big in the scientific industry. Haven could have taken all the money she needed to survive on her own without a job for a year, but she was too independent for that. Having money never meant anything to her. It was only an amount of time before money could go to someone's head, and that made all the difference in life.
Making it to camp was the least of Haven's problems. You see, the thing about having a world famous lunatic as your mom, there never is a plus side. People may or may not recognize you and Haven is self conscious about that type of thing. Her mother was an embarrassment so she hid her face as she ran. Haven kept her hood up and eyes hidden from anyone who may want to question about her mother or why she wasn't back in Texas.
But somehow, Haven was led to camp. She constantly lived in shadow for a couple days, wondering how long her secret could last, but once she learned no one cared about insane parents, Haven learned to fit in. Although she's still new.
Physical Appearance:
Haven is a strong girl. Her build is smaller although she's got the muscles to do the heavy work all of her siblings do. She's probably one of the smallest girls in the cabin, categorized by age, but she doesn't let that stop her. She isn't very tall either. She stopped growing at around 5'3 and decided that's as tall as she's going to get. Haven has always done sports to stay in shape but they were never organized. She always did things on her own and in her own way. Haven especially loves soccer. Although she's never actually played against someone she see's herself as pretty good.
After living in Texas for her entire life, Haven's skin tone has become to be naturally darkly tanned. She has a sprinkle of freckles across her nose that can hardly be seen because the darker tone of her skin.
Haven's hair is a wavy and messy blonde. It is darker at the roots but becomes lighter the farther down each strand. She normally keeps her hair down and her long bangs braided back out of her face so she could work. Her eyes are a very, very dark brown and they are very deep. 
Haven hates to accessorize anything unless it is a simple hair band or clip to hold back her bangs. Her clothing style is simple, mainly just jeans and t-shirts. It would be a miracle to see her in something even as formal as a skirt.
Haven is a very secluded and independent soul. She has the ability to do anything she wants but doesn't confidence as one would suspect. Haven has a kind heart and respectful attitude. Although she has a nice persona, she is someone who can easily be disliked. Haven is sarcastic, bossy and a bit of a perfectionist. She often snaps back with snide comments and getting her angry is never a good thing. She can become very secluded and decides to distance herself but she always prefers the company of a friend, but it's not like she ever had any.
Fatal Flaw:
Haven is Self-Conscious. She takes other people's comments to heart and doesn't cope with them well.
Haven is very talented with her hands. She loves to create and invent new things. She is also very athletic and likes to run. Her favorite sport is soccer and her best perk is her shooting.
Haven uses a sword that turns into her leather strap bracelet. Her only accessory.
Year-Round or Summer Camper:
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PostSubject: Re: Kat's Characters!!   Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:49 pm

Haven Felicia Manning is Accepted!
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PostSubject: Re: Kat's Characters!!   

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Kat's Characters!!
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