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 Trying to write a Novel xD

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PostSubject: Trying to write a Novel xD   Mon May 23, 2011 3:20 pm

Well, I'm going to attempt to write a novel, which means my goal is 40k words(200 pages of 200 words each, minimum)
Its a big task, and right now Im in the early stages, Its a Pirate/ Treasure Hunter/ Adventure Novel, and Im writing out chapter summaries. Ill put them up and add more as I go if anyone wants.
Story of the treasure unlike any other, that a mysterious group has set a legend into the minds of many that it is possible to find the treasure and that they know the way, and so many go to their hideout in Tortuga to find out how to reach the treasure. There is only one map to the treasure, and the group refuses to give it up, so they describe the way to people who ask the path. Many will take anything they can; adventurers, treasure hunters and pirates among them, but soon it attracts the attention of merchants, and then even countries, who send their navies to find the way. Britain invades Tortuga and patrols it, trying to find the map for themselves, but they aren’t the only ones who have that map in mind.
Chapter 1:
Start in a quiet tavern, the barmaid ushering out the final guests. She closes the doors and turns back towards the tables and then our main character, John falls into the tavern through a collapsing floor. The barmaid checks if he’s alright and then scolds him for the roof and questions his reasons for being on the rooftops when she finds he’s okay. Theres a bang on the door and a shout from a royal marine and then John offers the barmaid 5 shillings to keep his secret, and then runs into the back room. The barmaid goes and lets the marines in and talks to them, never mentioning John as they ask her questions, they hear some shuffling above and look up to see John escaping through the hole in the roof, and as the marines turn to the closed door, John drops a sac of 5 shillings to the barmaid and climbs out of the hole.
Chapter 2:
John cuts a rope between the tavern and a building nearby and swings down into the street, knocking a man off of his horse and landing on its back, he takes the reigns and heads towards the docks, leaving the trailing marines behind. He arrives on his crew’s ship in the dock and is confronted by the captain and first mate. He explains the situation at the hideout, the chase with the marines and some of the challenges ahead. The First mate then questions if he even got the item at question, and John responds by pulling out a map and placing it on the navigation table(As they had been walking and talking towards the chart room.) and points out where they are on it. There is a sound of cannon-fire and they head back out to the deck to see two ships firing on each other, one pirate, and one unmistakably British, there is a flurry of activity on both decks and even other ships, which are making quick preparations to sail, they realize that the goal of these vessels is the same as theirs, the treasure is on their maps, and the race is on. The captain orders for the ship to make sail, and they quickly let down the sails and speed out of Tortuga among some other ships.
Chapter 3:
As they set out on their course, they realize most of the other ships are going different directions than them. Knowing that their maps must not be as accurate, they speed ahead confidently, but someone knew that they took the map, the British, and they set out to follow with their ships, and some of the smarter ones searching decide to follow the navy, the French and Spanish each send their ship to follow behind, along with a couple of others, a group of adventurous treasure hunters, a pirate vessel, and some merchants. The captain orders for the ship to stay on course with full sails for the wind will catch them in full.
Chapter 4:
As the line of ships become closer together, seemingly acting as a fleet sailing together, the British ship, a Brigantine, attempts to pass Johns ship, and as it lines up beside is confronted by the Captain of John’s vessel to load the guns and prepare for battle. A sailor shouts down from the crows nest and points forward, where dark clouds have gathered and a thunderstorm is bearing down on them, accompanied by large waves. By the time the guns are filled, the two ships, leading the group of vessels, have entered the storm, and it seems like it would be impossible to get a good shot in these waves. John orders for the men to batten down the hatches and keep everything they can dry, and then is ordered to take the helm. He takes over at the wheel and as his men fire their broadside, he pulls the ship away from the British Brigantine, causing a few of their shots to go amiss.
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PostSubject: Re: Trying to write a Novel xD   Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:31 am

Awesome.... to me
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Trying to write a Novel xD
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