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 How To Roleplay (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: How To Roleplay (MUST READ)   Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:46 pm

What roleplaying is and how I do it
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Roleplaying is well...have you ever heard the expression, "Let's Roleplay! I call [ insert name here ]!"'s acting something out. But on forums it's playing a character. For instance, I might write:

Princess wrote:
I turned around and looked at the girl. She was nice enough to me...but I don't think I'd want to take her on a quest. I didn't know if I could trust her yet.

Here is a problem we come up against ALOT here at CHB. For instance here's a bad example of roleplaying:
Kitty wrote:
i turned around and looked at the girl.She was nice enough to me.............but i dont think Id want to take her on a quest.i didnt know if i could trust her yet.
I will stab anybody painfully if I see that. No, I'm kidding. I won't stab you. I'll just super mad. It's called grammar. Learn it. If you're stupid, then go read a book and learn basic 8th grade English.


Something you shouldn't do is powerplaying. Powerplaying is when you take control of another character. This can be very aggravating, especially if the person does something annoying. For example:

Princess wrote:
I gritted my teeth angrily at the girl whom I spoke about earlier. She was now glaring at me. Yeah, ok so what if I chose someone else over her. I glared back at her and she ran away screaming from my death glare.

Out of Character

There's no way to tell whether you're adding something to your post that's out of character, so the inventors of the online roleplay made up Out Of Character, or OOC. You can use OOC to suggest what to do to the other person, to comment on something, or basically anything. Here's an example of a roleplay with OOC:

Princess wrote:
I gritted my teeth angrily at the girl whom I spoke about earlier. She was now glaring at me. Yeah, ok so what if I chose someone else over her. I glared back at her.
~This is the part where you can run away screaming.

And then she might say:

Kitty wrote:
OOC: sure! haha, my uncle just burned a cake...gotta go help him :0
BIC:I stared back at the girl. She was giving me the death glare. I fled from the pavilion scremaing.

As you probably can figure out, BIC means back in character. Some people use different symbols for playing out of character. Like: ~ - * % $ @ # !. Ect.

Double Posting

One thing I don't like is double-posting. Or triple-, quadruple-, googolplex-posting, whatever. When you do multiple posts without anyone else posting, it looks really sloppy and bad. So don't multiple-post. Just don't do it.

Length of Posts

I also hate it when people do really short posts, like:

Princess wrote:
I lace up my sneakers.

And then they double post:

Princess wrote:
I get ready to run.

Princess wrote:
I start running.

Princes wrote:
I finish running and sit down.

And so on... and it gets quite boring to read. Please put some effort into your posts; if you're going to post like that, combine it all into one post. I'm not saying your post has to be lecture-long, just make it interesting to read. ALL POSTS MUST BE AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES LONG.

cassie wrote:
I lace up my sneakers and get ready to run, stretching down to my toes. I start running and run for about five minutes. I'm already exhausted, so I finish running and sit down, gulping down my water. I start thinking about what kind of running machines they might have outside of camp so I can go on them when I'm not here.

See? Isn't that so much better than above?

Well...that's all I have to say. Thanks.

~Let The Eagles Fly~

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How To Roleplay (MUST READ)
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