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 Hannah's Journal (or list of characters)

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Hannah Garet


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PostSubject: Hannah's Journal (or list of characters)   Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:40 pm

Name: Hannah Garret
Age/Birthday: 16
Godly Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Mother: Althea Garret
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Hannah has a very happy relationship with her mom. Despite not having her dad around, Hannah always saw it as an opportunity to have a close relationship with her mom. Even at a young age, Hannah, had a gift for helping others. She would always be bringing home wounded, hurt animals, and spend her days nursing them back to health. When she wasn't doing that she would always be singing around the house. She had gone to a public school until she was about 8, but the school treated her like she was stupid, and would isolate her from the other kids. It was during this time that she tested positive for dyslexia and ADD. They tried having her on the pills, but that only made her more jittery. So her mom pulled her from the public school and had her home schooled. This gave Hannah more opportunities to ask about her dad. It wasn't until she turned 13, did she find out for herself. She had a day off from class work and had decided to go for a walk in the park when she could have sworn she saw a man with horse legs. At first she thought she must have just been over tired. On her 15th birthday it happened again. She was taking samples of the lake for her environmental lab, when she saw, what looked to be a mermaid. She then went home to tell her mom. Her mom sighed and then asked her to pack up a bag of clothes. Asking where she was going, her mom told her that she would be going to a camp for a bit to learn something new. Excited, but also skeptical she agreed. As soon as she crossed the barrier of the camp, the symbol of a lyre, Apollo's symbol, glowed above her. He had claimed her. She found out about her dad and was happy to realize that she had siblings as well. She found herself spending some time training with archery, but mostly found herself, practicing her healing, helping to heal other campers.
Physical Appearance: She has reddish brown hair blueish-green eyes. Average height, about 5’8” and is skinny but with a healthy dose of some muscle due to her helping around the farm with her mother. She has been told she looks like Emily Browning. She is usually smiling and tends to have a chipper personality.
Personality: She always finds the good in others, even if it is very small. She tends to be chipper and tries to help others where she can, and has often used the phrase, “Is everything ok?” when greeting someone, because she genuinely cares to hear someone out if they are having a bad day. In other words a Hufflepuff type. She is always up for helping out, but when she isnt working at the infirmary or at home helping her mom with the farm, she likes to spend her time reading all types of medical books, and loves to sing. However,  she’s not a very skilled fighter, being that she has never been a fan of fighting to begin with, but has skill in archery and will use it if needed. She can also be overly trusting of others, which often leads to her feeling betrayed in the end. She can also get very depressed, which in turn causes her to lose focus, and can become very detached from others.
Fatal Flaw: Too trusting of others
Pets: A Raven named Nevermore after her favorite poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
Talents:Has become skilled in her healing magic, and continues her love for helping others. She always finds the good in others, even if it is very small.
Weapons: Bow and arrows
Year-Round or Summer: Summer
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Hannah's Journal (or list of characters)
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